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Dr. Jenn Berman On Episode 1 Of Couples Therapy: Cutting Through The Bulls—

Couples Therapy
Couples Therapy seeks to repair the relationships of couples who have spent significant time in the spotlight, and season two is going to bring the drama in ways that season one never dreamed. Already in the first episode, the focus is on Courtney Stodden, age 17, and Doug Hutchison, age 52, whose thirty-five year age gap has the rest of the new cast pretty much disgusted and distracted. I spoke to Dr. Jenn Berman about her own reservations in bringing Courtney on the show and potentially contributing to the exploitation of a minor while also making sure that the rest of the group received proper care. Here’s the first in our weekly chats with Dr. Jenn.

I feel like my line of questioning for episode one might skew a little Courtney and Doug-heavy, but I have to ask about them first because they definitely held a lot of focus this episode. Were you concerned that they would steal focus throughout the process?

Their influence in the house was very much felt in the first episode, so it makes sense that they’re especially on your mind.

Just seeing the way they interacted with the rest of the cast almost felt disruptive to start, because everyone seemed to get off on the wrong foot with them.

Well, just to back up, initially I was very concerned about the dynamics of them, but I felt very uneasy and uncomfortable working with them given that she was 16 when they married and he was 50, I was really concerned about potentially exploiting her and contributing to that. It’s something I talk about a lot with them just in terms of my own struggles with them, and at one point, you’ll see this coming up, I said to them that my greatest reservation in working with you two is that I don’t want to contribute to the exploitation of a minor and if I feel at any point that I am, I’m going to ask you to leave. Ultimately, the conclusion that I came to was that this is a legally married couple that genuinely has marital issues and that those issues have to be addressed for the sake of their future and tier marriage, and I felt that I could do it in good conscience. It took me a while to get there and you’ll me struggling with that throughout the season. Read more…

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Jennifer Gimenez Talks Rehab With Dr. Drew Episode 4: Part Of The Grieving Process

Jennifer Gimenez Rehab With Dr. Drew
Each week after Rehab With Dr. Drew, we’ll be talking to some of the staff on hand at the Pasadena Recovery Center to find out everything that went down in front of and behind the camera with this season’s group of patients. This week we spoke to our friend Jennifer Gimenez, the resident technician at the facility who had battled demons on her own, and she offered up her insight and some behind-the-scenes details for this episode. Tonight we discuss Erika’s false positive drug test, Ashleigh’s agitation toward the rest of the group, and Jasmen’s need for family support. Read more…

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Dr. John Sharp Discusses Rehab With Dr. Drew Episode 4: “Anything You Put Ahead Of Recovery, You Lose”

Each week on Rehab With Dr. Drew, we’ll be talking to some of the staff on hand at the Pasadena Recovery Center to find out everything that happened in front of and behind the camera with this season’s group of patients. This week we spoke to Dr. John Sharp, who appeared last season on Celebrity Rehab and was this season’s Associate Medical Director, Psychiatrist on Call, and Director of Aftercare for the program. Dr. Sharp worked closely with the patients to make sure they remained stable and successful throughout the recovery process.

We talked about this a little bit last week about how somebody in Hollywood – it seems like Hollywood could be to blame for their issues or it’s easy to just correlate one to the other, but when you actually get the full story of why somebody – like in this particular episode, Eric, when we find about the trauma of his mom and his brother leaving. Something like that isn’t necessarily on the surface for a celebrity.

Right, and it’s not something that he in any way contributed to or brought about. In contrast say last week, we spent a lot of time looking at Erika and you can say “Well, she’s a young girl who is living in Hollywood, who chose to hang out there, who chose to be with a guy there, you can sort of see some predictable troubles develop.” Not that she wanted all those troubles or deserves them either, but when you focus like we’re about to on Eric and you see someone who is really far removed from anything typical of Hollywood or the things that we’ve dealt with in the past. Read more…

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Hear The Story Of How T.I. Helped Save Scott Stapp’s Life

We’ve all heard about the times when Tom Cruise or Prince William intervened and save the lives of random folks, but we had no idea T.I. was a hero too. And the life he saved was none other than Creed frontman Scott Stapp‘s. Stapp joined Carrie Keagan on Big Morning Buzz Live today to promote his new memoir Sinner’s Creed and he tells the scary tale of attempting suicide in Miami, only to be rescued by T.I., whom he refers to as his “guardian angel.” Watch the clip above to hear Scott tell the tale of how the two met and how Tip’s fateful trip to Miami saved Scott.
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VH1′s Big Morning Buzz Live Host Carrie Keagan Tells Ryan Seacrest That Amanda Bynes Would Make A “Fantastic Correspondent” On The Show

