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Botox And Boop Ba Boops: Watch Big Ang’s Best Moments So Far From Mob Wives Season Three

Saying we’ve pulled together some of Big Ang‘s best moments of the season is a bit redundant because every scene Big Ang is in is the best. But in honor of the Mob Wives star who throws Botox bashes and creates a catchphrase about getting a face full of needles (“Getting my boop ba boop done!”) we thought it was necessary to show off her funniest scenes thus far. No filler here, just 100% pure Big Ang. Read more…

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Love And War: Watch And See Why Love Majewski Has Stolen Our Hearts In Two Short Episodes Of Mob Wives

Get the f— outta here. Love??

Love Majewski is the newest addition to the cast of Mob Wives and for someone to elicit that kind of response from Renee Graziano, you know she’s got to be a character. In this supercut, we examine the greatest, most hilarious reactions to the news that Love has pulled into town (“Love is really crazy. And she’s also a f—ing lunatic,” Big Ang explains), including some that come straight from Love herself. “If you actually wanna walk into a room with me, it’s like entering a steel cage with a tiger,” the woman says about herself. Lucky for most of us, we just get to watch her on our screens rather than face her in a steel cage. We don’t need to have our limbs bitten off just yet.

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Olivia Longott’s Style Evolution From G-Unit To Love And Hip Hop

Olivia Longott Style Evolution
Love And Hip Hop‘s Olivia Longott has had a long career, the ups and downs of which have been chronicled on the show. Throughout it all, two things have remained constant: her commitment to working on her own terms, and the fact that she always looks incredible while doing just that. Yeah, what we’re saying is that no matter what era in her career or what she’s up to, Liv always looks great, and she’s maintained a classic, never too over-done look we admire. Whether she’s rocking jeans and a t-shirt on stage with 50 Cent or she’s dolled up for a premiere party, she always manages to look pulled together and polished. Here’s a look at some of our favorite looks of Olivia Longott from her days with G-Unit till now. And yes, that’s totally her hanging out with Lindsay Lohan at a Knicks game back in 2005.

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Hit Me With Yor Best Shot: Watch A Supercut of Carla And Renee’s Most Heated Insults So Far From Season Three Of Mob Wives

Junkie. Whore. Go-to girl. Clown. None of these terms are very nice, but they’ve been volleyed around on Mob Wives this season like it’s the U.S. Open, and Carla and Renee are playing center court.

In a brand new supercut we created, we’ve whittled down the best moments from their intense arguments so far this season into one tiny little package we’ve called “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” It’s jam-packed full of colorful language (not that we’re surprised, these ladies can mold expletives like clay), heated drama, and butter knives.

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Pic Of The Day: Draya And Game Show Off Their Hot Bods On The Cover Of Urban Ink

Urban Ink Draya Michele And The Game

This month, Draya Michele and Game share the cover of Urban Ink magazine, and dare we say they two of them together look HOT? Of course Draya looks amazing no matter what, but drape a leather bikini on the woman and hello! She gives us fever. And Game doesn’t look so bad himself, all that working out is definitely showing.

(We also love that the cover features the girls of Black Ink Crew, too!) For a closer look at the cover, click after the jump.

[Photo: Urban Ink via Bossip]
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Watch + Here: The Cast Of Black Ink Crew Will Be Live-Chatting With Very VH1 Today At 2 PM ET

Woo! We’re super excited today, because the cast of Black Ink Crew will be in our VH1 offices hanging out, and they’ll be live-chatting starting at 2 p.m. ET on Very VH1, our Spreecast talk show. Join Ceaser, Sassy, Puma and Dutchess, along with me, Liz Black, and your Very VH1 host Kate Spencer at 2PM EST and get your questions for the cast ready.

Check out the video above when the show begins at 2 p.m., and click on the comment icon in the upper right hand corner to participate in the chat.
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VH1 Rock Doc Downloaded To Premiere At South By Southwest

Downloade South By Southwest
VH1 is proud to announce that this coming March, the latest film in our Rock Docs series, Downloaded, will make it’s world premiere at the South By Southwest Film Festival. The film, directed by Alex Winter, chronicles the historic and game-changing effect that Napster had on the digital community and beyond. SXSW will also feature two panel discussions with Winter, one of which will include Napster creators Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker as well as several other special guests. Find out more information about the film and the festival schedule below, and check out the trailer for the film here.


Napster Founders Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker Tell Exclusive, First Time Story on The Rise and Fall of Napster
SXSW Will Include Two Panel Discussions Moderated by “Downloaded” Director/Actor Alex Winter

NEW YORK, NY- January 15, 2012
– VH1′s Emmy award-winning “Rock Docs” franchise will present the world premiere of the long awaited story of the monumental rise and fall of Napster with the documentary “Downloaded” at the SXSW Film Festival. Directed by Alex Winter, “Downloaded” will make its world premiere at the SXSW Film Festival on Sunday, March 10 at the Paramount Theater. Read more…

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Pic Of The Day: Jennifer Williams And Cisco Rosado Hit The Red Carpet

Jennifer Williams Cisco Rosado

Last week, Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams coyly confirmed that she’s got a new love, music exec Cisco Rosado. Today, we have further proof of their blossoming romance, because the two showed up together at the BET New York premiere of The Real Husbands Of Hollywood last night. Check out a full-length pic of the pair after the jump.

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Raqi Thunda And Lore’l Visit The Breakfast Club To Discuss Love And Hip Hop

“Are you sleeping with Joe Budden or not?” Charlamagne asked Love And Hip Hop star Raqi Thunda immediately after introducing her in this interview from today’s Breakfast Club show. “Absolutely not,” Raqi responds. “Never.”

From there, the interview gets even meatier (pardon the pun) because Raqi does admit she’s seen him naked because he’s a free spirit who doesn’t care who sees his junk. In this clip, Raqi discusses her relationships with Joe and Tahiry, Joe’s drug use, and why she’s not the type of person to tell all. She also addresses her nickname, “I.P.” so check out the interview above. In the clip below, Lore’l also joined the show to discuss her beef with Erica Mena. Read more…

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Who’s The Lady And Who’s The Tramp? Read The Best Love And Hip Hop Live Tweets From This Week’s Show

Love And Hip Hop Tweets

Each week, we bring you the best live-tweets written by the cast of Love And Hip Hop as they watch the show in hopes that their behavior on Twitter might just outshine their behavior on-screen. This week, there’s actually more off-screen drama than we ever imagined. The issues between Erica and Lore’l have spun out of control and the ladies have some seriously harsh words and accusations for one another online, and Raqi Thunda‘s not holding her tongue either, although she hopes maybe she and Joe Budden can eventually work things out. Scroll through the best tweets from the cast in our gallery below to get the full story.

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