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Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta‘s Erica Dixon Is One Fierce Woman

Erica Dixon wanted to be on Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta so that she could set the record straight. At several points throughout our interview with her, she emphasized how she just wants truth to prevail, personally and publicly. As the mother of rapper Lil Scrappy‘s child, she’s immersed in the Atlanta music scene and all the good and bad that comes with it, and she’s an expert on both love and hip hop which is another reason she’s so great for this show. Watch her profile above to learn more about this self-described fierce woman, and catch the series premiere of Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta on Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.
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Meet K.Michelle From Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta

Before Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta premieres on Monday night, we wanted to give you all some advance warning about who you’re dealing with this season. Our first character profile belongs to K.Michelle, who’s a single mom and aspiring singer. She explains that she’s seen in the hip hop community as “the R&B singer with the big ass and the big voice and just the cool chick.” But this cool chick isn’t terribly modest, when we asked her who would play her in the movie version of her life, her three options were Beyonce, J.Lo, and Jesus. To say she has a bold personality is a huge understatement. Watch her full profile here and tune in to Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT.
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Exclusive: Evelyn Lozada Talks About Her Book, Chad, And Whether Or Not She’s Worked Things Out With Jennifer Off-Camera

Evelyn Lozada
On Monday night, we were witness to the surprising reconciliation between Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada on the season finale of Basketball Wives. Though we spoke to Evelyn and Jen the day that episode filmed, neither one of them seemed prepared for those events to take place, they both maintained that all they wanted was closure and the chance to move on, away from their turbulent friendship. Today, we got a chance to speak to Evelyn about what happened post-reunion between them (they have talked since then), and what’s in store for Evelyn now that her book, Inner Circle, is out. (And all of this is happening with just weeks to go before her wedding to Chad Ochocinco, and the two are still in the midst of filming their show, Ev And Ocho.) She’s a busy woman and we’re glad she gave us some time to chat about so many things today.
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Take A Glamorous Look At The Hollywood Exes Cast

Hollywood Exes Cast

Being a Hollywood ex-wife is a sisterhood, and the five stars of Hollywood Exes share a bond that can’t be broken. We’ve shown you the promo for the upcoming series which premieres on Wednesday, June 27 at 9 p.m., and now you can take a look at some glamour shots of the cast in these brand new photos. (From L to R: Jessica Canseco, Mayte Garcia, Nicole Murphy, Andrea Kelly, and Sheree Fletcher.)

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[Photos: VH1/Piotr Sikora]

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Kesha Nichols Tells The Breakfast Club Her Side Of The Story And Addresses All The Basketball Wives Drama

“In my mind, I hit her a hundred times. But I have self-control and I’m not gonna bring myself to that level,” Kesha Nichols told the Breakfast Club today when she appeared on their radio show to talk about Basketball Wives and her spat with Tami Roman. Kesha discussed how angry it made her to see Tami take her purse and go through her phone with the gang, but she explains that she never let things get physical because it meant more to her to walk away from the situation with self-respect and pride that she didn’t stoop to that level. She also has a few choice words for everyone else in the cast, and addresses Shaunie‘s comments about the three people who shouldn’t come back to the show. Watch the clip above.

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Elle King Sings The Mob Wives Chicago Theme Song “Playing For Keeps” Live On Big Morning Buzz And Totally Blows Us Away

I don’t mean to toot our own horn here, but there’s something about the Mob Wives theme songs that are just completely badass and perfectly synced with the shows, don’t you think? Rock Mafia‘s “The Big Bang” still gets stuck in our brains every so often, even when Mob Wives is off the air, and now Elle King‘s “Playing For Keeps” continues the trend of awesomeness on Mob Wives Chicago. And when we heard King sing on Big Morning Buzz Live yesterday, we were kinda blown away by her ability to sing (and absolutely crush it) live. She sung “Playing For Keeps” live in our VH1 studio and her voice is just…wow. That’s some raw talent right there. Tune in to Mob Wives Chicago every Sunday at 8 p.m. to hear Elle and watch the ladies of the Windy City tear it up.