Last week it was announced that VH1′s morning show, Big Morning Buzz Live, was looking for a new correspondent, and they has one particular person in mind for the job: Amanda Bynes. Show producer Shane Farley told our sister site VH1 Celebrity that the pairing would make a great fit because “we report on all things Hollywood and she actually lives that life. We think it could be great partnership.” In case Bynes hasn’t heard the call yet, hopefully she will today, now that the show’s host, Carrie Keagan, has put a call in to Ryan Seacrest to get the message to Bynes. Keagan spoke to Seacrest earlier and told him “I think she’d make a fantastic correspondent on the show. She’s beautiful, she has a lot to offer, and it seems like she’s got some time on her hands right now. So, we would love it if she would want to come. And I think she just moved to New York. So, it’s perfect timing for everybody.” Your move, Amanda! We’d love to see you in the office…Just sayin’. Read more…

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Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get More Offensive…Watch The Exclusive Movie 43 Trailer

There’s not a lot we can say about Movie 43, mostly because after watching the red-band trailer above we’re speechless. The ensemble comedy will be released early next year, but we needed to share the trailer now because it’s hilarious and maybe one of the most insane things we’ve seen of late. And as for who’s in it…it would be easier to list who’s NOT in it, actually. The film stars Emma Stone, Kate Winslet, Halle Berry, Elizabeth Banks, Johnny Knoxville, Liev Shchreiber, Anna Faris, Hugh Jackman, Chloe Moretz…basically it’s got more stars than the most star-studded telethon you’ve ever seen. You need to watch this. Two squeeze, thank you please. Read more…

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Rehab With Dr. Drew Episode 4 Sneak Peek: Test Results Are In

Last week on Rehab With Dr. Drew, a drug test was administered to Erika after she exhibited erratic behavior and everyone started thinking she had drugs smuggled in to the facility. A positive drug test only made the situation more complicated. So was Erika really high? Watch our sneak peek to find out, and tune in when episode 4 airs on a special night and time, Wednesday, October 3 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, to see how everyone handles the situation.
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Why Are Simon van Kempen And Alex McCord Doing Couples Therapy? Allow Them To Explain

A lot of people have wondered why a couple like Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen, who that seemingly have each others backs and went through a reality TV battlefield on The Real Housewives Of New York would appear on yet another show, especially one called Couples Therapy. And today, we have an answer. “It just got the point where we weren’t being nice to each other,” McCord explains during her appearance on Big Morning Buzz Live today. She, van Kempen, and the resident therapist of the series, Dr. Jenn Berman, were all on the morning to discuss the brand new series. “You need to be nice to your best friend.”

“It was a matter of marriage and divorce…we both want our children to grow up with two loving parents in the same house,” van Kempen added.

Berman elaborated, saying “These two came in very aggressive, very hostile toward each other, poking at each other in ways that they didn’t even realize they were doing,” but fortunately therapy has changed them. See how when the show debuts on Wednesday night at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Read more…

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The Best Basketball Wives L.A. Tweets Of The Night: Laura Wants To Change The Channel

Best Basketball Wives Tweets Of The Night
Some of the casts of our VH1 shows are Twitter-lovers, which means that when it comes time for their shows to air, their commentary and live tweets are just as entertaining as the shows themselves. This week, the cast of Basketball Wives L.A. was as entertained and confused by the show as we were. Draya defended her comments that she’s like J. Lo, Bambi threw some shade to someone…(Brooke? We can’t tell)…and Laura provided comic relief and threatened to change the channel if they go out to lunch one more time. Read all our faves below.

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Chrissy And Mr. Jones – Episode 2 – Pum Kash

As dysfunctional as Chrissy and Jim‘s relationship can be, the man can tell when his lady needs a pick-me-up and when to do something out of the kindness of is heart. Hence, his attempt at making her breakfast to show her he cares, so he fries her up some buttery, delicious eggs. He also mentions that as payment, he’ll accept a watch from Chrissy so he’ll remember when to come home in time to cook for her. At least his intentions started well. “Jimmy makes me breakfast once every…five? Six years,” Chrissy explains. “And then he wants this huge reward. Ha. That Jimmy is a piece of work.” Read more…