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VH1 Gossip Roundup For The Week Of 7/13/12: Draya Lands A Magazine Cover

VH1 Gossip Draya Michele

  • Who’s that on the cover of Black Men Magazine? Yup, it’s Basketball Wives L.A. star Draya Michele. [Twitter]
  • Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta star Erica Dixon called into Power 105 this week to clear up some rumors and tell her side of the story about this week’s episode and [Power 105]
  • Happy 2nd anniversary to La La and Carmelo Anthony! The pair celebrated in style with a helicopter ride over Las Vegas, and La La posted some awesome photos of them through the years on her website. [I Am LaLa]
  • Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta star Joseline can probably attest to the fact that fame is a b*tch — she reportedly had her wallet, passport, and “credict cards” stolen this week. [Madame Noir]
  • Stevie J: Now with even less filter, in this interview with Hot 97. “Every man…relates to me,” he says. [YouTube/HOT 97]
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    Which Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta Lady Are You?

    Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Mobile Quiz
    The ladies of Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta are as diverse and multi-faceted as they come, which makes them the perfect subjects for VH1 mobile’s latest personality quiz. Are you tough but tender like Mimi, talented and feisty like K.Michelle or hot-tempered and street smart like Joseline? To find out who you’re most like (Karlie Redd, Rasheeda and Erica are also in the mix), take our mobile quiz by texting “ATL” to 22422 to have it sent directly to your phone. Standard messaging and data rates apply.
    [Photo: Getty Images]

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    VH1’s Planet Rock: The Story Of Hip Hop And The Crack Generation Snags Two Emmy Nominations

    VH1’s groundbreaking film Planet Rock: The Story of Hip Hop and the Crack Generation is one of the most riveting documentaries we’ve seen on the network (you can watch the film’s trailer above). This amazing work, which was co-produced and narrated by Ice-T, centers on the rise of crack cocaine an its impact on popular culture in the 1980s, and we’re thrilled to announce that it just received two nominations for the 33rd Annual News And Documentary Emmy Awards. The nominations, in Outstanding Achievement in Writing and Outstanding Arts and Culture Programming, only further what we already knew about the film and it’s importance: it’s a must-watch. Congratulations to everyone in our VH1 family who were involved in the film’s production.

    The Emmy winners will be announced in a ceremony to be held October 1, 2012.
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    Your Complete Guide To The Music By The Cast Of Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta

    The cast of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta is huge. Let’s face it, it can be hard to keep up with the story lines of everyone involved, but one thing is certain, they’re definitely living up to the “hip hop” portion of the show’s title. Six of the show’s main characters are established musicians who have all released albums or are currently working on new music (and that doesn’t include peripheral characters, managers or future guest stars who might pop up), so we thought we’d compile a little list of where you can find the music these talented stars have made.

    : Joseline’s been working hard under the tutelage of Stevie J, and her first single is out now. You can listen to the song, titled “Bailar” here and buy it here. The YouTube clip of the track is above. Read more…

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    Guys, Drita D’Avanzo Really Wants To Win The VH1 Bikini Awards

    Reality Star Bikini Awards

    Over on our sister site, VH1 Celebrity, they’ve been running the 2012 Bikini Awards for the past couple weeks, and it’s definitely getting competitive. We just wanted to give our own stars a little plug in the reality star round, because the poll features the hot bods of the likes of Drita D’Avanzo, Evelyn Lozada, Big Ang, Draya Michele, Imani Showalter, and old faves Audrina Patridge and Adrianne Curry, among others. Voting ends on July 15th, so head over to VH1 Celebrity to check out a full gallery of all the competitors, and add your vote to the poll below. Not to play favorites or anything, but we just noticed this post on Drita’s Facebook page, and we’ve seen this woman Hulk out when she’s angry, so we know who gets our vote…

    [Photos: VH1 Celebrity]

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    Renee Graziano Gets One Last Round Of Plastic Surgery, Finally Has Her Perfect Body And “The Cutest Tush”

    Renee Graziano New Body
    When Renee Graziano underwent her full-body life last year, she never could have predicted that the results would be so horrific. On Mob Wives, she was near death after the surgery was botched by her doctor, and she underwent a trying recovery period. But she vowed to undergo one more corrective surgery just to fix the problems, like the hole in her back that caused her to lose a scary amount of blood and which filled with scar tissue. The surgery, she says “was a total success! I finally got my ass fine, and I am very happy!”

    Graziano spoke to about the procedure and explained “There was a huge hole in my back so he grafted part of my stomach and then with all the fat left over he filled my rear end and I no longer have a tiny heinie. I have always been top heavy, I had E cup breasts and no butt whatsoever. The recovery was great. I was out in two days, whereas my first surgery took me four months to recover from. I am so happy with the results! I have the cutest little tush. I keep telling everyone to touch it.”

    She also declared that this is the last major surgery she plans to have. “I’m done chopping my body, I will still maintain my face but that can be filled with my own body fat now too so it’s nothing foreign.” And while she’s thrilled with the results and it’s boosted her own confidence, she has one teensy ulterior motive for getting herself in perfect shape: “I am going to make as many photo ops as possible for my ex husband who is in prison to make him jealous!”
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    Single Ladies Episode 8 Sneak Peek: Three’s A Crowd

    Raquel was so sure she’d be able to juggle two men at once, but in this clip from next Monday’s Single Ladies, her plan is about to become a little big complicated. While on a date with Charles the sexy guitar player, she manages to run into Nate the sexy mechanic. It becomes a not-so-sexy, confusing mess. Watch the sneak peek above and turn on Single Ladies when it airs on Monday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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    A Morning In The Lives Of The Hollywood Exes

    A Morning In The Life Of Hollywood Exes
    When we found out the cast of Hollywood Exes would be in New York City recently to do a little round of press, we knew we needed to trail them for the day. Not only are they stylish and beautiful, but they’re also hilarious, and our VH1 photographer Jen Marigiliano was able to capture their personalities perfectly on camera.

    Check out our day with the exes as they made the rounds from Good Morning America to the Wendy Williams Show and the over to our own Big Morning Buzz Live, and tune in to Hollywood Exes on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
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