Most Likely To Strip?? Dean Cain Reveals Insider Info About The Cast Of Hit The Floor


DeanFixedLeadEvery week we see the cast bring the dramatic story lines of Season 2 Hit The Floor to life. As good a job as they do being super serious, star Dean Cain aka Coach Davenport, insists there’s a lot more fun going on the set than we get to see.

Get to know the cast better, and see which co-star Cain says is always pulling pranks on set, who’s the most inappropriate, and who’s known to be clumsy enough to actually hit the floor:

VH1:It seems like the cast really gets along not just on camera, but off camera as well.
Dean Cain: It’s a family. We all know each other so well. When something happens we all go, ‘Ooo!’ or you start laughing or somebody’s pounding the table going, ‘No! You didn’t do that!’ It’s crazy. There’s a lot of hooting and hollering and a lot of energy. It’s a great bunch.

Wish we we’re privy to all those moments. But since were not tell us more about the personalities of the cast? Who on set is the first person to crack a joke that gets everyone laughing?
Probably going to be me. Or maybe it would be Katherine Bailess who plays Kyle. Just with the way she speaks, ‘Hey y’all,’ and she’s got some of the greatest one-liners so she makes everybody laugh. If I can’t nominate myself, I’ll go with Katherine Bailess.

First to laugh during a scene when she’s not supposed to?
Probably my daughter, played by Taylor Paige. She’ll be giggle-pop right now. She will in a heart-beat. She’s funny. dean4First person to get on the dance floor at a cast party?
Well, you know, when you’ve got 14 dancers on set it’s easy to get the party started. But if Kimberly started going, the place would go insane. She’s our defacto momma bear.

True, but could’ve been Don Stark who plays Oscar…
He might, and he could, but he’s the first one to make an inappropriate joke. That’d be Oscar. Definitely, no question.

Who’s the prankster on set?
That would probably be me, and I can’t help it because I have so much time on set that I’m always looking to goof around or do something funny.

Has anyone fallen asleep on set when they weren’t supposed to?
Yeah me. Dead-ass asleep. But there are extenuating circumstances that make sense. I was in bed for the start of the scene and I was tired. But you’ll see. I still did my thing. But I did fall asleep during a scene. There’s no questions.

Who on the cast would be the person to someone cupcakes for their birthday?
I’m going to have to say Kimberly, she’s our defacto momma bear.HIT THE FLOOR SEASON 2 ADVERTISING 2014

Who would be the first to take off their shirt?
(Laughs) That’s going to be McKinley or Rob.

We’re glad it’s them.
Those boys are shredded. I’ll tell you a little known fact: who is the best photographer of the group? Rob Riley. He is as addicted to that as anything. He is amazing, with real talent for it.

The hustler of the group?
McKinley Freeman, because he’s thinking outside the acting. He’s coming up with production company’s concepts. That’s a very hard-working man who’s going to do very well.

Who has the best bloopers?
That’s going to have to be the youngins because we savvy veterans never mess up. It’s got to be one of the youngins.

Which cast member is the clumsiest and most likely to literally “hit the floor?”
Taylor. Even though she is a phenomenal dancer and I love her so, but she’s a little clumsy. She’d be like, “What? No I’m not! What is he talking about?”

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