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Tough Talk With Steve And JoAnn Ward – Episode 4 – Having A Ball

Master Matchmaker Steve Ward is back for another season of Tough Love, and each week, he’ll be giving us an exclusive look at what went down behind the scenes on the series. This week, a rare treat: we talked to Steve and JoAnn to find out what they thought of the women’s behavior on their night out, and during the cotillion.

This week was the cotillion episode, so how did you think all the girls did?

JoAnn: I think it was good, the girls did everything they were supposed to, but they were thrown for a loop. They didn’t know what foods they would be served and it was interesting how they all dealt with that. I was at one end of the table and Steven was at the other, but I think the girls took away a lot of knowledge they never learned before. Like how to use their forks and where to put their napkins, I was blown away by how clueless they were about that stuff. I mean like, not to blow your nose in a napkin.
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VH1 Gossip Roundup For The Week Of 5/4/12: Kimbella And Rachel Uchitel Show Off Their Baby Bodies

  • La La and Carmelo Anthony were spotted at a charity fundraiser hosted by Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz in New York City this week. [Necole Bitchie]
  • Celebrity Rehab alum Rachel Uchitel is nine months pregnant and posing (almost) nude — still, for nine months pregnant, she looks amazing. [TMZ]
  • Somaya Reece spoke exclusively to Necole Bitchie this week about her weight loss, suffering from anorexia, and she says her breast reduction is the best things she’s ever done. [Necole Bitchie]
  • Denise Vasi talks about her start on All My Children and her friendship with Susan Lucci, and her new role on Single Ladies.[Uptown]
  • Want to see the progress of Kimbella‘s pregnancy? The Love And Hip Hop star posted a pic of her seven-months pregnant baby belly to her twitter account (fully clothed). [Twitter]
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    Mob Wives Episode 16 Sneak Peek: A Massive F***ing Problem

    Karen and Drita seemed like they were on their way toward making up last week, after both women were convinced by Renee to meet up and discuss their issues. But it seems like there might be one “massive f—ing problem” in the way: Ramona. In this sneak peek from Sunday’s episode, Drita explains that as much as she wants to talk things out with Karen, she thinks Ramona has always had it out for her, and now she worries that Ramona might convince Karen not to make up after all. And if Ramona does get in the way of their reconciliation? Drita explains “No one’s going to be able to pry me off of her. I’m going to be chewing on er face, like a leech.”

    In our second sneak of the week, after the jump, Karen and her ex, David, discuss the possibility of his moving to New York City. And then they make out. Hardcore.
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    Find Out Who Else Will Be Guest Starring On Single Ladies This Season

    We’ve been dropping hints for a while now about what’s been going on behind the scenes in Atlanta on the Single Ladies set…we’ve snagged some backstage photos, we’ve heard from some of the cast, and we even visited the set. (We’ll have TONS of interviews and video clips to show you once the season starts up — sorry, there are just too many spoilers that we can’t reveal right now in those chats.) But in case we haven’t done a good enough job pounding the premiere date into your brains, we’ll say it again: MEMORIAL DAY, people! Season two begins on Monday, May 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, and oh, the guest stars you’ll see. By now it’s no surprise that Romeo, T.I., and La La Anthony will be showing up this season, but who else will be showing up? How about Lauren London, returning as Shelly, Rick Fox, Paula Patton, Big Boi, Chilli, and Dancing With The Stars hot-hot-hottie William Levy? And that’s just the beginning. Check out the release below which has a more complete list of who to expect on the show this season.


    Season 2 Premieres May 28 AT 9PM ET/PT

    Guest Appearances Include: Big Boi, Chilli, Eve, La La Anthony, Lauren London, Paula Patton, Rick Fox, Romeo, T.I., William Levy, Executive Producer Queen Latifah and Others

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    Mailbag: Tough Love Stars Steve And JoAnn Ward Answer YOUR Relationship Questions

    Steve and JoAnn Ward are Master Matchmakers, it says so right there in the name of their business. And with years of relationship and matchmaking experience under their belts, not to mention four successful seasons of Tough Love, they’ve set the bar for realistic, no-B.S. dating advice. And now they’re offering their advice to viewers on the VH1 Blog. We asked Tough Love Facebook fans this week to submit their relationship questions and you all really had a lot of them, so we picked some of our favorites for Steve and JoAnn to address, and we’ll be posting their answers every week. If you’d like to submit a question, just become a Facebook fan and leave a comment here! Here are this week’s questions.

    Natasha Blas asks “What’s the best way to go about finding someone special when you have kids?

    JoAnn Says:
    Go to places and events that you know parents take their children. Some examples would include: amusement parks, single parent support groups, sporting events, school functions, ice cream parlors, parks, etc. Just also be sure to check for a wedding band!

    Tresina Moore Hansen asks “I have a 10-year-old son who has seen two men in my life come and go and it has been so hard on him. How is a single mom supposed to balance the time necessary to get to know a potential partner with protecting her son’s heart?”
    Steve says: Don’t introduce your son until you’re ready to be in a committed relationship with a man. Once you’re in the committed relationship with him, you guys can spend all your time together, as a family.

