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Exclusive: Mob Wives‘ Alicia DiMichele On Sentencing & Life After The Show

Alicia DiMichele preparing homemade meatballs for family dinner; July 20, 2014 via Instagram

Alicia DiMichele preparing homemade meatballs for family dinner, July 20 2014 via Instagram

It’s been quite a journey for Mob Wives star Alicia DiMichele since last season ended. Currently awaiting sentencing for embezzling charges, VH1 received an exclusive statement from the reality star to find out what life is like for her right now, how she’s coping and what we can expect from the hot mama next.

I have been enjoying my summer by spending a lot of time with my boys and my family, as this is when I am the happiest. I have also been throwing myself into my Addiction Boutiques which is my passion and livelihood. Unfortunately, I am still waiting to be sentenced, this should take place next month. Read more…

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Hunter Valentine Let The Drama Go On The Next Make Or Break

On the series premiere of Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project we were able to meet veteran punk-rockers Hunter Valentine and while the ladies are some of the most seasoned artists in the house they also seem to have the most drama.

In a sneak peek for the next Make Or Break, Hunter Valentine get a chance to let all the internal strife go and just jam out with Linda Perry. The ladies, especially Kiyomi, are visibily nervous to let their guards down but by the end they are just adlibbing and smiling making, well we’d say, some beautiful music together.

What do you think of Hunter Valentine? Do you think they can stand the test of time or is being in the house going to be the end of them?

Find out on an all new Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project Wednesday at 10 PM ET/PT.

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Throwback To Eddie Cibrian’s Boy Band Days

Tonight on the season premiere of LeAnn & Eddie, LeAnn jokes in the beginning about her husband trying his hand at singing once upon a time. It reads as a joke but then you realize Eddie Cibrian was really in a boy band. He was really a singer! This is a true statement.

We dug through the archives to find Eddie’s boy band: 3Deep. A soul-pop group, 3Deep featured Mr. Cibrian, Young & The Restless actor Joshua Morrow and CJ Huyer. The group released their debut album debut album Yes yes yes…no no no (seriously) in 1999 but it was not released in the states. They were very popular in Canada though. They disbanded in 2001.

We are OBSESSED and hoping for a reunion. Eddie, please! Check out the video for their single “Never Gonna Give Up” above and check Eddie’s moves below. Read more…

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Who Is Your Favorite From Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project?

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Tonight on Make Or Break:The Linda Perry Project we met all the musicians working for an opportunity to make an album with their mentor Linda Perry.

The cast includes Gabriel Mayers a subway musician and Mackenzie Johnson the girl next door who does covers on YouTube. Also featured are Noah Hunt a dreamy boy with a guitar and post-punk band Hunter Valentine. Rounding out Make Or Break‘s cast is R&B duo VanJess and conscious rapper-singer Anjuli Stars.

We are already feeling a lot of these talented folks’ music. (I mean Anjuli’s freestyling?! Wow!) We know it’s only the first episode but right now who are you loving on Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project? Vote below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Catch an all new Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project next Wednesday at 10 PM ET/PT.

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Meet The Musicians Of Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project

clockwise from top right: Mackenzie Johnson, Gabriel Mayers, Noah Hunt, VanJess, Anjuli Stars, Hunter Valentine

clockwise from top right: Mackenzie Johnson, Gabriel Mayers, Noah Hunt, VanJess, Anjuli Stars, Hunter Valentine

You know all about Linda Perry but what do you know about the aspiring musicians in her new show? Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project begins tonight and we’ve created a handy cheat sheet so you know all you need to know about the recording artists on the premiere episode.

From a R&B sister duo to a street musician to a classically trained singer-rapper this cast is chock full of multitalented artists. We can’t wait. Tune into the Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project premiere tonight at 10 PM ET/PT. Read more…

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Is LeAnn Afraid Of Eddie’s Wandering Dong?

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are infamous for the way their courtship all began. (They were both still married to their exes at the time!) Their relationship has been littered with paparazzi pictures and tabloid stories and we decided to play a game a little with them.

VH1 caught up with the fun-loving couple to promote LeAnn & Eddie and tested their knowledge on some salacious headlines that have been written about them. Find out if LeAnn really canceled a concert tour because she was concerned about Eddie’s “wandering dong” or if Eddie was really fired from C.S.I. Miami for being a douche.

This is just something that famous duo has to deal with on a daily basis. Find out all about LeAnn & Eddie‘s regular trials and tribulations on the season premiere July 17 10:30 PM ET/PT.

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#MCM: Sorry But Joe Budden Is Hot

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We know that Love & Hip Hop‘s Joe Budden wasn’t always the most standup guy when it came to his love Tahiry but we can’t help still thinking the man is fine. Joe Budden’s got the perfect amount of swag and style and those tattoos only help.

In honor of ManCrush Monday, we are saluting Joe Budden. From his super tight abs to his perfectly shaped beard, the man’s look is on point and we like it!

We can’t wait to see where things are with him and Tahiry when Love & Hip Hop returns later in the year. Fingers crossed they work it out and we can see more pictures of Joe without a shirt on.

What do you think of Joe Budden? You think he’s fly or baiii?

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LeAnn & Eddie Are Bad B*tches Making Bread

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are the newest additions to the VH1 fam with their show LeAnn & Eddie and they join a long and storied history of celebs including Flavor Flav, Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J.

In order to initiate them into the VH1 fam, we schooled them in some of our signature vocab and turns out they didn’t need the lessons. The adorable couple LOLed with LeAnn claiming to be a “bad b*tch” and Eddie declaring that “taking your shoes off must mean, ‘I’m gonna whoop some a**!’” Looks like LeAnn & Eddie found the perfect home to let fans take a peek into their lives.

Be sure to join them when LeAnn & Eddie premieres Thursday July 17 at 10:30 PM ET/PT.

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Waka Flocka & Tammy Open Up About Their Secret

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Tammy Rivera and her man Waka Flocka Flame made a decision to get eloped rather than having a big wedding but now they need to share that secret with an important person: Tammy’s daughter Charlie.

Charlie’s thrown some hilarious shade at Waka Flocka before but this time she just looks at her mother like, “I don’t even know what that word means,” referring to the word: eloped.

Charlie is so funny and she just wants her mom and her new stepdad to be happy but will she able to keep their marriage a secret from her grandparents and Waka’s mom Deb?

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Find out on an all new episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.

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5 Dope Reasons To Watch Candidly Nicole Candidly Nicole

Nicole Richie is a hilarious, witty and super cool celebrity but now the fashion icon is bringing her everyday antics to the small screen with her new VH1 series Candidly Nicole.

We caught up with Nicole to find out the five dopes reasons you should watch and let’s just say it involves drag queens, Viagra and the lessons we learned from Brenda Walsh on Beverly Hills, 90210.

Make sure to tune into the season premiere of Candidly Nicole on July 17th at 10 PM ET/PT on VH1.