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Meet The Hollywood Exes In This New Promo

It takes a strong, supportive woman to live in the shadow of a super-famous husband, and the stars of Hollywood Exes have spent years doing just that. In this new promo for the show, which premieres on Wednesday, June 27 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, meet Nicole Murphy, Jessica Canseco, Sheree Fletcher, Andrea Kelly, and Mayte Garcia, who are all divorced from their husbands and ready to show the world that they’re pretty bad mamajamas.
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Sneak A Peek At Part Two Of The Basketball Wives Reunion Special, Airing Tonight

Tonight is the final installment of season four of Basketball Wives. It’s part two of the reunion special, and we’ll be talking about even more about the good, bad, and just plain crazy moments from this season. In this sneak peek from tonight’s show, Evelyn talks a little more about her relationship with Chad (and about their upcoming wedding), and Royce gets grilled on the status of her own tumultuous relationship with Dezmon Briscoe. “We’re good,” Royce says in response to her most recent drama with Dez. “I decided to stay with Dezmon for all the things he did right, not the one thing he did wrong,” she explains. Watch the clip above, and tune in tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT for the big finish.
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Are You Miss Gold Digger Or Miss Awkward? Take Our Tough Love New Orleans Personality Quiz To Find Out

Tough Love Personality Quiz

Most Tough Love New Orleans fans identify with at least one of the women on the show. Whether you feel a kinship with Miss Awkward, Melissa, who can fit her fist in her mouth but is also really good at putting her foot in there too, or you’re Miss Man-Eater like Despina, chewing up and spitting out man after man, you can relate to these girls and their plights. So to find out who you’re most like, why not take the VH1 Mobile Tough Love Personality Quiz? Have a link to the quiz sent straight to your phone by sending the word TOUGH to 22422.

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The Reunion Interview: In Spite Of Everything, Jennifer Williams Is Really Happy With Her Life

Jennifer Williams Basketball Wives reunion
You wouldn’t know it to see her sitting on the stage, but Jennifer Williams was actually in a really great mood before the taping of the Basketball Wives reunion. She was definitely defensive and angry at times when asked to take responsibility for her actions and confronted by her friends from the show. And yet before she got out there, she was laughing and in pretty good spirits, despite the broken relationships and confrontations she was about to face. We discussed a little bit of everything, from how she feels about Evelyn’s new makeup line to the blog post that started everything to that trip to Vegas that keeps coming up. And yet in spite of all that negative, crazy drama, Jennifer assured me that she’s able to look past and and lives a really nice life.

What do you plan to do after the reunion is over?

Take some business meetings, go back to New York, live a happy life.

Is it hard to watch this show when you have an otherwise happy life?

I don’t watch it as much now.

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Nia Crooks Tells Us Her Side Of The Story At The Basketball Wives Reunion

Nia Crooks Basketball Wives Reunion

No “guest star” on Basketball Wives has been thrown into the spotlight and gained as much attention in four seasons the way that Nia Crooks has. Though she’s been friends with Evelyn Lozada for years (and Jennifer Williams, too), she has never really been visible on the show until that slap she landed on Jennifer’s face. Nia was chilling in Evelyn’s dressing room before the reunion and when the topic of the slap came up in my chat with Evelyn, I just had to ask Nia a few questions to clear things up. In short: It has made her life hell and she regrets it. But here’s what she had to say in a little more detail.

What’s life been like for you since you appeared on the show?

Hell. I could never imagine being in this predicament over something like that. And a person that I used to love is now just somebody I knew. It’s hell. Read more…

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The Reunion Interview: Evelyn Lozada Wants To Show You Another Side Of Her

Evelyn Lozada Basketball Wives Reunion

Evelyn Lozada has been the target of criticism this season for her behavior on Basketball Wives, but it doesn’t seem to be getting to her, for a couple reasons. Number one, she’s entirely too busy. With a wedding coming up this summer, a new show to focus on, and a new book and makeup line out, it’s a wonder this woman finds time to breathe. But she’s also finding some peace lately because the controversy on the show has truly caused her to look inward at the behavior she’s exhibited on the show and think about how the public perceives it. Evelyn regrets the wine bottle incident more than anything else, she tells me, and has used that as a catalyst to show off the nicer, more family-oriented side of herself in the future, a side, she assures us, that will be fully on display during Ev And Ocho. Here’s my chat with Evelyn from the Basketball Wives reunion.

