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Hollywood Exes Profile: Nicole Murphy Has Absolutely No Regrets

Nicole Murphy is a model, a businesswoman, and a mother. She’s also the ex-wife of Eddie Murphy. Plenty of couples end their relationships on a rocky note, but Nicole says she’s had “great experiences” with her ex, and she has “no regrets. I think I would keep everything the same.” The star of VH1′s new series Hollywood Exes has a new love in her life (former football player Michael Strahan), a great relationship with Eddie, and a brand new series with four of her close friends that shows “who we are and what we’re doing with our lives.” Check out what Nicole has to say about the show and her co-stars in the clip above, and tune in to Hollywood Exes when it premieres Wednesday, June 27 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
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Gloria Govan Says Basketball Wives L.A. Is More Mature And There Will Be No Violence On The Show This Season

Now that the season of Basketball Wives is over and done, we turn our attention to Basketball Wives L.A. which is currently in production to see what’s going on with the West Coast ladies. Bossip caught up with Gloria Govan recently and they discussed two important issues: the drama surrounding the franchise, and whether or not Matt Barnes and Gloria are back together. The answer to the latter question is simple: Yes, they are. Though Gloria says their relationship won’t be a big part of the show next season. “Believe it or not, Godd—it, we ride or die, I guess!”

And as for the recent controversy surrounding the Miami cast, Gloria says there will be a lot less of that on her show. “Aside from the first fight that we had, like that was our first scene, Basketball Wives L.A. is a little bit more mature…don’t get me wrong, you’re definitely going to see drama…but you’re not gonna see us throwing bottles and trying to hit each other. I just think that’s overdone.” We’ve got the full clip on Gloria’s interview above.

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Dr. Drew, Bob Forrest, And Jennifer Gimenez On The Death Of Rodney King: “He Was A Sweet, Gentle Soul”

Last night on Dr. Drew‘s show on HLN, Drew and Celebrity Rehab counselors Bob Forrest and Jennifer Gimenez got together to discuss the passing of Rodney King who appeared on season two of the show. The news was still very raw for all of them, but more than anything else, they all kept restating the fact that for all the addictions that King suffered through, he was a gentle man at his core.

In the clip above, watch as the three rehabilitation experts discuss their time with King and Dr. Drew reveals his own reaction to King’s passing, saying “You know what happens to me when my patients die? The first thing that happens, I feel angry because I know it didn’t have to happen…I’m sort of in that stage right now with it. After the anger passes, then the sadness kicks in.”
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Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta Stars K.Michelle And Joseline Discuss Their Music, The Show, And Being Called A Villain

Joseline K.Michelle Love And Hip Hop Atlanta
Last night’s season premiere of Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta was definitely buzzworthy, and two of the shows most talked about stars, Joseline and K.Michelle, spoke to the L.A. Times recently to discuss the buzz. The two women, who are both singers and are using the show as a way to boost their fan base, discussed the notoriety of the original Love And Hip Hop series, but that never deterred either of them from participating in the Atlanta cast.

K.Michelle told the Times “I think with any decision you make there’s always the hesitation. I was going to do Love And Hip Hop: New York, and when Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta came around it was a great fit to my personality, everything. I thought about the pros of doing the show and they outweighed the cons, but all in all it was about me telling my story and being myself and letting the world know the real K.Michelle.” She also discussed the recent criticism that certain shows are portraying the fighting a little too heavily, and said “For me, I have my own issues. It’s very difficult for me to judge the girls on Basketball Wives or any of the women on Mob Wives or any of the women who are showing their lives on VH1. But what I did want to pay attention to is that I’m portrayed right. I’m not perfect in this show, by any means. The biggest things I wanted the producers to portray is not an innocent K.Michelle but an honest and real K.Michelle.”

As for Joseline, she really wants people to know she’s an artist, first and foremost. “I believe and know everyone is going to love my music. I put in a lot of work and I’ve had a lot of struggles,” she says. “I’m really showing people how much of the struggle I’ve had. I’m not just a beautiful face and a beautiful body, it’s more than that. I know people are going to love the music, that’s what I’m doing the show for.” But after last night’s episode, it’s clear she’s there to stir things up, but she’s quick to deny she’s a villain. Of course, I think a lot of people are going to believe I am the villain. The truth of the matter is, Stevie is my manager and we’re going to be working together forever. Once people get to know the full story and see what’s going on, they will know I’m not the villain and I’m trying to work. They will know I’m not trying to take anyone’s man; they will know it’s not like that. But it’s OK, people are judging me already. They’ve been judging me. Everyone has their opinions. They can say what they want because I know what I am and what I’m not. I just want to work and make beautiful music.” To read the entire interview with the two women, click here.

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Single Ladies – Episode 4 – A Roller Coaster Evening

Single Ladies
“Don’t hand it to him. Give it to him,” Omar advises Raquel on her first ever outing to the strip club and she looks for a way to slip some singles to one of the male strippers. Raquel has never thrown dollar bills at oiled up men before, nor has she ever gotten a table dance from buff, semi-nude cowboys named Darkness, so the entire evening is a night of firsts.

Keisha is the one who enjoys her own table dance the most though,

but that’s because instead of appreciating Darkness for who he is (probably a charity worker with a heart of gold working his way through grad school, as all the best strippers are), she gets distracted imagining that he’s Malcolm and proves that she’s clearly not over him. Read more…

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Tough Talk With Steve Ward: Episode 9

Master Matchmaker Steve Ward is back for another season of Tough Love, and each week, he’ll be giving us an exclusive look at what went down behind the scenes on the series. This week, we discussed the awkwardness that comes with meeting your girlfriend’s parents. All the guys handled things well, but it got pretty awkward for a few of them.

I want to ask you what you thought of Shalana’s mom in this episode, telling her grandson that Aubrey would be his new step-dad.

That’s what I call a deterrent, not to mention when guys meet a woman’s mother, they imagine that’s what the woman is going to turn herself into. I’m just saying, the mom didn’t help matters at all.

Were you shocked that she’d make that leap, hearing her say “Here’s your new step-father”? Read more…

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Bret Michaels, Movie Critic: The Rock Of Love Star Reviews Rock Of Ages

In case you were wondering what a real rocker thinks of Rock Of Ages, which came out in theaters this weekend, take a gander at this amazing film review, courtesy of Bret Michaels. Our favorite line of the review sums up the plot of the film but also Hollywood in general, when Michaels explains: “There’s a lot of opportunity, but there’s also a lot of sleaze.” Since this film is a rock and roll movie, Michaels gives it the ultimate rock and roll review, saying that this film “goes to 11.
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