From The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Case Files: Are Stevie J + Joseline Married or Not? [Phase Eight]


LHHA Married Or Not

The million dollar question still stands, did Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez actually tie the knot? We have dropped all of our other clients to solely focus on this investigation until we find an answer. The latest drama filled episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta provided us with tons clues to bring us closer to the answer. And, we have kept tabs on Stevie and Joseline’s social media accounts in search of any information that will help.

Welcome to phase eight of our investigation. Keep submitting your own evidence and conclusions by using the hashtag #KnotOrNot on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and we will feature your thoughts on our weekly coverage. Let’s get to the bottom of this case!

Case File: Stevie J + Joseline: Married Or Not?
Docket #: LHHATL308

The following evidence supports the position that Stevie J + Joseline’s wedding DID happen.

Exhibit A: Stevie J’s Apology

Ok we’ll give it to him, Stevie J knows the right things to say. After “disrespecting” Joseline, Stevie J ran a bubble bath to make up for the other night. Putting his mistakes aside, he told her that he believes in love because of her, and maybe for just a second we believed him too. If Joseline thinks he is being real or not is a whole other story.

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