Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project Is “Not About Spinning Chairs Or Picking People Out of A Lineup”


“People think they know about the music business, but honestly, they don’t know s—.” So says Linda Perry, the brains behind the new VH1 series Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project. This show is not the same old formula you’re used to for finding a new artist, and in the trailer, Linda explains the difference between this series and all the others: “It’s not about spinning chairs and picking people out of a lineup. It’s about hard work in the studio.”

The series will follow a group of young artists Linda has chosen to work with to hone their style, identify their strengths and to make amazing music. But since Linda doesn’t have time for bulls—t, not every artist will receive the recording contract at the end of the tunnel. This is not a show that’s looking to find the next big pop star or the sexiest new industry darling. The focus is on the music, and Linda makes damn sure of that. Watch the supertrailer now and tune in on Wednesday, July 16th at 10PM for the premiere of Make Or Break, The Linda Perry Project.

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