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The Reunion Interview: Suzie Ketcham Maintains Her Innocence

Suzie Ketcham Basketball Wives Reunion
Suzie Ketcham often gets blamed for running her mouth and ultimately creating problems by talking too much on Basketball Wives. But when we spoke to her at the reunion, she surprised us by telling us that during the season’s showdown between Kesha and Tami, she’s actually an innocent party. “I wasn’t the one that said anything,” she explained, opening up a mystery of just who told Tami what Kesha was saying, and why. Curious!

Beyond that, Suzie says she still tries to get along with, well, almost everyone.

What’s your relationship like with all of the women these days?

I still get along with everybody. I mean, I don’t like Kenya that much, but it’s not that serious.

Do you still feel caught in the middle? It feels like every season there’s another way you’ve gotten involved and get stuck in the middle of something.

Yeah, I think that for me I take the stance that I’m cool with both sides but I’m not involved. Things go deeper than what I know is going on, so it’s drama between those two people. It’s hard, I don’t want to be in the middle, but it’s hard to stay out of it.

In Tahiti do you wish you stepped in more to help Kesha rather than let it play out?

No, I don’t think we “let” the two of them do anything, and first of all, I had nothing to do with the drama between them, I wasn’t the one that said anything. I had nothing to do with it. I think what happened with Kesha was extreme and I did try to step in and tell her when she wanted to call the police, I said don’t do that. I felt like that would have escalated the problem so much more. I tried to go get her bag back, I really did, and Tami said she would have to come get it herself. Read more…

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Don’t Forget To Buy Evelyn Lozada’s New Book, Inner Circle, Out Today!

Evelyn Lozada The Wives Association Inner Circle

The last time a star on VH1 wrote a book, it became a New York Times bestseller (if you haven’t read Karen Gravano‘s Mob Daughter, you need to pick it up now). So we’re thinking that Evelyn Lozada‘s first book in her “Wives Association” series will be just as successful. The book which comes out today, is called Inner Circle, and according to it’s description, it picks up where Basketball Wives leaves off: “Inner Circle is a jaw-dropping peek into the lives of a group of women married to professional athletes. It will be impossible to determine where real life ends and fiction begins.”

You can buy your copy of Inner Circle on

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Girl Talk, Makeup, And Cocktails: The Best Backstage Photos From The Basketball Wives Reunion

Backstage at the Basketball Wives Reunion

If you haven’t had the pleasure of attending a live television taping, you might not know that it takes forever to film an hour-long show. The Basketball Wives reunion was broken down into two one-hour shows, but the entire thing filmed over the course of a day, for about eight hours (and that doesn’t count prep time beforehand, so it was a very long day for the ladies). There were a lot of issues to get through on-air, so of course it’s going to take a while, and to be honest we’re still surprised at how things ended. Shows like this also take time because the ladies need to be touched up constantly, people get antsy and need to take a walk or take a break, and sometimes you just need to sip a beverage to loosen up and get through it in between dramatic moments.

We were on the set while the filming took place and got to shoot the ladies (and host John Salley) during some of this down time to give you a glimpse at what happens during the commercial breaks. Everyone looks happy, don’t they? In spite of all the arguments this season, we loved seeing that some of the women, like Shaunie and Evelyn, and Royce and Kesha, really do love each other and were excited to have their pictures taken together. Have a look at all our our photos from backstage at the reunion in the gallery below.

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Single Ladies – Episode 3 – Addicted To Love

When a guy like Antonio comes along, you’re probably going to do what Raquel does and sext him during that downtime when you’re not jumping his bones. Fortunately for Raquel, she also has a friend like Keisha who’s an old pro at the art of the sex text and can help her add some colorful language to her mobile mischief.

