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Just A Reminder To Log On To VH1.Com To Chat With Tami Roman At 7:15 PM ET

As we mentioned earlier today, tonight we’ll be having a very special Face To Face chat with Tami Roman before the East Coast premiere of Basketball Wives, starting at 7:15 p.m. ET, and you’re invited to join in. Just log on to our site and, when prompted, activate your webcam or submit a question. If you’re one of the chosen ones, you’ll get to have a chat with Tami and discuss everything that’s been happening this season. Don’t be late!

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Kenya Bell Doesn’t Hold Back Her Feelings On Her Co-Stars In Juicy Magazine

Kenya Bell has not had an easy go on this season of Basketball Wives. Pegged since day one, by Suzie, at least, as a “nutbag,” she’s endured professional and personal road blocks with all the women on the show, and everyone has had something to say about her. And in this recent interview in Juicy magazine, Kenya has something to say about everyone, too. Here are her thoughts on the women of Basketball Wives, and she definitely is not holding her tongue. What do you think of her feisty take on her co-stars, do they deserve her heat, or is she only now voicing her opinion now that filming for the season is done?

On Kesha:
She’s very country and I’ve heard she’s broke, so she needs to stop acting like that $8000 for the club wasn’t a lot for her when I personally know it was.

On Suzie:
I’m soooo sick of Suzie at this point, she needs to watch out for my ass at the reunion show.

On Shaunie:
Look, I don’t know Shaunie personally, but we have a mutual friend who convinced me to be on the show. She told me Shaunie was cool and I believed her. End of story.

On Evelyn:
EVELYN obviously has a lot of problems right now. To me, she’s very up and down. One second she’s crying, the next she’s screaming, and then she’s jumping across tables. Obviously there’s something in her life she’s not happy about. For me, to throw a bottle at someone for calling you loose is ridiculous. If that’s the case you’re gonna fight half the world, because I couldn’t have been the only person to say that.

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T.I. And Tiny Are Bringing Their Family Hustle Back For Season Two

If you read this blog, you know we have a minor obsession with T.I. and his adorable family, so we are beyond excited to announce that T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle will return this fall for season two. Season one introduced us to Tip and Tiny‘s six children (and revealed that Tiny might be ready for baby number seven), and we just learned that Tip’s going to be spending some time in Chicago while he films the series Boss with Kelsey Grammer, so season two might have a lot of ground to cover. We’re just excited to see it play out.


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Join Our Live Chat With Tami Roman Tonight Before Basketball Wives At 7:15 PM ET

Last Tuesday we had a live chat with Royce Reed to discuss all the details of this season of Basketball Wives and what Royce has been up to lately. (In short, she’s got about twelve books in the works, an energy drink, and another run in an Off-Broadway show.) In another moment of candor, Royce assured everyone watching that her boobs are definitely real and she does not wear butt pads.

This Monday night at 7:15 p.m. ET, we’ll be holding another live chat with Tami Roman right before Basketball Wives airs on the East Coast, and we’re hoping Tami will be just as open and candid as Royce was. The event will be hosted by VH1 News’ Janell Snowden and will feature bloggers like Jonesy from Bossip, Stacey from, and me, Liz Black. And as always, the audience is invited to join in by webcam for the chance to chat with Tami face to face, all you need to do is log on to and connect to the chat. We hope to see you tonight!

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The Cast Of Mob Wives Rallies Around Renee On Twitter To Show Their Support

It’s one thing to live through a nightmarish family trauma (let alone two in one day, as Renee Graziano did on tonight’s Mob Wives), but what has to be even more painful is watching it all play out on TV again, months after it happened. Renee has had to relive the pain she dealt with as Junior turned himself in (after falsely promising he would always be there for her) as well as listening on the phone while the police took her father in. So what did she and her cast mates think as they watched the scenario back on TV? Here are their live-tweets from tonight’s episode. Renee, we know this is tough, but your girls (and the rest of us!) totally have your back. And if you want to discuss the episode on Twitter, let us know what you think, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #JuniorsSecret.

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The Ultimate Betrayal: What’s Going To Happen On The Next Episode Of Mob Wives?

This week on Mob Wives, it appeared as though Renee Graziano‘s world started to crumble around her when she learned that her ex-husband turned himself in to the Feds and her dad was picked up by the police. But that’s not even the half of it. On next week’s episode, we learn everything that leads up to that drama and, in short, it really is the ultimate betrayal. Watch the clip above for a taste of what’s to come next Sunday night.
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Pregnancy Rumors Are Everywhere Lately: Are Tiny And Yandy Having Babies?

If there’s one thing we don’t normally post, it’s pregnancy rumors, because let’s face it, if someone’s pregnant, we’ll figure it out eventually. But this weekend, we’ve read two reports that have implied that both Tiny Cottle-Harris and Yandy Smith are pregnant, and we just thought we’d throw them out there because honestly, if we’re excited to hear about anyone having babies, it’s these two.

Both reports come from Media Take Out (another reason to question the verity of the news), but let’s consider the fact that we know Tiny and T.I. have discussed having another baby, and Yandy has been spotted (above) wearing what looks like an engagement ring, and she’s been fighting these pregnancy rumors ever since it was announced that someone in the Love and Hip Hop cast was expecting. (We know Kimbella‘s having another child, and we also know that Chrissy has been cleverly denying all reports that she’s up the duff). We’ll obviously figure out if they’re expecting in due time, but what do you think? Are the rumors to be believed?
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Backstage At Stevie TV: Hanging With A Mob Wife

When we heard that the cast of Mob Wives loved being parodied on Stevie TV (and did not, as Stevie Ryan feared, want to “knock her out”), we knew these women were even more awesome that originally thought. They know that they’re huge characters, and they took to Twitter to applaud Ryan for her hilarious take on their show. But what really takes the cake is that Drita has become such a fan that she’s actually going to appear on this Sunday’s episode, and we were there to document her day on the set. Check out some of our exclusive behind the scenes pics of these hilarious women hanging out, and tune in on Sunday night for the Mob Wives/Stevie TV double feature.

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VH1 Gossip Roundup For The Week Of 3/23/12: DMX Gets Sued, Evelyn Named One Of TV’s Top Ten Bad Girls

  • Big Ang tells the Daily Beast she’s a cougar and talks about her criminal past, her husband, and of course, plastic surgery.
  • Couples Therapy star DMX is having a big week in the news, and he reportedly is being sued after a tour he booked never took place. [Eurweb]
  • What Chilli Wants star Tionna Smalls has some harsh words about Basketball Wives and why she’s not watching anymore. [Popular Critic]
  • House Of Consignment star Corri McFadden on who she wants to meet from the VH1 family: “I really want to meet Big Ang from Mob Wives, and I want to meet T.I. and Tiny because I’m so intrigued by their relationship.” [Time Out Chicago]
  • Evelyn Lozada is on the cover of next month’s Juicy Magazine and she’s been named one of their Top Ten Reality TV Bad Girls. [Evelyn Lozada]
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