How’s wedding planning going?

Good! It’s still going! I don’t know how much of this I can talk about though because of the show.

If the show is anything like the scenes of you two together on Basketball Wives, it’s going to be hilarious.

That’s how we are at home, all day. Read more…

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The Reunion Interview: Royce Reed Is So Glad She Didn’t Go On That Tahiti Trip

Royce Reed Basketball Wives Reunion
Royce Reed is able to joke now about the infamous pool party scene from season one that became her legacy for a while on Basketball Wives, but it seems like it took a little while to get there. But that scene, in which she showed off some interesting dance moves in a contest, was a learning experience for her, she says. “I don’t live my life regretting anything, I live it learning from it,” she told me at the Basketball Wives reunion, and that’s why the Royce we’ve seen this season is a more mature version of the woman we’ve gotten to know. Hear what Royce has to say about all the fighting, her own relationship drama, and what would have happened in Tahiti if she had been there to witness it.

The blog posts you write for us have gotten a really positive reaction this season, you’ve come out as being like this voice of reason on the show these days.

The way I write is really just the way that I feel and it’s not be attempting to be the voice of reason, or me being right or wrong, I just write how I feel. If it comes across like that, great. Not everybody is going to like what I have to say but that’s why opinions are like a—holes, everybody has one. Read more…

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Terrell Tilford Finds His Rhythm With The Cast Of Single Ladies

Meeting Terrell Tilford, you get the sense that he’s never in a bad mood. Throughout our interview on the Atlanta set of Single Ladies, he was constantly joking around and having a good time, as was everyone on the set of the show while I was there. Tilford, who plays Sean Clark, an old flame of Keisha’s, made it pretty obvious that this is a cast that really enjoys and respects one another. Though he’s new to the show, the veteran actor has worked with his leading lady, LisaRaye McCoy, in the past which made it that much easier for him to settle in.

Did you get your start on soap operas?

Well I came from theater first first and foremost. I’ve been doing a lot of daytime over the years, but last year I was on a series for Lifetime called The Protector with Ally Walker, Tisha Campbell, Miguel Ferrer. I bounced around. I just shot a pilot up in Vancouver with Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas called This American Housewife. Yeah, so I’ve been bouncing back and forth between daytime and prime time, the stage…a little bit of all of it. We’re gypsies, so you know, where the job is.

what do you consider your home base?

Probably Los Angeles because that’s probably where I’m at the majority of the time. But, 40% of the time is in New York as well so, you know, my motto is: Have script, will travel.

what drew you to Single Ladies and this character?

With every show, especially coming into a show that’s already established, it’s about finding the rhythm and the pace and really establishing that rapport with the different actors and establishing the different relationships and really sort of finding where my character fits in. You know, because my character has a history that was already established before I got here. So, it’s a matter sort of owning that and them bringing that history to the relationship…with Lisa Raye, who plays Keisha. Just sort of bringing that in and sort of selling that we were once an item before as well and having not been. Before the show we got together quite a bit, just so that we could bring some depth to what’s on the page.
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The Reunion Interview: Shaunie O’Neal Seeks Some Balance

Shaunie O'Neal Basketball Wives Reunion

Shaunie O’Neal has faced a lot of criticism this season on Basketball Wives, and while she’s occasionally been overwhelmed by it, she tells me the only the the cast can do at this point is take responsibility for their actions, move on, and do better. She tells me she heard her critics loud and clear and has plans for a more positive show in the future, though she couldn’t tell me if that talk she had with her pastor had any ramifications for her own future with the show. It’s all still “TBD.”

More than all that drama though, I wanted to know what else Shaunie has on the horizon, like the film she’s co-producing. And don’t worry, I asked her what she was thinking when they pulled that fish prank in Kenya’s room. Our reunion interview is below.

When you know that there’s going to be a touchy subject brought up on a reunion show, how do you feel?

I don’t ever want to see anybody get into arguments but I know it’s natural, it’s normal for people to argue, not get along, and for the most part I just hope it stays verbal. You guys can say whatever it is you wanna say, just make sure it’s being said, that’s it.

When it escalates, like when the bottle was thrown, what are you thinking in those situations?

I mean, you don’t like to see any of that happening, at all. It’s not something anybody can be proud of. You’re thinking, God, there had to be a better way for this to calm down than what just happened. There is always a better way. Read more…