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What Does Erica Mena’s Fiance Think Of Her ‘Playboy’ Photos??

By now, you’ve all probably seen a few of Erica Mena’s Playboy photos, which are pretty tasteful and sexy, if you ask us. But what does Erica’s fiancĂ© think of them? VH1′s The Gossip Table reveals Bow Wow‘s reaction to the pics!

Erica Mena Playboy 3

[Photographed for by Marya Gullo and Lani Lee
Hair & Makeup: Melissa Abad
Wardrobe Stylist: Maya Harris
Photo Assistant: Clark Wacunza]

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‘Black Ink Crew’ Bonus: Sky Wants To Get Kinky With Bobby

Sky is dating Bobby. Sky kissed Teddy. So what’s a guilty girl to do when she wants to prove to her boyfriend that she really loves him? Go to a sex shop and buy some kinky supplies for their next date night, obviously. In this Black Ink Crew bonus clip, Sky and Dutchess hit up the Pleasure Chest and consider all kinds of sex toys, from ball gags to pony plugs and then some. What will she buy to wow Bobby in the bedroom? Watch now to find out!

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‘Love And Hip Hop’ Bonus: Remy Is Still Meddling, But This Time She Wants To Plan Yandy’s Wedding

Can we all agree that this Remy girl is TOO MUCH? First she tried to be Yandy, then she tried to make some kind of move on Mendeecees, and now she wants to straight up pick Yandy’s wedding venue — without Yandy even being there!

In this Love & Hip Hop bonus clip, Mendeecees tells Remy he needs to head to Miami to find a wedding venue, and Remy invites herself along for the ride because she knows was females like. (‘Cause we all like the same thing, right?) Oh, and while she’s down there, she tells Mendeecees she’d love to take a detour to the beach. Girl, BAI.

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‘Love And Hip Hop’ Check Yourself: “You Know Better! We Don’t F— Each Others’ Girls!”

In this week’s Check Yourself, Rich and Cisco have slightly different takes on what Rich is and is not allowed to do with Diamond Strawberry. Even though Rich claims he hasn’t knocked off Diamond, we get the feeling he’s just about to, which still goes against every bro code we know.

You have to see what they say about this situation… Watch!

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Renee Graziano Has The Most Glorious ’80s-Themed Throwbacks Ever

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Throwback photos are a staple of the Internet these days, and we’ve seen our share of amazing, dated pictures of the cast of Mob Wives. But Renee Graziano might have just outdone everyone else on her show. Renee recently went on a throwback frenzy, posting tons of amazingly ’80s photos of herself from high school, as a young mom, and even her wedding. You will honestly never be able to guess her age in some of them (she provided her age in a few of them, and we can’t believe how she looked at age 14!!). You need to see all of these to believe them.

Mob Wives airs Wednesdays at 8PM ET/PT.

[Photos: Instagram]

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‘Love And Hip Hop’ Check Yourself: “I’m Asking The Biggest Creep Alive For Advice. The F— Is My Problem?”

Why would Diamond seek out man advice from Rich Dollaz, the best pal of her ex, Cisco and a self-proclaimed creep, on this week’s Love & Hip Hop? Even she thinks it’s a terrible idea. “I’m asking the biggest creep alive for advice. The f— is my problem?” she asks in this week’s Check Yourself. Read more…

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These Tributes To And Photos Of Ahmad “Real” Givens Will Make You Cry

This past Saturday, VH1 lost a member of the community when Ahmad “Real” Givens passed away from complications due to cancer. After earning notoriety on I Love New York in 2007, Real and his brother Kamal “Chance” Givens were given a spinoff, Real Chance of Love, in 2008. After the run of that series, Real did find love, with wife Racquel, with whom he had a son, Ahmad “Mahdi” Givens. We’ve been so touched by the tributes that Chance has been making since his brother’s passing, and so moved by all the photos of Real’s wife and son, we thought we’d share some of them with you to honor his memory.

Read more…

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You Talkin’ Ta Me? Planet Sebastian Covers The Most Iconic New York Movies Ever

Before everyone and their brother had a podcast, a blog or a YouTube channel, there was cable access. That was like, way back in the ’90s. VH1′s new web series, Planet Sebastian, is a throwback to the old cable access talk shows of yore, before the internet and HD cameras. Planet Sebastian features the cast of Hindsight as they all make guest appearances on a local show hosted by Sebastian, the video store clerk, and they discuss the best of ’90s nostalgia. This week Sebastian talks to Lolly’s crush, Kevin, about the most iconic New York movies of all time.

Check back next week for another episode of Planet Sebastian.