From The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Case Files: Are Stevie J + Joseline Married or Not? [PHASE TWELVE]


Exhibit E: Zino


The evidence you have all been waiting for… drum roll please. When Benzino goes against Stevie and their untouchable bromance something is definitely up. We were speechless when we saw this tweet that Benzino wrote on Tuesday. The tweet confirmed that there is more proof out there about the marriage being fake, and the one person who had Stevie’s back through it all is no longer on his side. Not to mention the all caps made it even more AGGRESSIVE AND SERIOUS. Also, Zino tweeted tweeted a day later saying “at the end of the day @hitmansteviej lost a great, loyal, caring friend, and I gained piece if mind and an incredible woman…” So our best guess is Stevie smashed the homie and found himself in yet another lie.

For a second we debated closing the books and ending our entire investigation after Zino rocked the internet to its core with this tweet. But, instead we decided to contact Benzino for a response and an answer. So, don’t forget to check in next week for that because we will be working hard to get one.

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