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The Best Quotes And Craziest Moments From The Basketball Wives L.A. Reunion: Part 2

We’ve come to the end. Basketball Wives L.A. is over, the second part of the reunion has wrapped, and while Laura apologized to Jackie, there was still a low simmer beneath all the girls whose beefs continued and seemed to go unresolved. And then just as the show was ending, a new beef between Laura and Draya began out of nowhere and left us feeling even more confused than ever. Who while this reunion may not have reunited all the women, it was still entertaining, and we chose our favorite moments to highlight below.

Who Should Not Return?

Last week’s reunion was a bit of a cliffhanger. Host John Salley asked the ladies to choose a cast member that they would not want to return for another season of the show, but before we could find out the ladies’ choices, we were abruptly cut off. This week though, we learned the results. Bambi obviously wants the Govans gone, Brooke and Laura want Bambi to leave, Gloria gave the boot to Malaysia (who, in turn chose Gloria), Draya wants Laura to leave, and most surprising, Jackie took herself off the show, saying “I just feel like they’d be happier if I wasn’t here. But I’m going to be here if there’s another season.” Read more…

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It’s Round Two Of VH1′s Fiercest Female Of 2012 Poll: La La Anthony Vs. The Hollywood Exes

Fiercest Female Of 2012
The women of VH1 have been inspiring, infuriating, stylish, silly, hilarious, and riveting all year long, and we want to know which of them you love the most. Each day, we’ll be polling fans here on the blog to narrow down the field show by show — each poll will yield one winner, and next week, on December 26th, we’ll crown one ultimate Fierce Female of 2012. In this poll, we’ve got La La Anthony, of La La’s Full Court Life stacked up against the five stars of Hollywood Exes. Vote now for your favorite, and check back on Friday for the final poll to choose the ultimate fierce woman of the year.

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Round 1: Chrissy And Mr. Jones vs. Tiffney Cambridge vs. Tiny Harris

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Watch A Sneak Peek From Tiny Tonight: What Does Ratchet Mean To You?

“When bad decisions and wrong choices get together and make an ugly-ass baby, we call that ratchet,” Tiny explains in this sneak peek from tonight’s premiere episode of Tiny Tonight. Yes, it’s time to fially tune in to the talk show we’ve been waiting for, and in this sneak peek, Tiny and Shekinah make it their mission to educate the masses about what it means to be ratchet. Tiny Tonight airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET/PT.
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La La Anthony Shines Bright Like A Diamond On The VH1 DIVAS Red Carpet, Discusses Her Signature Style With Jackie Christie

In case you missed any of our VH1 DIVAS Red Carpet coverage last night, Jackie Christie was on fire, chatting away with all of our favorites, including her fellow NBA wife, La La Anthony. In the clip above, La La, who was sparkling in a CD Greene dress, talked about how this look was pulled together by her stylist to help her “shine bright like a diamond.” And if ever there was a night to do just that, it’s at DIVAS.

La La also mentioned her excitement at watching her two best pals, Kelly Rowland and Ciara, perform on stage last night — watch her chat about them now! Read more…

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Friend, Foe, Or Fake? See What The Basketball Wives L.A. Ladies Really Think Of Each Other In One Handy Chart

Friend Foe Or Fake Basketball WIves


To hear the ladies of Basketball Wives L.A. talk about each other, you get the sense that some of them are playing each other and some of them have a false sense of friendship, while others are just sitting on a fence trying to decide which side to be on. Recently we asked the Wives to label their cast mates as a friend, foe, or fake, to see how they really feel about one another, and while some of the answers were predictable, others were surprising (Jackie still considers Gloria a friend, while Gloria has a less kind word for what she thinks Jackie is…). Click the link above to see how all the ladies really feel about each other.

