From The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Case Files: Are Stevie J + Joseline Married or Not? [Phase Ten]



After 10 episodes, more and more fans are convinced that Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez’s marriage is worth questioning. Did it really happen or was it all a stunt? And now with Althea coming into the mix, it gets even more confusing.

But rest assured, our investigation will continue until we find a definite resolution to the case at hand.

You could help us in finding the truth by using the hashtag #KnotOrNot on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and we will feature your thoughts on our weekly coverage. Let’s get to the bottom of this case!

Case File: Stevie J + Joseline: Married Or Not?
Docket #: LHHATL310

The following evidence supports the position that Stevie J + Joseline ARE married.

Benzino’s Instagram Post


At the recent BET awards, Stevie J’s best bud Benzino tweeted a disparaging photo that refer to Joseline as Stevie’s wife. With all the social media fighting that he and the Puerto Rican princess have been having lately, it would have been very easy for Benzino to dismiss Joseline as Stevie’s fake spouse. But instead, he took the high road and called her by her real civil status.

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