Exclusive: Kalenna On Diddy Being A Love & Hip Hop Fan, Joseline & Karlie’s Music & Tony’s Finger


Kalenna Harper & Tony Vick via Instagram

Kalenna Harper & Tony Vick via Instagram

Kalenna Harper has clearly become the breakout fan favorite of this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. From her openness about her relationship with bestie Ashley and her honesty in the studio with Rasheeda, viewers seem to respond to Kalenna’s unbridled sense of self and love her for it! We caught up with Kalenna to get the scoop on her marriage, what she really thinks of her cast mates’ music, what Diddy had to say about the show and why Tony‘s finger looks like that.

Well, first of all, I gotta say, we are loving your new single “Murder” in the office. It’s legit. I have to ask, what’s it been like making the transition from singer to reality star

Kalenna: When I did “Murder” it was just like, let’s just talk about when I met Tony and those feelings that people are afraid to talk about. You know love and hip hop is really my life. I love my “husbandger,” my best friend, my partner in crime but I also love the music and it’s just about finding that balance. So I’m just talking about me and my sappy love stories and I hope that people can relate.

Has it been difficult to live your relationship out on TV?

Kalenna: The power of TV! It’s totally different than having a great record or doing a great show. For our relationship, it’s brought us closer together. I’m not going to say we’re better lovers but we’re better friends. We can talk about things we didn’t know about each other before.

What has been the reaction to people seeing your relationship opened up to Ashley?

Kalenna: My mom hates it. [Laughs] She’s like, ‘Oh my God, you have to tell everybody that you’re gay?’ I’m like, ‘Mom, first of all, they just need to legalize gay marriage right now. And I’m not gay. I’m heavily bi-curious at this point. What difference does it make, mom? I’m married and we’ve tried some stuff out.’

For the majority of people [watching] it’s been a breath of fresh air that people are being honest about their relationship. I believe that if the physical and sexual parts of a relationship aren’t working? I don’t know if it’s going to work.

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