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Mob Wives Renewed, Season Three Will Air In 2013!

Mob Wives Reunion

It might not be the most eloquent way to celebrate this news, but right now we just feel like giving a big “WOOO HOOOOO!” because we’ve just learned that Mob Wives will be renewed for a third season! The second season, which ends this Sunday night, will be followed by a two-part reunion special to air on May 20 and 27th, hosted by Joy Behar, and we can say after attending the taping recently that there will be some fireworks in store, as well as a few special surprise guests. These special, just like the rest of the season, are definitely appointment viewing.

Season three will premiere in 2013, and we already can’t wait. For more information about the renewal as well as what to expect on the reunion specials, read on.


“Mob Wives” 2-Part Reunion Special Hosted By Comedienne and The View Co-Host Joy Behar On May 20th and 27th

VH1 Picks Up “Mob Wives” For A Third Season On The Heels Of Second Season Ratings Wins – Averaging Over 1 Million Viewers In The 18-49 Demo

NEW YORK, May 9, 2012 – Season 2 of VH1′s hit reality series, “Mob Wives” is ending just as it began…on an emotional roller coaster as all the ladies end up in the same room for the first time this season. The explosive 2-part reunion special, hosted by The View’s Joy Behar, is set to air on May 20th and 27th and will reveal even more laughter, tears and drama than was already packed into the 17 episode season. And for the millions of “Mob Wives” fans out there, there will officially be a season 3 premiering in early 2013.
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Carrie Keagan And Wendy Williams Discuss Boobs And Mob Wives On Wendy’s Show

Our very own Carrie Keagan, host of Big Morning Buzz Live, is normally the celebrity interviewer, but yesterday, she was on The Wendy Williams Show and the tables were turned. Keagan and Williams chatted freely about everything from boobs (“I got mine from my mom,” she explains hilariously) and Mob Wives, which they both are huge fans of.

Watch the clip to see Carrie and Wendy dish dirt and create some big morning buzz.
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The Men Of Single Ladies Are Looking Pretty Good This Season

The men of Single Ladies need no real description, they all tend to fall under the umbrella of “hot.” To see what we mean, check out this clip featuring the men of season two, but be warned, you need to be good at multitasking since you’ll have to fan yourself while you watch. And as a bonus, check out a special clip of love interest/Dancing With The Stars star/essence of male beauty, William Levy as Antonio the stable boy. Not kidding, he really is a stable boy, and he may or may not be involved in an actual roll in the hay.

Single Ladies (and the men who love them) premieres Monday, May 28
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Kesha Nichols Says She And Tami Roman Are Cool Now

Kesha Tami Beef Basketball Wives

Last night’s episode of Basketball Wives was pretty intense once Tami laid in to Kesha about talking about her behind her back. But even though the fight gets pretty heated, Kesha has piped up to say that the women are over it now.

She tells Sister 2 Sister Magazine that after Tami suffered a heart attack back in March, their own personal drama became less important. “After Tami’s health scare,” Kesha says, “whatever drama was going on between us was out the window…I sent her an email telling her I hoped for a speedy recovery and was praying for her, and that’s the last I heard of it.” It’s not the last we’ll hear of it, since part two of their fight will play out next week, but it’s nice to hear some good Basketball Wives-related news once in a while!

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La La Anthony And Her “Diva” Husband Talk Fashion On The Met Gala Red Carpet

Who knew Carmelo Anthony was such a diva? In this red carpet interview with VH1 News’ Janell Snowden, Melo and wife La La Anthony chatted about what they wore to the Met Costume Gala last night, but La La revealed that her husband takes a looong time to get ready. “He’s so slow,” she says.

“I gotta take my time, I don’t like to be rushed,” Carmelo responded. Check out the full clip for more details on what the pair was wearing and their tips for getting ready.

La La’s Full Court Life airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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Producer Harvey Weinstein Fears For His Life Around The Mob Wives

Notoriously hard-nosed producer Harvey Weinstein is famous for choosing great projects, one example being Mob Wives, which is produced by the Weinstein Company. And it sounds like Harvey has met his match when it comes to working with these ladies. When VH1 News reporter Janell Snowden spoke to him at the Met Gala last night, she asked if the mob wives scared him, to which he responded “Absolutely, are you kidding? I fear for my life.”

Watch the clip above as the two discuss the show and Big Ang, who he says is the star that “scares me the most.”
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Royce Reed Recaps Basketball Wives Episode 12: A DAMN SHAME

It’s time once again to welcome Royce Reed back to the blog so she can tell it like it is. For the past two seasons of Basketball Wives, Royce has recapped every episode, all the highs and lows, and given us her completely honest and unfiltered opinion. We’re thrilled to have her back for season four.


This episode was pretty intense…So lets just get right into it.

The relationship between my dad and I has been damaged for years. It started going downhill when I was in high school and I decided I no longer wanted to run track. Yes, I was good, but I didn’t love it. I come from a family FULL of athletes, most of whom ran track and still hold a few records in Florida for relays and single races. My love stopped when it felt more like a job than something I loved to do because it was forced on me. Since the day I decided I wanted to continue dancing and cheering competitively I haven’t felt “good enough” for my dad. Read more…

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Mob Wives: A Soap Opera With An Emphasis On Opera

Mob Wives can be dramatic, even operatic at times (although this season, you could also compare it to a Greek tragedy with all the familial betrayal). But all that intense emotion is why we love it so…and why we love this new promo which premiered on Sunday night. Watch the video above to see the Mob Wives Opera play out in all it’s bobble-headed glory. Unlike Big Ang, we think you should stick around for this drama.

Mob Wives airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT.
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