All In The VH1 Stars: It’s Cancer Season!


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From June 22nd to July 22nd it’s all about being a Cancer!

Known for showing their more conservative side to the world, the people who represent this water sign are highly intuitive and extremely nurturing. If anyone would literally give you the shirt off their backs, and expect nothing in return it’s a Cancer.

Imaginative, loving, and loyal Cancers experience a deeper level of empathy for others than most, and their emotional nature can sometimes be mistaken for being overly sensitive.

While they are some of the most protective peeps in the bunch, they also come with their ish. They are often very suspicious, sometimes too clingy, and like Geminis their moods can be wildly unpredictable.

Check out who’s representing the Cancer sign from VH1 shows old and new, and tell us if you could tell based on the description above if they really seem to be about that Cancer life.

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