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It’s Time To Vote For The Nominees Of The 2012 Do Something Awards

2012 Do Something Awards
This is one of our favorite times of year here at VH1, because it’s Do Something Awards season. has been honoring the best and brightest world-changers since 1996, and VH1 has partnered once again with the organization to broadcast the Do Something Awards on Tuesday, August 21st, 2012 at 9/8c to shine a light on celebrities and regular folks who have made it their mission to make a difference.

Starting today, fans like you can vote to choose the nominees at this year’s show and honor your favorite TV and film stars, plus a selection of impressive young people under 25 who have all made an impact as a result of their worldwide humanitarian efforts. Simply go to the Do Something Awards page on to nominate your favorites (or write in your own choices in case we missed anyone). Your vote will hep decide who will get honored and walk the famous blue carpet when the ceremony airs in August. And when you’re through casting your votes, check out some of last year’s show highlights, like Foster The People‘s live performance of “Pumped Up Kicks” and Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler‘s sexy but world-changing onstage kiss. This is not a show to be missed.

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Shaunie O’Neal Has “No Problem Walking Away” From Basketball Wives, Hints That There Are Three Ladies She Wouldn’t Keep Around

“I don’t want to go back…I don’t want to sit in the midst of that anymore,” Shaunie O’Neal told The Insider recently when they asked her about whether or not she plans to return to Basketball Wives for another season. While the announcement was made last night that there will definitely be a season five, Shaunie expressed her feelings about returning in this interview and she was pretty unequivocal. “I have no problem walking away from the franchise,” she said. “The level of where it’s going is out of control.” Shaunie’s caveat is that she won’t return if things don’t get better, so as adamant as she is, she still has until August or September, contract renewal time, to make up her mind. However, she definitely has ideas about who shouldn’t return.

When Shaunie was then asked “If you could, would there definitely be people you would exclude [from next season]?” she responded “Yes. Three. Immediately, no questions asked. [It's] not anything personal, it’s just not where I’m trying to go. Not on the same page.” As she said, contract negotiations aren’t for a couple of months, so anything could happen in that time, but anyone care to take a guess who she’s referring to?
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The Reunion Interview: Suzie Ketcham Maintains Her Innocence

Suzie Ketcham Basketball Wives Reunion
Suzie Ketcham often gets blamed for running her mouth and ultimately creating problems by talking too much on Basketball Wives. But when we spoke to her at the reunion, she surprised us by telling us that during the season’s showdown between Kesha and Tami, she’s actually an innocent party. “I wasn’t the one that said anything,” she explained, opening up a mystery of just who told Tami what Kesha was saying, and why. Curious!

Beyond that, Suzie says she still tries to get along with, well, almost everyone.

What’s your relationship like with all of the women these days?

I still get along with everybody. I mean, I don’t like Kenya that much, but it’s not that serious.

Do you still feel caught in the middle? It feels like every season there’s another way you’ve gotten involved and get stuck in the middle of something.

Yeah, I think that for me I take the stance that I’m cool with both sides but I’m not involved. Things go deeper than what I know is going on, so it’s drama between those two people. It’s hard, I don’t want to be in the middle, but it’s hard to stay out of it.

In Tahiti do you wish you stepped in more to help Kesha rather than let it play out?

No, I don’t think we “let” the two of them do anything, and first of all, I had nothing to do with the drama between them, I wasn’t the one that said anything. I had nothing to do with it. I think what happened with Kesha was extreme and I did try to step in and tell her when she wanted to call the police, I said don’t do that. I felt like that would have escalated the problem so much more. I tried to go get her bag back, I really did, and Tami said she would have to come get it herself. Read more…

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Don’t Forget To Buy Evelyn Lozada’s New Book, Inner Circle, Out Today!

Evelyn Lozada The Wives Association Inner Circle

The last time a star on VH1 wrote a book, it became a New York Times bestseller (if you haven’t read Karen Gravano‘s Mob Daughter, you need to pick it up now). So we’re thinking that Evelyn Lozada‘s first book in her “Wives Association” series will be just as successful. The book which comes out today, is called Inner Circle, and according to it’s description, it picks up where Basketball Wives leaves off: “Inner Circle is a jaw-dropping peek into the lives of a group of women married to professional athletes. It will be impossible to determine where real life ends and fiction begins.”

You can buy your copy of Inner Circle on