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Special Tough Love New Orleans Schedule Update For This Week

Steve Ward Tough Love
We just wanted to give you all a heads up that the next episode of Tough Love New Orleans will be airing tomorrow night, that’s Tuesday, May 15, at 8 p.m. ET/PT, in case you want to check out an early sneak peek!

The same episode, “Can You Laugh At Yourself?,” will air again next Sunday night, but since we know you guys can’t get enough of the show, we wanted you to be able to watch it early, this week only! To keep up to date with the full Tough Love schedule and catch up on episodes you may have missed, take a look at the full TV schedule for the show here.

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Some Early Pictures From The Basketball Wives Reunion Taping

Suzie Evelyn Shaunie Basketbal Wives Reunion
The Basketball Wives reunion was filmed this weekend in Los Angeles, and contrary to anything you may have heard, the whole cast was in attendance and in rare form. We’ll have more dispatches from the reunion, including behind-the-scenes photos, interviews, and clips to show you soon, but in the meantime, check out some of the photos taken by the ladies themselves from the set on Saturday for a look at their reunion fashions.

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Royce Reed Writes To Explain Why She Deleted Her Twitter And Facebook Accounts

Royce Reed Quits Twitter
This weekend, we were surprised to see that Basketball Wives star Royce Reed announced she was deleting her Facebook and Twitter accounts. We saw her Saturday at the taping of the reunion show to ask her why, and she briefly explained that it was to rid herself of negativity. After some thought, she decided to write a post for us to elaborate and explain that she’s not gone forever, but her presence online will be more for business than pleasure. Here’s what she has to say.

Royce Reed Quits TwitterI’m writing this blog in reference to my recent deletion of Twitter and Facebook. I’ve been asked why by quite a few people I’d seen in LA while shooting the reunion as well as friends. My purpose was personal. The reason my twitter is reactivated is business. My problem was mixing the two because I’ve been giving away too much of my life. Sometimes you have to put your hand in the fire to know that it burns. We live in world that thrives off of pretending to be someone else just to chastise another person.
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What Was The Most Dramatic Moment On This Season Of Mob Wives?

Mob Wives Most Dramatic Moments

We watch reality shows for the “truth is stranger than fiction” element, but this season, Mob Wives basically took the cake in that department. In this one group of women, you had rivalries and enemies, returning exes, NON-returning exes, near-death experiences, and family tragedies. Not to mention the knock-down, drag-out fight that started it all. Which moment was most dramatic? You tell us. We’ve put together a video playlist of some of the craziest moments from this season, so check those out and then take our poll to tell us which scene left you shaking your head and telling yourself “You can’t make this up.”

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Dispatch From The Basketball Wives Reunion: Shaunie O’Neal Addresses This Season’s Controversies And Promises A More Balanced Show

It’s hard to ignore the tension between the women in the cast of Basketball Wives this season, and the subject of fighting amongst the women was brought up at today’s taping of the reunion special. Shaunie O’Neal, creator, producer, and occasional bystander and witness to this fighting addressed the issue head-on. In this exclusive clip which was taped just hours ago at the Basketball Wives reunion, Shaunie spoke out about the situation and said “I feel that all these ladies take responsibility for what their actions are…and after seeing ourselves this season, it definitely was a lot more bad than good.” She continued “I’ve really tried to preach the whole ‘Let’s get some balance’ and now I think my voice is resonating.” Watch the clip above to see the full statement Shaunie told the audience today.

In addition, VH1 and Shed Media who co-produce the show have both released statements about the current media attention the show has received.

From Shed:

“Shed Media US is fully committed to telling the compelling stories of the Basketball Wives in a balanced way. Our producing partner Shaunie O’Neal feels strongly about this, and we fully agree with this stance. We support her as she encourages the cast members to work out issues in a non-violent fashion. We look forward to working with her and the rest of the cast on conveying more balance in the next season.”

VH1 also weighs in, saying:

“Our viewers opinions always matter a great deal to us at VH1. Lately, there has been a lot of conversation about Basketball Wives, a series featuring strong, intelligent women with very passionate viewpoints which can sometimes escalate.

We at VH1 agree with and support Shaunie and the show producers’ “no excessive physical confrontations” policy on the series moving forward. We are all committed to balancing the candid, bold excitement that the viewers have come to love in the series with storylines and representations they can be proud of. Shaunie has been a strong advocate for a more balanced approach to the show and we, along with our producing partners at Shed Media, are all in agreement about moving forward with that goal.”

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Basketball Wives Episode 13 Sneak Peek: Terrified

The relationship between Kesha and Tami on Basketball Wives has never been on solid ground, but on Monday’s episode, it’s on a fault line. Tami is still upset at Kesha for talking about her, but she takes it to another level when she holds Kesha’s purse hostage during their argument. Just watch the sneak peek and tune in Monday at 8 p.m. to see what happens when the fuel gets thrown on Tami’s fiery side.

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Mob Wives Season Finale Sneak Peek: It’s Do Or Die Time

Karen and Drita haven’t filmed a scene together on Mob Wives since their fight at Renee‘s party early on in season two, but on Sunday night’s season finale, the two finally meet to discuss their problems. In this sneak peek, they both do some serious mental preparation to face each other. Drita says “This is like do or die,” as Karen walks in to meet her. Hopefully they focus more on the “do,” less on the “die.”

And check out an extra sneak peek after the jump, featuring Big Ang getting a new tattoo. Did you know she has one on her butt? You do now!

The Mob Wives season finale airs Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT.
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VH1 Gossip Roundup For The Week Of 5/11/12: Jackie Christie On Season Two Of BBW L.A., Evelyn Tries On Wedding Dresses

  • Evelyn Lozada tried on wedding dresses in this week’s issue of Life And Style Magazine. [Evelyn Lozada]
  • Kesha Nichols blogs about this week’s episode of Basketball Wives, focusing on bully behavior. [Kesha's Korner]
  • With Mother’s Day right around the corner, Rock Mom June Ambrose talks motherhood and style with TheYBF. [TheYBF]
  • Terrell Owens was on Dr. Phil this week to face off against three of the mothers of his children. [Necole Bitchie]
  • Drita D’Avanzo says you can expect a new mixtape from her soon, and BTW, her favorite rappers of all time are Rakim and Biggie, in case you were curious. [MTV]
  • Jackie Christie tells BossChick she’s please with how she was portrayed on Basketball Wives L.A. and she’s excited for season two. [BossChick]
  • [Photo: Vibe Vixen via Life And Style]