[Infographic Designed By Gavin Alaoen, VH1]

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Watch Tami Roman Discuss Her Two-Stepping Dance Moves And Season Five Of Basketball Wives OnThe VH1 DIVAS Red Carpet

Tami Roman is knee-deep in the filming of Basketball Wives season five, but she took time from her schedule to glam herself up and attend the VH1 DIVAS show last night (seriously, she looks incredible, check out a pic of her below). In this red carpet exclusive, Tami speaks to fellow basketball wife and our red carpet correspondent, Jackie Christie about her own diva-licious-ness, her latest projects (in addition to filming Basketball Wives, she’s also shooting a TVOne series, Belles, and her dance moves, which sound like they aren’t quite up to par with some of last night’s DIVAS performers. Read more…

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It’s Time To Vote For VH1′s Fiercest Female Of 2012: The Ladies Of Chrissy And Mr. Jones, T.I. And Tiny, And Marrying The Game Face Off

Fiercest Females Of 2012
The women of VH1 have been inspiring, infuriating, stylish, silly, hilarious, and riveting all year long, and we want to know which of them you love the most. Each day, we’ll be polling fans here on the blog to narrow down the field show by show — each poll will yield one winner, and next week, on December 26th, we’ll crown one ultimate Fierce Female of 2012. Today, we’re pitting the ladies of Chrissy And Mr. Jones up against Tiffney Cambridge from Marrying the Game and Tiny Harris from T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle. Vote for your favorite now and then check back daily to vote for the ladies from all your other favorite series’.

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The Reunion Interview: Malaysia Pargo Lets The Universe Work Things Out For Her

Malaysia Pargo Basketball Wives L.A. Reunion
Soft-spoken Basketball Wives L.A. star Malaysia Pargo really does come off as sweet as honey when you talk to her in person. During our recent chat at the season two reunion, she was every bit the calm, cool lady we’ve seen on the show this season, just trying to keep things copacetic among her co-stars. Surprisingly enough, despite the fact that she’s had words with some of the ladies on the show this season, she swears she only wishes them all well and has never tried to be fake or “funny” with any of them, not even Brooke during that odd phone conversation they had.

Read what Malaysia had to say about her current status with all the ladies, and just how hard it was to bring her real-life BFF, Bambi, into such a volatile situation. (Spoiler alert: she says it was one of the hardest things ever.)

There have been a lot of crazy casting rumors before this season even ended that some of you were leaving the show, how annoying is it to deal with stuff that can’t be verified or controlled?

Yeah, it’s annoying but rumors are gonna be rumors, and life wouldn’t be life without rumors. It’s fine. You can never get used to rumors, but what can you do?

This season you were really trying to be the mediator, but sometimes it didn’t really work out the way you planned.

I’m just naturally like that, I want everyone to get along and have a good time. I just thought most of our issues were weird and something that you could brush under the rug. I feel like if something’s not really serious or life threatening, if it’s something you can get over then yes, I will be the peacemaker. If it’s stuff you can’t get over, I’ll just give my opinion and leave it alone.

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Pic Of The Day: A Newly-Engaged Kelly Clarkson Shows Off Her Ring At VH1 DIVAS

Kelly Clarkson Engagement Ring Photo

VH1 DIVAS performer Kelly Clarkson had quite the weekend, amid all the preparations for the big show tonight, she also found a few minutes to break some huge personal news on her Twitter account, letting the world know she got engaged. Our pals at VH1 Tuner were backstage at DIVAS and saw the ring in person (!) but we’ll have to settle for these shots of an ecstatic-looking Kelly, fresh off her performance tonight and showing off her new jewelry.

After the jump, check out a close-up of the ring! Read more…

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Take A Look At Our Favorite VH1 DIVAS 2012 Red Carpet Photos

Kelly Rowland VH1 Divas 2012

Tonight’s VH1 DIVAS show has featured some killer performances so far (and we’re not even halfway through), but we wanted to share our favorite photos from the red carpet pre-show that wowed us. From all the show’s titular divas (especially this shot above of Kelly Rowland which we looove) as well as all your favorite VH1 stars, we have photos of everyone you want to see. Check them all out in the gallery below.

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