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Jenna Lets Out Her Rage In An All-New Couples Therapy

If you’ve ever gotten mad and punched a wall or screamed into a pillow to let your anger and frustration out, this week’s Couples Therapy episode is for you. As in seasons past, Dr. Jenn and Dr. Mike take the group to a house and let them smash the s— out of it, and for some of them, like Jenna Jameson, they let it ALL out. Read more…

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The Pranks Continue… T.I. Pulls A Fast One On Footaction Customers

We know T.I. is a master of pranks — he’s spent four seasons of Family Hustle showing us how he regularly tries to mess with his own family (see: the caramel apple/onion incident and the toothpaste on the Oreo prank), but in this hilarious clip, he has WAY too much fun pulling one over on five guys who think they’re being treated to a shopping spree and styling session at Footaction with the leader of the Hustle Gang. This man gets way to much glee seeing other people squirm! Check it out.

Tune in on Monday nights for T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, and check out Tip’s new album, Paperwork, available October 21.

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Masika Thinks Erica Mena And Bow Wow’s Relationship Is Fake & Cyn Should Drown Her Sorrows At Chipotle

Masika Kalysha is slowly becoming one of our favorite Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast members, because she proudly and unabashedly gives zero f—s. In this interview, when asked if she thinks Erica Mena and Bow Wow‘s engagement is just for TV, she can’t even look up from her phone to offer her take: “Of course.” And her advice for what Cyn should do now that she’s single? “Go to Chipotle.”

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Did Soulja Boy Just Out Masika And Berg As A Couple?

Berg is not into Hazel, we get that. But apparently he’s into a lot of other women, including Masika, if you believe Soulja Boy (and the photo below). In this interview with Soulja, he explains that he didn’t even know Masika and Mally Mall were messing around because “S—, I thought Masika was with Yung Berg! Gotdamn!” This show never fails to keep the drama alive!

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Just How Difficult Is It To Choreograph And Perform Those Drumline Drumming Sequences?

“Shooting the drum sequences are like, so intricate and detailed. My forearms are sore, I have callouses on my hands, it’s tedious because you have to do it multiple times from different angles. It’s HOT,” star of Drumline: A New Beat, Tye White says, discussing the challenges of performing on the field in the new film, which premieres October 27th.But it’s not totally miserable, because, as White continues, “I really wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

“Once you get strapped up and they yell ‘Action!’ you get in the zone! You have this attitude where you’re ready to go!” co-star Jeff Pierre adds. And once the band is in motion, the music they create is incredible. Tune in at 9PM ET/PT on Monday, October 27th to check it all out in Drumline: A New Beat on VH1!

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Hazel E Thinks Masika Is A Side Chick Who Needs To Move On

And here we thought Hazel E and Masika were friends… In this interview with Hazel, she’s asked what to make of the Nikki-Masika-Mally love triangle, and she straight up advises Masika to move on because “you were the side chick, you were the jumpoff, the groupie, the one-night stand, he wouldn’t even kiss you, baby girl. Back away and move on to the next.” Perhaps she’s annoyed because of the rumors that Masika started hooking up with Berg? Who knows.

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Dr. Jenn Addresses This Week’s Whisper App Confessions

On Couples Therapy, the cast regularly shares their own secrets, and this season, we’re inviting fans to join in with Whisper, a free app that allows anyone to share their most private confessions anonymously. So if you’re too shy to reveal your most personal details in therapy or need to vent but don’t have Dr. Jenn’s private number, channel your emotions through Whisper. Read more…

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#TBT: Check Out Some Classic Throwback Pics Of Dr. Jenn Berman

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When you have a job as serious as Dr. Jenn Berman‘s, you don’t often get a chance to publicly reveal your lighter, more fun side. People expect you to be in serious mode all the time, but we know that Dr. Jenn is human just like the rest of us and enjoys posting classic photos of herself from back in the day on Instagram. (Find out how you can follow her and this season’s cast of Couples Therapy by checking out our social media guide!)

We love seeing these photos that show Dr. Jenn in her element — with family members, friends, famous inspirations like Gloria Steinem, and just letting her (sometimes really big) hair down! #TBT

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Three Moments That Capture The True Spirit Of GLAAD Spirit Day

October 16th is GLAAD #SpiritDay, a day where millions of people stand against bullying and to show their support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth. VH1 proudly supports GLAAD and the idea of equality for all and we’re proud to wear purple today in support of the cause.

We’ve had ample opportunities over the past year to make a positive impact when it comes to LGBT equality, and in case you missed them, we pulled together some of our favorite examples. From positive portrayals of gay characters on television to inspiring interviews, they run the full spread from heart-wrenchingly beautiful to sexy and steamy, take a look: Read more…