Go Backstage With Hit The Floor Creator James LaRosa For Some Killer Episode 9 Photos



These fierce creatures are TeEn Rebellion. They and their creator/choreographer Melvin went all Devil Girls in their latest dance competition and won first place. I saw this picture and SWOONED. I love love love when people tweet me Devils-themed birthday cakes, Halloween costumes, artwork, etc etc… We at HTF work so hard making a show we’re so proud of, and to see how invested you guys are in it as well slaps big stupid smiles on all our faces. Keep it coming! And congrats Tuss, Jaydah, Raven, Anti, Atika, Susan, Dasia, Taiana, Qwateesha, Erica & Ebony. Thanks for making my week ladies, and thanks to @LoveAlwaysNayy for the heads up!

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