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Mimi And Nikko Get Deep In The Bedroom In This Exclusive Early Look At Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

“You’re really good at what you do. F—ing me,” Mimi Faust tells her boyfriend Nikko in this exclusive clip from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s first episode. Which must be how and why she agreed to film a sex tape with him. “You know my body inside and out,” she continues. “Whether it’s your fingers, your mouth, however you touch me, it’s perfect every time. It’s crazy.” Read more…

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What Made Steven Tyler Break Down In Tears?

When Linda Perry revealed that her wedding band was actually made up of some of the greatest voices of the 1980s, it sounded like the best party we’ve never been to. The kicker to her musical wedding? Her own version of John Lennon‘s “Love,” which actually made wedding guest Steven Tyler cry. Read more…

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Watch A Vintage Clip Of Mimi Faust Discussing Things She Considers To Be Ratchet

In this throwback interview we did with Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Mimi Faust and Erica Dixon last season, we had the two women sit down and discuss what they considered “Ratchet or Not Ratchet!” Watch to see what she says about whether “your man grabbing your ass in public” is ratchet. We love this clip so much, and it takes on a new meaning in light of recent events.

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Cute Overload: Major Takes Care Of A New Puppy On T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle

Tiny got her kids a dog and on this week’s Family Hustle, and she has to gently remind them that they need to take care of it. The three main ways to care for a dog in the Harris home are:

1. Give it love.
2. Clean up his “boo-boo.”
3. Train the dog.

King, always the boss, delegates “giving it love” to Major. And seriously, watching Major love on this little puppy is the sweetest thing you’ll ever see, so check out the sneak peek and tune in Monday at 9PM ET/PT for more cuteness on T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle.

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Linda Perry Has The World’s Most Romantic Proposal Story

Linda Perry and her wife, Sara Gilbert, having music running through their veins. In fact, it’s so important to them that Linda went out of her way to make her proposal to Sara a musical event to remember, complete with a busker planted in the park performing Sara’s favorite songs, and a very special guest hiding in the wings to sing to Sara when it was all over. Read more…

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Linda Perry And Sara Gilbert’s Wedding Was The Most Kick-Ass Music Show You Can Imagine

When news broke recently that Linda Perry, star of VH1′s upcoming show Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project, married her longtime love, actress Sara Gilbert, we were thrilled to hear the news. But when Linda told us about their incredible wedding filled with live performances from the best front women of the best bands of the 1980s, our excitement turned to jealousy that we weren’t invited to the best. wedding. ever.

Linda revealed that the playlist she and Sara agreed on for their nuptials included songs from ’80s staples like The Motels and Berlin. When Linda found the perfect wedding cover band, she decided to call in a few favors and have friends like Annabella Lwin (Bow Wow Wow), Martha Davis (The Motels), Dale Bozzio (Missing Persons) and Terri Nunn (Berlin) join it for the night and sing the songs that made them famous. Linda also performed the John Lennon song “Love” and admits it was hard keeping her emotions in check but the song brought Sara and wedding guest Steven Tyler to tears. For more details about the big day and the passion for music that they two women share, watch our exclusive interview with Linda.

Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project premieres this July.

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This Is Hot 97 Star Miss Info: Plenty Of Substance, Loads Of Style

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We all know that journalist and on-air personality Minya Oh — better known as Miss Info on Hot 97 — is all about that journalism life. But when you meet the This Is Hot 97 star in person, you quickly realize that she’s also got quite a bit of style in addition to all that substance. “I think that I’m already a clothing addict,” she explained. “I love clothes and nails and nail art and shoes and makeup, so [being on a show] is not actually that different for me, I’ll still do the same combination of high and low fashion.”

One thing she’s not into though is having a different look for every scene she’s in — TV will not dictate her wardrobe. “I adamantly will say ‘I am still wearing the same clothes multiple times in a week. I’m gonna wear a dress, and then I’m gonna wear that dress again!’ I think that it’s refreshing for some people to see we’re not going to the grocery store in full makeup and clear heels. No.” We thank her for that.

We were taken by her casual-cool fashion sense and yes, her amaaazing Easter egg-like nails and we had to get some photos, so check out Miss Info’s style in our gallery and tune in to This Is Hot 97 Mondays at 10:30PM ET/PT!

[Photos: Jennifer Marigliano/VH1]

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Take An Excusive Peek At Jackie’s Artistic Rendering Of That Parisian Nude Model

We know that Basketball Wives LA star Jackie Christie was scandalized in Paris when Sundy took her to a nude drawing class. To the point where she couldn’t even bring herself to look at the nude male model with the…

She did eventually put paintbrush to canvas to create a Jackie Christie original, which she graciously shared with us. Check out her artwork below! Read more…

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Jackie Christie Recaps This Week’s Basketball Wives LA: “I Did Not Want No INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT”!

During this season of Basketball Wives LA, the VH1 Blog is happy to have Jackie Christie guest blogging her thoughts to every episode of the show. In her recap, Jackie discusses the Paris trip and all the negativity aimed at her (and her outfit) this week. She’s a forgiving lady, but in this case, the girls went a lock bridge too far.

ThumbJackieWhen in Paris!!!

Asking all the girls to join me in Paris was a huge thing for me knowing that one might not accept the invite! And of course I was correct, she chose to pass…which I must say, was not at all a bad thing. ;-) Although I did have times when I wished we all could have gone and experienced such an amazing beautiful and sexy city! Paris checks all the boxes for me and was a dream come true to be able to go there for the first time! Especially to launch my new signature brand of cognac!

The long flight over was also new for me never having flown more than 6 hours, so flying 14 plus was a very new experience that I would gladly do again! The seats are huge and comfortable and the food amazing in flight, as well as the drinks that flow like a water fountain and the entertainment (movies, games and more) were also great! If you ever get a chance to go…do it! Well worth it I promise! Read more…