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    Talking Couples Therapy Episode 7 With Dr. Jenn Berman

    Dr. Jenn Berman Couples Therapy

    Dr. Jenn Berman has been counseling people and offering advice to people in need for some twenty years now, but on VH1′s Couples Therapy, this marks her first time working with a group of ten celebrities whose relationships are in desperate need of repair. We’ll be checking in with Dr. Jenn each week to chat about the progress of her patients on the show, and what she really thinks of their behavior. This week we got into Linda’s relationship with her mother, who had some strong opinions about Charley, plus we addressed the Vienna-Kasey-Lee love triangle.

    At one point during their argument, Kasey said he felt led on by Vienna and that their experience there was a waste of time. What do you think of his saying that, as the therapist who was really trying to help them?
    Vienna Girardi Kasey Kahl Couples Therapy Fight
    I think he was upset in the moment and feeling hurt, and what he meant was that it was a waste of his time if she didn’t want to be with him. More than anyone, Kasey has repeatedly said that the show was the most life-changing, magnificent experience of his life, so I know that that’s not how he feels. We talked extensively about how life-changing this was for him and he has walked away a better man. The breakthrough he had in episode three changed the way he sees himself and the way his life is going and I know he didn’t mean it in that way.

    It felt like the group as a whole was more sympathetic to Kasey at this point and might have been turning on Vienna, was that the case?

    I think that a lot of the cast members felt very protective of Kasey and they saw how devoted he was to Vienna. It was hard for them to remain objective and to say hey, if she’s in love with someone else, she should be with that person, she shouldn’t be with Kasey. If Vienna doesn’t want to be with Kasey, it’s a favor to him because it frees him up to be with someone who does want to be with him.

    Linda called the proposal between Mike and Deja one of the most perfect proposals you can imagine, it really was a magical moment. How did you find those two?

    The executive producer found them and just loved their story and felt like it was great opportunity for our couples to have that sort of reminder of new love and true love. The cast was excited to help Mike pick out the engagement ring and when they found out they were going to be part of the proposal, everyone was so thrilled. Everyone got into it, even DMX was into it, it was so poignant.

    Do you think that Linda’s mom’s outward skepticism of the relationship between Linda and Charley was was most affected her and caused her to have doubts?

    I think getting her mom’s approval was one of the many elements that Linda struggled with. I think she’s undergone terrible media scrutiny, she’s had conflicts with her family, you know, she’s had a lot working against the relationship and I think her mom was just one element, but an important element. It was important that we had that session together.

    Linda’s perspective on her relationship is really amazing, how she says she’s at peace with essentially leaving Charley behind after she’s gone and knowing he’ll have a second life without her. That’s incredible and heavy but also a really realistic way to look at things.

    Yup. And it’s also very selfless. That’s one of the things that stands out in their relationship, Linda’s concern, if you listen to her, over and over again it’s “Am I being fair to Charley?” The question is never “Do I love Charley?” or “Do I want to be with Charley?” it’s always “Is this what’s right for him?” which is so loving.

    Do you think she’s always had that perspective she describes, or did she gain that from therapy with you?

    I think she’s a very loving person and she’s always tried to have in mind what is in his best interests. Their part of therapy was helping him and her figure out what was in their best interest.

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    The Cast Of Big Morning Buzz Live Receive Some Tough Love From The Wards

    This morning, Steve and JoAnn Ward stopped by the Big Morning Buzz Live studio where they talked about all the various ways they’ve dished out their Tough Love recently. (Most notably, when they used a zapper in last week’s episode to condition the girls to stop behaving badly by shocking them.) Also interesting to note, Steve think this New Orleans cast is the hardest batch of women that they’ve ever worked with.

    But things got even more interesting when the Wards tried to help BMBL correspondents Jason Dundas and Janell Showden create successful online dating profiles. It didn’t go so well. Steve even calls Janell’s profile (jokingly…we hope) the worst he’s ever seen in his life. Check out the clip and tune in to Tough Love on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
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    Will There Be A Basketball Wives Movie?

    Shaunie O’Neal, ever the business woman, is looking to further expand the Basketball Wives brand with a movie about the life of an NBA wife. Variety reports that O’Neal has partnered with producer Tracey Edmonds produce a feature film that “centers around a young woman who follows her boyfriend to Miami after he gets drafted into the NBA. Thrust into the world of professional sports, she meets the other players’ wives and learns from their trials and tribulations.” Sounds familiar! But this story, unlike Basketball Wives, will be a fictional version of what we’ve gotten used to seeing on the show.

    Edmonds, who produced Jumping The Broom, has also enlisted Broom screenwriter Elizabeth Hunter to write the film. Edmonds tweeted about the project “The film introduces new characters w rich story lines and although juicy and action packed, it’ll empower!” What do you think, are you Basketball Wives fans excited for the film??
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