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When Did Nick Carter Get Fat & Stupid?

On tonight’s episode of I Heart Nick Carter, Nick deals with the very revelation that he is fat and dumb. SORTA. Nick is concerned, after his tuxedo fitting, that he may be putting on some extra weight. He wants to be in lean, mean shape for the wedding or at least look like he is – Nick asks Lauren if she’s sure she wants to marry a “Fatstreet Boy.” Lauren assures him he’s no fattie but that she’ll help him at the gym if wants.


Meanwhile, Nick is concerned because he thinks Lauren is a smartypants and he never even finished high school. Lauren encourages Nick to get his GED if that’ll make him feel more secure and so he pursues finishing his education and taking the test. A sweet moment from Nick who admits his parents didn’t put a priority on school and his memories there were unpleasant and filled with bullying.


In spite of his pursuit of higher education, on the surface Nick still feels a certain way about his midsection but isn’t really into making the gym a regular thing so he goes to receive some laser treatment to help remove fat from his belly. He gets to sport a pretty sexy thong (not really but it is adorable) – all hail the powers that be that made Nick Carter wear this ridiculousness!


Ultimately, while he didn’t shed all his extra weight, Nick passed the GED and even had some muscles to show off to his soon-to-be-bride! Do you wanna give yourself a life-makeover like Nick too? WE DOO. See more of the adorable couple on next week’s I Heart Nick Carter.

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Moniece Slaughter On The Custody Agreement That Has Everyone Talking & How Fizz Makes It Difficult To See Their Son

One of the most explosive storylines on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood has been Moniece Slaughter‘s struggle to coparent with her ex Fizz AKA Drew. While Moniece attempts to figure out her personal and professional life, she is trying to find stability to best guardian her son. Since the show’s premiere, Moniece has come face-to-face with Fizz’s girlfriend of two years, Amanda.

Moniece’s story has been all over social media as critics and haters attack her parenting and question why she doesn’t fight harder for her child. VH1 recently caught up with Moniece about airing her dirty laundry out on the reality sudser, if she thinks she and Fizz will ever get back together and the custodial agreement that has social media buzzing.

Moniece, what kind of conversation did you and Fizz before doing Love & Hip Hop Hollywood? Can you explain how casting worked? Read more…

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VH1′s Sexiest Instagram Pix of September 2014

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September is merely but a memory and you know what that means? It’s time for us to gather the filthiest, sexiest, most delicious Instagram pics from the VH1 fam from this past month.

We’ve got sultry bedroom eyes and a few glimpses at all the best bits and pieces of your favorite reality stars. Click through our gallery and let us know who is the sexiest of them all.

Happy drooling!

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Bad Built A**es & Promise Rings: It’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Episode 3 In Pictures

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On episode 3 of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Ray J and Teairra continued fighting about her box of belongings (yes, including Vagisil, lay off the girl) that Ray dropped off at her party. Hazel E took Teairra’s side but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t beef between the besties. Read more…

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I Heart Nick Carter Sneak Peek: Is Nick Carter Getting Too Fat Before The Wedding?

The terrible patriarchal society we live in would suggest that it’s strictly the bride who needs to be svelte for the big day but Nick Carter is turning gender norms on their ear on the next episode of I Heart Nick Carter. While being fitted for his wedding tuxedo, Nick comes to the realization that may be he’s a little…fat.

“It’s so weird my face is thin and then I have this jellyroll around my waist,” Nick jokes (but is sort of serious) while grabbing his belly. The Backstreet Boy also says that fiancée Lauren Kitt thinks he looks like E.T.

LOLZ. Do you think Nick is carrying too many extra pounds? Do you think the groom has to lose some weight before his nuptials? Find out on an all new I Heart Nick Carter Wednesday at 10 PM ET/PT.

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Lucky Number 3: VH1′s Most Dramatic Love Triangles

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Whether they keep you on the edge of the seats, have you clutching your pearls or have you shaking your damn head – one thing’s for sure – love triangles are the bread and butter in this age of reality TV. The Love & Hip Hop men (and occasionally the women) love to mix it up with a sidepiece or a baby’s mama or both and it can lead to some pretty explosive, exciting, hilarious and horrible moments.

We’re still scratching our heads over some of the drama unfolding on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood – really y’all fighting over Mally Mall?! – so we’ve gathered up the most SMDH-dramatic love triangles from our shows in the gallery above.

Some of these ended up a-okay and some ended up downright dirty – let us know who we missed in the comments!

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Out & About This Week: VH1 Celebs Showing Off Style & Swag

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It was a big week for the VH1 celebs this week. The whole fam was celebrating the BET Hip Hop awards, Benzino‘s Hip Hop Weekly party and Erica Mena‘s engagement!

We’ve gathered some of our favorite pictures from this week of the whole clan look sexy, stylish and glamorous at all their events. Take a look through the gallery and let us know whose look you’re dying for and whose is just okay.

Happy Friday!

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Masika Reveals If Her Butt Is Real Or Nah, Says Who Has the Best Booty In The Hip Hop Game

Who do you think has the best booty in the hip hop game? When cameras caught Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Masika Kalysha they asked her this question and her answer may shock you.

Masika asked, “Is it bad if I say a white girl?” then admitted that she thinks rapper Iggy Azalea has the best bum right now. Asked if she’s sporting a real derriere or something “enhanced” and Masika gets real real about it.

Check the video now and find out more about Masika on an all new episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.

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Did Wendy Williams Throw Shade At Erica Mena & Bow Wow’s Engagement?

Did Wendy Williams just throw some shade at Erica Mena? Check the video above at the 20:30 mark.

Thetalk show diva congratulated Bow Wow and the Love & Hip Hop star on their engagement during Monday’s “Hot Topics” but she got a little jibe in Erica’s way too. After saying that Bow Wow is busy doing big things hosting BET 106 & Park and starring on the new CSI: Cyber, Wendy said she didn’t know what Erica was doing.

After the audience laughed, Williams said they’ve only been dating for 6 months but Erica “probably knows tricks” that helped her get that ring so fast. Sheesh!

What do you think of Wendy’s assessment? Spilling Tea or throwing shade? Love & Hip Hop returns later this year.

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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s Sincere Says The Atlanta Cast Is Full Of Old Heads

Ray J already said the difference between the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast and Hollywood cast is because they’re in Cali where they have Palm Trees but at the premiere party his cast mate Sincere Show put it a little differently. When asked about how Hollywood compares, Sincere says,

“They doing their thing down there like shout to them motherf******* but they a bunch of old n*****. Like, we young, like I’m 26. Like n***** under 30 over here. You following a bunch of old heads – we come some young cats doing our thing.”

What do you think of Sincere’s assessment? Do you think Hollywood is younger and fresher? Is Atlanta forever the number one? See how things go for Sincere and the rest of those “young cats” on an all new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.