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A Lotta Sugar Like A Lotta Liars: Whose Sweet Tweets Were Best During The Basketball Wives L.A. Finale?

Basketball Wives LA

Last night during the Basketball Wives L.A. finale, the ladies were ready to aim and fire at one another with their social media commentary during the show. Especially Bambi, whose tweets have proven t be one of our favorite aspects of Monday’s shows, girlfriend does not hold back. While not everyone was online last night, we found a few hilarious tweets worth reading, so check out our favorite tweets of the night in the gallery below.

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The Reunion Interview: Draya Wears Her Diva Crown Proudly

Draya Basketball Wives L.A. Reunion

Draya has has her ups and downs with most of her fellow cast members on Basketball Wives L.A., whether it’s her on-again, off-again friendship with Jackie (it’s on again at the moment), to her non-relationship with Laura, to the recent breakup/shake up she just had with Brooke. But as she told us before she headed out on stage at the season two reunion, she’s working on being the type of person who doesn’t hold grudges, which means forgiveness comes a little easier these days.

In our chat, we discussed her reputation as a diva this season, which came after she abandoned the King Magazine shoot, leaving Brooke to work it alone. “You have to be a certain caliber of woman to even consider yourself a diva so yeah, I’ll take that,” she told us about the label she’s been given, but for the rest of our chat, she was decidedly un-diva-like, and actually pretty reserved. Read what she has to say about this season, her relationship with Brooke, and what she thinks of the Govans now that Laura’s scheme fizzled out.

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Love Majewski: Just Who Is The Newest Mob Wives Star?

Mob Wives New Cast Member Love Majewski

Love Majewski is a brave woman. As the newest addition to the Mob Wives cast, we think it takes guts to come on a show as big and bold as this one and make her mark, but this is a lady that has NO problem speaking her mind. You might recognize Love from her stint on I Married A Mobster, but this renaissance woman also models and runs a cosmetics company. As for her loyalties on the show, Love has said “Karen is my heart and soul,” though she’s friendly with many of the ladies. (And not friendly with a couple of them too, but you’ll have to watch to find out who.) Tune in on January 6th to meet Love and reunite with the rest of the Mob Wives, and check out our exclusive gallery of photos below to see who this lovely lady really is.

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Mob Wives Season Three Premieres January 6th at 8 PM ET/PT

Mob Wives Season Three
The moment you’ve all been waiting for has returned! We’re thrilled to announce that season three of Mob Wives is hitting the small screen on Sunday, January 6th at 8 p.m. ET/PT with all your favorite ladies, and a new face thrown in. On season three, we’ll get a look at Drita, Carla, Karen, Renee, Big Ang, Ramona, and new addition Love Majewski, as they all try to move on with their lives and relationships, deal with the horrific events of Hurricane Sandy, and get into a few brand new and possibly relationship-changing scrapes with one another. Read all about it below, and tune in on January 6th.


Los Angeles, CA – December 11, 2012 – VH1′s hit series “Mob Wives” is back Sunday, January 6th (8:00 PM ET/ PT), and Season 3 finds fan favorites Renee, Karen, Drita, Carla, “Big Ang,” and Ramona struggling to maintain their hard-won independence – but the mob drama continues to pull them back in. Yet when Hurricane Sandy devastates Staten Island, the women survive the aftermath using their strength and street smarts – and show just how much heart they have as they work to rebuild their hometown, lending a helping hand to their family, friends, neighbors and community.

Viewers will also be introduced to a new cast member, Love Majewski. A hot-tempered “mob moll” with a notorious past, Love is back in town to reconnect with old friends – but quickly finds that jealousy is in the air, as are brand new Staten Island scuffles. Read more…

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After Getting Hitched In Vegas, Gloria Govan Reveals Plans To Have A Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Gloria Govan caught some flack this season on Basketball Wives L.A. (and last night on the reunion) when she spoke of her Las Vegas impromptu wedding with Matt Barnes and explained that it was an on-the-fly decision to get married. “It was something that was not planned at all…I flew out who was important to me,” she said on the reunion as she explained why the rest of the cast of the show wasn’t invited.