Omar also happens to have a dirty mind and helps out on the texting front too, and Raquel is happy to let them take charge, because she’s liberated by her relationship with Antonio. She’s relaxed, she’s happy, and she lets herself finally, for once in her life, go with the flow. Read more…

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Who’s Lying, Who’s Crying: The Basketball Wives Reunion Part II Highlights

During the finale episode of Basketball Wives, while Jen was in her hut and refusing to speak to Evelyn, Ev kept yelling “Give me a lie detector test, I will prove to you she’s lying!” and on the reunion, she got her wish. Before taping, she took a test, and during taping, a separate polygraph was administered to Jennifer to clarify the facts, but rather than proving someone was wrong or right, the lie detector may have actually saved the friendship. On this final episode of the season, after months of fighting, threatening, taking legal action, and declaring their relationship dead, things were, shockingly, resolved. Sort of. All those promises from Shaunie of a more peaceful, positive show really took effect immediately, because to everyone’s shock, the episode ended with Evelyn and Jennifer hugging, crying, and working things out (let us know what you think of all that here, in our poll). Before we break that down, let’s go through all the highlights.
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Poll: What Do You Think Of Jennifer And Evelyn’s Surprise Reunion Reconciliation?

Jennifer Williams Evelyn Lozada Reconcile Basketball Wives
All season long on Basketball Wives, on-camera and off, Evelyn and Jennifer have fought with one anther and declared their friendship dead. Even when I spoke to both of them an hour before taping, all either of them could say was how OVER IT they were, and they hoped the reunion taping would provide them with the closure they needed in order to move on already. They did not get their wish.

In a surprise moment that shocked even the two of them, as well as the whole cast, they were able to admit (at least indirectly, by way of a polygraph test) that they missed their friendship, and they came together to hug and talk things out. I was there and can promise you that this is a moment no one saw coming. If anything, the probability of a brawl was more likely, judging by the tense vibe backstage and the number of security guards lingering nearby. And yet here we all were, staring with mouths wide open as these frenemies wept over one another and admitted they missed each other. It was the biggest moment of the night without a doubt, and personally, I’m dying to know what y’all think of it. And we grabbed a few photos of them at the moment of their embrace below, too.

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Spotted: Big Ang Murals Around New York City And Chicago

Big Ang Mural
We know Big Ang inspires a lot of people to get creative. Ever since she emerged as one of VH1′s most popular stars, people have been inspired to get her face tattooed on their bodies, create illustrations of her, and write songs about her. And now things just went to a whole new level. Big Ang murals have started popping up everywhere (and immediately started getting defaced, as you can tell from Ang’s new moustache and goatee) and we’ve started to take note of all their locations we’ve heard about from viewers. So far we’ve found them on New York’s Lower East Side, in Brooklyn, on Staten Island, and even one in Chicago, so we created Foursquare check-ins at all of them so fans can let us know they spotted Ang. If you see any of the murals, we definitely want to know, so please Tweet @VH1 your photos or tag them on Twitter or Instagram with #BigAng — we might just get a little photo gallery of them out of this. Besides, you know you want to be the mayor of Big Ang.

Big Ang (the show) premieres July 8th at 9 p.m. ET/PT, and to receive even more updates on the show, like it on Facebook, it’s what Big Ang would want.

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The Reunion Interview: Talking Stone-Throwing And Glass Houses With Tami Roman

Tami Roman Basketball Wives Reunion
Tami Roman has faced a lot of criticism this season on Basketball Wives, but she’s also made a lot of progress and has had great success recently with her acting career. When I sat with her before the reunion show filmed, we talked about all of it, and we discussed how she feels about all the “internet bullies” who have ganged up on her recently. Our chat is below.
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Meet The Hollywood Exes In This New Promo

It takes a strong, supportive woman to live in the shadow of a super-famous husband, and the stars of Hollywood Exes have spent years doing just that. In this new promo for the show, which premieres on Wednesday, June 27 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, meet Nicole Murphy, Jessica Canseco, Sheree Fletcher, Andrea Kelly, and Mayte Garcia, who are all divorced from their husbands and ready to show the world that they’re pretty bad mamajamas.
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Sneak A Peek At Part Two Of The Basketball Wives Reunion Special, Airing Tonight

Tonight is the final installment of season four of Basketball Wives. It’s part two of the reunion special, and we’ll be talking about even more about the good, bad, and just plain crazy moments from this season. In this sneak peek from tonight’s show, Evelyn talks a little more about her relationship with Chad (and about their upcoming wedding), and Royce gets grilled on the status of her own tumultuous relationship with Dezmon Briscoe. “We’re good,” Royce says in response to her most recent drama with Dez. “I decided to stay with Dezmon for all the things he did right, not the one thing he did wrong,” she explains. Watch the clip above, and tune in tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT for the big finish.
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