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Do You Have A Crazy, Hilarious, Embarrassing Family? Tell Us More With #MyLocaFamily

In honor of VH1′s new series, Suave Says, featuring the crazy, hilarious, and tight-knit Mejia family (lead by ’90s pop star Gerardo), we’re interested in finding out how crazy your own family is. Hence: #MyLocaFamily. On our new show, Gerardo, his wife Kathy, and kids Jaden, Nadia and Bianca set the bar for silliness — especially when Gerardo embarrasses his kids with the remnants of his “Rico Suave” past.

We’re asking fans to take pictures of their families doing things that embarrass them, drive them crazy, make them laugh, whatever your family does that’s over the top, and upload them using the hashtag #MyLocaFamily to Twitter and Instagram. All of these photos will appear on Start submitting now!


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7 Things Every Woman On Love & Hip Hop Could Learn From Rudy Huxtable


The Cosby Show‘s Rudy Huxtable was the ultimate feminist icon and none of us probably even realized it at the time. Most of us just watched Rudy and identified with her youngest sibling struggle, or loved how she bossed around friends like Peter and Bud, but for real, she knew what she was talking about when it came to life and love, and we could all take a lesson from her these days. And by “we” I mean the women of Love & Hip Hop, who all seem to have man problems, whether it’s being cheated on, dumped, fired, or a part of a life partner gang/pentagon. Rudy would never stand for any of that, so we assembled some of her best moments in a Rudy Huxtable Guide To Being A Boss B. Starting with the quote above, Rudy offered more wisdom in her youth than any us ever realized.

Do not, under any circumstances, take s—t from any man. Especially not Bud. In this now-classic scene, Rudy drops some wisdom that every woman must abide by: “You have to earn my love.”
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Can You Guess The VH1 Star Just By Looking At Their Eyes?

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Eyes are one of the most expressive features we have and convey every emotion. We want to know how well you know your VH1 stars just by looking into their eyes. Can you recognize Tiny Harris now that she changed her eye color? Can you identify the ladies of Love & Hip Hop based on their signature side-eye? Take our Guess The Eyes quiz now to see if you can figure out who’s who based on the brows, lashes, glares and glances they’re throwing.

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Nicole Richie’s Alter Ego, Nikki Fre$h, Raps With Naughty By Nature‘s Treach At The You Oughta Know Live Concert

Nicole Richie is truly a renaissance woman and has proven that there is almost nothing she can’t do. As host of last night’s You Oughta Know Live In Concert, Nicole turned into Nikki Fre$h and, along with her hype man, Naughty By Nature‘s Treach, she performed a rap that will be etched in our memory for years to come. Not only can Nikki Fre$h spit verses with aplomb, she also manages to be a trendsetter, premiering the next hot accessory everyone’s going to want: stay tuned for the House Of Harlow 1960 tricycle collection.

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Love That Fizz! Check Out His Cutest Throwbacks

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Lil’ Fizz has been on the scene for over 10 years, ever since he was serving it up with B2K. And let’s face it, he is the most adorable guy the Love & Hip Hop franchise has ever seen. He’s a great dad, a talented musician, and he’s trying to do right by the women in his life even though they tend to create some drama. Fizz has always had that sweet baby face, and we took a trip back in time to find the cutest photos of it. Take a look at Fizz back when he was Lil’!

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Which Couples Therapy Couple Are You Rooting For This Season?

Season five of Couples Therapy has brought more drama and life-changing moments than any other to date. From Treach‘s emotional reunion with his father to Evel Dick Donato‘s announcement that he’s HIV positive, to Jenna Jameson‘s heartbreaking trip to her mother’s grave, we have seen this cast go through some serious stuff. We always get emotionally invested in this show, but this year has us rooting for all the couples to succeed and come out on top. Now that the season is done, which pair did you connect with the most?

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Hindsight Is 20/20: VH1′s New Scripted Series Takes You Back To The ’90s To Ask “What If…”

What if you never wore a ribbon choker necklace? Or didn’t go through a flannel phase? Or decided not to go to all those Spin Doctors‘ concerts? VH1′s new series, Hindsight, takes you back to the ’90s to find out what happens when you get a do-over and are able to change some of your bad decisions. Watch the brand-new teaser for the series which premieres in January, and read on for the series description below! Read more…

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Which Celebrity Couple Would Dr. Jenn Love To Work With?

Dr. Jenn Berman was on VH1′s Big Morning Buzz Live today to discuss this week’s season finale of Couples Therapy, and while she was there, she gave us the gossip on this season’s cast. In the clip above, she discusses how emotionally invested she gets with all of her patients, including Cicely and Treach who are about to make a huge decision on the state of their relationship this week, and how she actually respects Juan Pablo Galavis for not saying “I love you.” Later, Dr. Jenn reveals the celebrities she would love to work with. Can you guess the two couples she would love to get her hands on?

Watch the interview now and tune in to the Couples Therapy finale this Wednesday at 9PM ET/PT on VH1.

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Mob Wives Returns! Take A Look At Behind -The-Scenes Photos From Their Promo Shoot

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As you’ve probably heard, the Mob Wives are coming back on December 3rd, and along with Drita, Renee, Ang and Natalie, there’s a blast from the past who’s making her way back on the scene. Karen Gravano, absent from season four of the show, is returning and turning things up a notch as she investigates whether people were talking about her behind her back while she was gone. Read the latest release below to find out more about this season of Mob Wives!


Don’t Miss The Return Of The “Baby Bull” – Karen Gravano Is Back!

NEW YORK, NY (November 11, 2014) – An all-new season of VH1′s hit series “Mob Wives” premieres Wednesday, December 3 at 9:00 PM*, and with these ladies, it’s all about loyalty and respect. Cast members Renee Graziano, Drita D’Avanzo, Angela “Big Ang” Raiola and Natalie Guercio know that family is everything and your word is your bond. Read more…

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VH1 Announces New Reality Competition Series, Twinning, Premiering Summer 2015

Is “twintution” really a thing? Do twins really have their own language? VH1 is about to put twelve sets of twins to the test to find out in the brand new series, Twinning. The series will premiere in Summer 2015 with ten hour-long episodes — to find out more about the show, read on.


SANTA MONICA, CA (November 10, 2014) – Identical twins have a unique and undeniable bond, sharing things with each other that fascinate the rest of us. Some sleep in the same bed. Some sleep with the same people. They all claim special “twin powers” that range from the amusing, like finishing each other’s sentences, to the astonishing, like actually feeling each other’s physical pain. Read more…