From The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Case Files: Are Stevie J + Joseline Married or Not? [PHASE TWELVE]


The following evidence supports the position that Stevie J + Joseline ARE married.

Exhibit A: Joseline Has Emotions

You know that something is up when Joseline isn’t putting on a front. Going through Stevie’s phone and hearing the “Hothea” news from Karlee really made Jos second guess her relationship. Last week it came as a shock that the two weren’t sleeping in the same bed (which meant Joseline wasn’t getting her “beefcake”). And then this we couldn’t believe our eyes when she packed up her bags and said she needed some time apart. Nothing can make the Puerto Rican princess crumble so Stevie must have really hurt her.

Now, you might be confused why this evidence points to the ball and chain but just listen we’re getting to it. When Stevie was running after Joseline begging her to not leave, promising he never smashed the homie, she turned and said “I’m starting to feel like you hate me, because if you don’t hate me you would not do the things that you do to me.” And I’m sorry, doesn’t it even sound like Mrs.Joseline Hernandez is about to cry? BAM, evidence that the knot is tied. If they weren’t married then Joseleine wouldn’t care about Stevie sleeping around. And more lovey dovy evidence was found when Joseline told K.Michelle that she loves her husband in the studio in NYC.

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