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VH1 Gossip For The Week Of 4/27/12: Kesha Nichols Talks About Avoiding Fights On BBW, T.I. To Perform At The Atlanta Music Midtown

  • Kesha Nichols talks to S2S Magazine and says Basketball Wives is “the most interesting thing” she’s ever done, and knows she has a reputation for getting out of the way of a fight. “I just don’t want to be in the middle of it,” she says. [S2S]
  • Corri McFadden shares her secrets for how to make the most off your discarded duds and how to spruce up your closet. [NBC New York]
  • T.I. will join the Foo Fighters, Ludacris, Florence and The Machine, and Pearl Jam for a weekend of concerts in Atlanta this September. The Music Midtown will be held on September 21 and and tickets go on sale April 28. [Yahoo]
  • Big congratulations to our favorite “Love Picker,” Siggy Flicker, who is getting married her her beloved fiance Michael this weekend. [Twitter]
  • June Ambrose‘s fans know how to show her love! Check out this pic of a portrait one fan drew of the styleologist. [Twitter]
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    Basketball Wives Episode 11 Sneak Peek: She’s Pushing Me To The Edge

    Jennifer should know by now that she shouldn’t be giving interviews to websites and magazines, because it will only ignite the fire that fuels Evelyn. On the next episode of Basketball Wives, we learn that Jennifer has been doing just that, and Ev, Nia, and Tami are in disbelief that she would discuss their business with the world. “When you talk too much, you stir the pot,” Evelyn says. “And then you cause problems and people want to f— you up.” And I don’t think I need to remind you that these women all have a group vacation coming up, so that’s going to be fun. Watch the sneak from next Monday’s episode, and tune in at 8 p.m. ET/PT for the show.
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    Mob Wives Episode 15 Sneak Peek: Lee’s Got A Surprise For Drita

    This week on Mob Wives, Drita‘s about to receive some unexpected news from Lee concerning his prison sentence. Just one more example of how we never know what to expect when we hear Lee’s familiar voice on the other end of the line. And in other Drita drama, Karen‘s friend is definitely not in favor of a reunion between the two women. In the clip below, she tells Karen that “the only way that you have to deal with her, is hit her. No words…the minute she opens her words, crack her jaw.” Literally, fighting words. Mob Wives airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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    Rumor We Love: Matt Barnes And Gloria Govan Are Engaged (Again)

    The last time Gloria Govan was on our TV, she was confirming that she and Matt Barnes were over. It was last fall during the Basketball Wives L.A. reunion show, and Gloria, who had spent the entire first season of the show working on her career and herself decided she needed some time and space away from Barnes, with whom she has twin boys. Gloria even told us “right now I’m taking my time to grow as an individual,” but that she would “never say never” to reuniting. But ever since then…well…Gloria and Matt can’t seem to stay away from each other.

    And now, the rumor is that not only are they back together, but they’ve gotten engaged again. Necole Bitchie ran a photo of Gloria and Matt together, with Gloria wearing a ring that she’s shielding with her finger, causing speculation that it’s an engagement ring. Gloria was the first to admit that they have a roller coaster of a relationship, but whether or not a wedding is in the works, we wish them all the best. What do you guys think of the rumors?
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    Talking Couples Therapy Episode 6 With Dr. Jenn Berman: Reuniting With The Past

    Dr. Jenn Berman has been counseling people and offering advice to people in need for some twenty years now, but on VH1′s Couples Therapy, this marks her first time working with a group of ten celebrities whose relationships are in desperate need of repair. We’ll be checking in with Dr. Jenn each week to chat about the progress of her patients on the show, and what she really thinks of their behavior. This week on the show, DMX faced his mother for the first time in years for an emotional reunion, and Angelina and Chris struggled to co-exist with Chris’ manager, Nicole.

    When DMX’s mom walked in, I was actually really surprised that their session went so smoothly, I thought it might be more volatile.

    I think it went well because we all worked really hard to get everyone in the right state of mind beforehand to have that happen. And I really emphasized with him, we’re not here to debate what happened, we’re not here to discuss “did she beat you that way or hit you this way,” we’re here to connect and to see if there’s anything to salvage. Because this is a man who clearly needed the comfort of his mom. Just like any parent, X’s mom had her own limitations, and for him to see what her limitations are and to potentially get some nurturing from her was really healing for him, and to know she loved him was really important to him.