But Gloria told Sister 2 Sister that even though the wedding “was literally perfect,” she does have plans to hold a larger, more inclusive vow renewal this summer. “We’re going to do a bigger wedding this summer coming up in Santa Barbara. Matt’s very traditional. We’re definitely going to do it big this summer,” she said. The real question is, who will she actually invite??
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Behind The Scenes At The Basketball Wives L.A. Reunion: Air-Kisses, Tattoos, And Other Stolen Moments From The Taping

Behind The Scenes Basketball Wives LA

Even though there were plenty of heated moments on the Basketball Wives L.A. reunion special, you might not know it if you were lingering on stage between breaks. The ladies all maintained their general sense of composure and seemed to have fun with each other on the set, but the social divides were clear. While Bambi, Malaysia, and Draya all gravitated toward one another for chats and gossip, Gloria, Laura, and Brooke formed their own little clique. (Jackie wasn’t totally ignored, but she seemed to prefer the company of her outside friends who joined her on stage during the breaks.)

In our behind the scenes photo gallery, we snapped shots from the dressing rooms (including a close-up of Jackie’s tattoo) and some cute moments the girls shared on stage, like Malaysia snuggling up to Bambi on her lap, and Bambi’s footwear change in and out of her high tops when the cameras were off. Check it all out in the pictures below.

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Best Moments And Quotes From The Basketball Wives L.A. Reunion: Part I

On tonight’s Basketball Wives L.A. reunion, there were a LOT of moments. Everyone got things off their chest. Jackie apologized for her behavior last season. Gloria kept reiterating that she’s the one responsible for the show existing. There was a rap battle and a big, friendship-mending (maybe?) apology. But there were still a ton of opinions and jabs thrown around on that stage and we pulled some of our favorite lines for this little reunion quotes recap. Read it and tell us in the comments what you’re favorite moment or line from the show was! Let’s start at the beginning with Jackie.

Jackie’s Apology

This year things were different. At least to start. Jackie explained that she takes full responsibility for meddling in other people’s business last season. “It hurt me in my heart that I was treated that way, but at the same time I knew why, and I wanted to make amends. I had no right to even speak [last season], whether it was true, not true, it wasn’t my place.” Read more…

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Fashion Poll: Who Was The Best-Dressed Basketball Wives L.A. Cast Member At The Season Two Reunion?

Basketball Wives L.A. Fashion Poll

The one thing that’s pretty awesome about getting to go backstage at the Basketball Wives L.A. reunion is seeing all the work that goes in to making the cast look gorgeous. They spend a couple of hours in hair and makeup, some receive last-minute mani-pedis, often they have at least two outfits to choose between before making a game-time decision of what to put on, and their lips and flyaway strands get touched up at every commercial break. Yes, it’s a lot of effort, but also, the results are spectacular. We are never underwhelmed when we see the final product as the ladies take the stage, and this year it was all about nails, shoes, and reverse cleavage. Take a peek at our gallery of glamour shots below and then take our poll to determine which lovely lady was the biggest fashion winner of the evening.

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Season Two Is Over So Who Came Out On Top: Who Is Your Favorite Basketball Wives L.A. Star?

Who's Your Favorite Basketball Wife?

Season two of Basketball Wives L.A.: It was epic, it was vengeful, it was three months of friends, enemies, and frenemies. While some people saw this as Jackie‘s chance to redeem herself, others turned on Laura for her seemingly conniving, fake behavior. So now that it’s coming to a close and you’ve seen a new side to these ladies (and become acquainted with newcomers Brooke and Bambi who definitely held their own this season), we simply want to know — who do you love the most? Which of these ladies is the one you want to sit down for a cocktail with, flash a crowd in New Orleans with, or just have a nice, mellow night in with?

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