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Be Careful Not To Get Trapped In The World Known As Love And Hip Hop

It’s a whole new ballgame this season on Love And Hip Hop. New faces, new babies, and new relationships. In the supertrailer for season three, meet the new players in the game and find out their stories, both personal and professional. Welcome back to New York.

Love And Hip Hop premieres Monday, January 7th at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Keep up with the show by following @VH1 and @LoveHipHopVH1 on Twitter.
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Meet Model, Actress, And Joe Budden’s Ex, Tahiry Jose, In This New Love And Hip Hop Profile

You’ve already met Joe Budden, so now it’s time to meet his ex, Tahiry, who has also joined the cast of Love And Hip Hop for season three. Tahiry and Joe aren’t strangers to having their lives filmed, as she explains in this clip, because Joe already turned the cameras on their lives back when they were a couple. Luckily, that stint turned into a modeling career and now she’s on Love And Hip Hop, so it’s worked out pretty well for her.

Watch Tahiry on Love And Hip Hop when it premieres January 7th at 8 p.m. ET/PT, and to meet the rest of the cast, watch all of their profiles here.

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The Best Of The VH1 Blog, Year-End Edition: The Top 20 Stories Of 2012

VH1 Blog Best Posts Of 2012

2012 was a big year for VH1. It marked the first time that the general public laid eyes on Big Ang, it was the start of the worldwide phenomenon known as Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta, and it was the year of the sexy photo shoot. Why do we know that fans were going crazy for all these things? (Besides the fact that ratings for all of the above were off the charts?) Because they were all among the most-read, most searched-for topics on this here VH1 Blog. We reviewed all of our most popular stories from the year and are sharing them all over again, so take a stroll down memory lane to read our twenty most popular stories of the year.

1. Mob Wives Episode 12 Sneak Peek: Word On The Street Is That Junior Flipped (3/29/12)
2. Somaya Reece Shows Up To The Tribeca Film Festival And She Looks Amazing (4/23/12)
3. Behind The Scenes At Evelyn Lozada’s Maxim Photo Shoot (1/31/12)
4. Photos Of Big Ang Throughout The Years (1/20/12)
5. Whips And Chains Excite Her: Joseline’s Sexy Photo Shoot (8/1/12) Read more…

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Meet The Men Of Black Ink Crew

Black Ink is the only black-owned and operated tattoo shops in New York, and the employees that work there are an amazing, dysfunctional family who love to mix business and pleasure in equal measure. In this playlist, meet the men of Black Ink Crew, VH1′s newest series which focuses on what goes down at one of the coolest, craziest shops in New York. There’s Ceaser, the owner of the shop, who isn’t immune to getting really regrettable tattoos himself, and the hilarious artists that work with him, O’S**t, Teddy, and Puma. Meet the rest of the cast of Black Ink Crew in their profiles here.
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Watch A Special Holiday Greeting From All Your Favorite VH1 Stars

From Big Ang and Drita to Jim Jones and Jenny McCarthy (whose new show debuts in February!) VH1 is one big happy family, and we all wish our viewers and fans the best possible holiday season. In this special holiday greeting, we got everyone together to share their holiday wishes — enjoy, and season’s greetings from all of us here at VH1!

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Vote Now To Determine The Fiercest Female Of 2012 (Final Round)!!

Fiercest VH1 Female Of 2012
All week, you guys have been voting for your favorite cast members of our VH1 reality shows to determine who the Fiercest Female of 2012 is. Today, we’ve taken the winners from all of our heats and put them into one final poll to crown one of these ladies a winner. Competition was strong and some of these ladies clearly have armies of fans behind them, and now is the time to show your loyalty. Among the finalists, we’ve got Tiny Harris, Draya Michele, Yandy Smith, Royce Reed, La La Anthony, Drita D’Avanzo, and Joseline Hernandez, baby.

All the races were tight, but in case you were wondering, just how they went down, Draya Michele received the most total votes of anyone in the lead-up to this final round, and the race between the Basketball Wives was essentially a three-way tie between Jennifer Williams, Evelyn Lozada, and Royce up until the end when Royce pulled ahead. The cast that had the tightest race among all the women was Love And Hip Hip (NY), you guys really love those ladies in pretty equal measures, but Yandy was the one who came out on top.

Voting for the number one fierce lady of 2012 begins now and ends at noon on Christmas Day! Check back on December 26th when we’ll announce the winner.

Round 1: Chrissy And Mr. Jones vs. Tiffney Cambridge vs. Tiny Harris
Round 2: La La Anthony vs. Hollywood Exes
Round 3: Basketball Wives
Round 4: Love And Hip Hop
Round 5: Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta
Round 6: Mob Wives

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Joe Budden Of Love And Hip Hop Loves Himself — Will You Love Him, Too?

What makes Joe Budden such a confident reality star? The new man of Love And Hip Hop explains “I know myself well. And I love me. And I don’t give a f— about those that don’t. I mean, I’m gonna be on TV and you’re either gonna f— with me or you’re not gonna f— with me, but you’re sure gonna know who Joe Budden is.”

So it looks like the real question is, are you gonna f— with Joe Budden? You can decide on January 7th when the new season of Love And Hip Hop premieres at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

To watch the video profiles of the rest of the cast of the show, check them all out right here.
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Pic Of The Day: Stevie J And Joseline Seduce Us With Their Come Hither Looks And Sultry Poses

Stevie J Joseline Black Men Magazine

Time for some holiday hotness! In this cover shot for Black Men Magazine, Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta stars Joseline and Stevie J are pulling off their best seduction via formal wear, and it’s pretty clear the two have never looked better. Our favorite comment on this photo might be the one we spotted on Instagram where one user’s response was “His hand?!”

[Photo: Instagram]

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Ramona Rizzo Explains Why The World Is So Obsessed With Mob Wives

Ramona Rizzo knows exactly why Mob Wives is such a huge hit. “It’s the word ‘mob,’” she says. “Everyone is obsessed with this word, since The Godfather, since Al Capone, since, I don’t know, John Gotti, like, the world is infatuated with the Mafia.”

Ramona, who earned a reputation (which she’s not denying) as a bit of a B-word last season, says that she’s got many different sides to her, regardless of what you think you know. Hopefully those sides (including the teary one, which she swears is there) will shine through on season three, which starts up on January 6th.

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The Ladies Of Making Mr. Right Are Faking It Till They Make It

Making Mr. Right, VH1′s latest matchmaking show which debuts on January 6th at 9 p.m. ET/PT, turns all other dating shows on their heads. Fourteen unsuspecting guys think they’re being made over and matched with their perfect women, little do they know, the matchmakers are actually faking it and want the guys for themselves. In this new promo for the series, watch the ladies as they mold the guys into the men of their dreams. The big question is, how will the guys react when they realize they’ve been duped?

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