    Were you surprised by Nicole’s behavior when she arrived at the house? She came, but then she wouldn’t be in the same room as Angelina, then she threatened to leave…

    I thought it was very revealing about her feelings toward Chris.
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    June Ambrose Reveals Her Spring Fashion Must-Have Dress, And Says There’s An Old Hollywood Diva Trapped Inside Her

    June Ambrose knows fashion, and she basically dictates what’s on point at any given time. So when she dishes out free style advice, we listen. The Styled By June star reveals her must-have dress for the season in the clip above, for any girl wanting a fun, flirty look that’s totally current. And in the clip below, watch as June giggles while explaining that “There’s an old Hollywood diva trapped inside my body,” and that diva refuses to wait on a man. Words to live by!
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    Corri McFadden On The Season Finale Of House Of Consignment: Firings And Hirings

    Each week during the season on House of Consignment, we’ll be talking to eDrop Off owner and woman whose wardrobe we covet, Corri McFadden, about her take on every episode. This week marked the final episode of the first season, and the drama was kicked into high gear when Corri ended up firing her right-hand woman, Nicole. Read our final installment of interview series with Corri below, where she discusses the hurt she felt after learning Nicole was talking about her behind her back, and what it was like cleaning her own closet out for this episode.

    Let’s talk about your own closet clean out. You’ve said you rotate your closet a lot, right?

    I sell my own stuff all the time. There will be days where I’m getting dressed and something just isn’t working, so I’ll bring it to the office and list it then and there, but when I transition my closet and really get in there and overhaul every few months, because I’m constantly consuming, I’ll bring in like thirty to fifty pieces.

    Can we discuss your Juicy Couture jumpsuit?

    It only had a “J” zipper on it! It wasn’t one of the velour track suits! I wore it on a boat! Listen, Juicy Couture is a great collection. The velour tracksuits have seen their day unless you’re under sixteen, but the “Jenny From The Block” days are gone.
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    Corri McFadden On House Of Consignment Episode 9: Warehouse Sales And Ta Ta’s Closet

    Each week during the season on House of Consignment, we’ll be talking to eDrop Off owner and woman whose wardrobe we covet, Corri McFadden, about her take on every episode. This week, Corri and her crew held a charity warehouse sale that ended up being a bigger project than they expected.

    Episode nine featured the warehouse sale for charity, I wish this episode was longer because I could have watched this forever, it was so fun to see how fast-paced that day was.

    I know, that episode needed to be like three hours. Actually, it could have been forty-five minutes long because that’s how long it took to sell out.
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    The Final House Of Consignment Items Of The Week Are Now On Sale

    We know it can be hard to watch a show like House Of Consignment where there’s amazing fashion everyone and get wistful that your own closet just doesn’t measure up. That’s why we’re excited to tell you that Corri McFadden and the rest of her eDrop-Off team totally understood that viewers would want in on the eBay action, so they’ve held one item from every closet clean out that’s featured this season on the show, and that piece will be placed in an auction that goes live immediately after every show. This week we have a custom-made formal dress from LaToiya’s closet, and a gorgeous Oscar de la Renta dress that comes straight from star Corri McFadden’s own closet. To bid on LaToiya’s dress, click here, and to check out Corri’s, click here.

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    Tough Love New Orleans – Episode 2 – Perception Vs. Reality

    This week on Tough Love, the ladies were asked to create an online profile. Steve’s advice is to put themselves in the mind of a man reading the profile, rather than just writing about whatever comes to mind. Be honest, but be appealing. Some of the women are having a hard time figuring out what would appeal to a man, and some of them are just oblivious. Donna is tempted to write about her hero, Barbra Streisand. Elizabeth could write a novel about her estrangement from her family. And Despina, describing her ideal date, mentions that it should always end with sex. So of course, after they’ve written profiles like these, the only thing that makes sense for Steve to do is show the profiles to his man panel, who will judge them all. Read more…