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La La Anthony Tells Us About Her Upcoming Stint On Single Ladies

La La Anthony is famous for being herself, since she got her start as an MTV VJ and she’s most recognizable these days for her reality show, La La’s Full Court Life. The woman’s acting career is taking off these days, however. After a hugely successful role in Think Like A Man, she also has a guest spot on a couple of upcoming episodes of Single Ladies, which we can’t wait to see, starting with tonight’s episode. We spoke to La La while she was on the set of the show to ask her what it was like to film the show and, most importantly, what it’s like kissing a man that’s not Carmelo.
How is it being on the set down here in Atlanta?

I went to high school in Atlanta so my mom, my brother, my family is all here, so I’m working, but at the same time, I’m hanging out with my family, my son’s here, so it works out perfectly.

Tell me about the role you’re playing on the show.

I’m playing Presley, who’s actually Omar’s sister. This is a two episode arc, and I’m really enjoying it, I love having the excuse to come to Atlanta. I’m enjoying it. I think playing someone’s sister gives you the excuse to come back again.

Do you have a love interest on the show?

I do have a love interest, Omar Gooding, he’s Cuba Gooding Jr.’s younger brother. He plays Marcus, and the story is that he’s a bit of a homophobe and my brother is homosexual. I love it because that’s real life issues. And I had to kiss him like twenty times.

That’s rough.

[Laughs] It was okay.

I always imagine that it’s weird for an actor, leaving your husband at home to go make out with someone else.

It’s not really weird, it’s just not as sensual as it looks on screen. It’s like “Cut! Again! Cut! Again!” It’s just work.
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The Hollywood Exes Profile: Sheree Fletcher

Sheree Fletcher met her ex-husband Will Smith on the set of A Different World, and after her friend slipped Will her number, they dated, got married, and had a son. But then divorce came. (“Divorce is the death of a dream,” she says.) Occasionally the shadow of Will looms over Sheree, like when she used to have to tell the men she dated who her ex is, and said that “One guy literally almost drove off the road,” when she told him. She’s now happily remarried to Terrell Fletcher, a football player-turner-pastor.

To learn more about Sheree, tune in to Hollywood Exes when it premieres Wednesday, June 27 17 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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Single Ladies Stylist Anthony L. Williams Is Like Fashion Santa Claus: “I Deliver Sparkly, Pretty Things For Them To Enjoy And Then I Leave”

Anthony WIlliams Single Ladies Stylist Designer
Anthony L. Williams is best known for being a fan favorite on Project Runway‘s seventh season. He was so beloved for his personality and (occasionally over-the-top) fashion creations that he was brought back from Project Runway All-Stars this year, all the while styling and designing looks for the second season of Single Ladies. Williams will have an even bigger role on the Atlanta-based show this season, because he’ll also appear in tonight’s episode. We spoke to Williams on the set about his role as an actor, his methods as a designer for the show, and his elimination from Project Runway, which he doesn’t regret for a minute.

Is being in front of the camera new and exciting for you?

It is new because I work in the background. Clearly I’ve been in the front of the camera dealing with Project Runway All-Stars, Project Runway, and other media stuff that I’ve done. It’s very fun. It seems to come for very natural for me. I’m really enjoying it. I think it gives me a greater appreciation for what these women do.

On Project Runway you’re known for coming up with these great, funny quips, do they let you improvise at all on the show?

Yes! The show writer, Stacy A. Littlejohn, has been so accommodating. She really wanted me to — she really just laid a foundation and wanted me to run with it myself. I’m very concerned with making sure that the vision that she has,I want to make sure it’s realized. So, I think that when you are a designer or a stylist, your job is always to accommodate someone else’s vision or, you know, understand where that person is trying to go. Even though she’s given me freedom, I most definitely want to respect her vision and where she was trying to go even with my part.
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VH1 Gossip Roundup For The Week Of 6/22/12: Somaya Reece Covers Smooth Magazine

Somaya Reece Smooth Magazine

  • Somaya Reece continues to show off her killer body on the cover of Smooth Magazine. [Bossip]
  • Kenya Bell says Jesus kept her from fighting with Evelyn on Basketball Wives. [Eurweb]
  • Wait, is Nia Crooks countersuing Jennifer Williams now? [S2S Magazine]
  • Check out a few more photos of the Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta cast as the celebrate the premiere of their show. [S2S Magazine]
  • Chad Ochocinco is never at a loss for words. The football player and upcoming star of Ev and Ocho was recently traded to the Miami Dolphins and explained that he’s already got a “Brokeback Mountain chemistry with the players” on his new team. [Yahoo Sports]
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    The Hollywood Exes Profile: Mayte Garcia Is Totally Normal, Not Weird Like You Might Think

    “When people find out that I’m Prince‘s ex-wife, sometimes they can’t believe it, or sometimes they just can’t believe, wow, you’re normal. People think that we’re weird. We’re not weird, we’re just artistic,” Hollywood Exes star Mayte Garcia explains in the clip above.

    She started her career in showbiz at the age of eight when she was the world’s youngest professional belly dancer, and she met Prince at 16, thanks to her mother’s persistence and attempts to get her a job as one of his dancers. They married six years later, and enjoyed a pretty normal life together, it wasn’t until after they were divorced that she experienced the culture shock of life as a single woman. Though she was briefly engaged to Tommy Lee, Mayte is currently single and living with her mom in Los Angeles, and she’s on the hunt for a new man…preferably not one in the music industry.

    Hollywood Exes premieres Wednesday, June 27 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
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    Single Ladies Episode 5 Sneak Peek: Take Me To The River, Baby

    The parade of guest stars continues on Single Ladies this season, and this week’s episode features our favorite, T.I., facing off against Keisha (LisaRaye McCoy) in a high-stakes game of poker. And in the clip below the jump, Project Runway star (and Single Ladies’ own designer and stylist) Anthony L. Williams shows up to the boutique and plays hard to get with Raquel. Single Ladies airs Monday at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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    Mob Wives Chicago Episode 3 Sneak Peek: Did You Sleep With My Man?

    Renee doesn’t like Pia on Mob Wives Chicago. But aside from the fact that Renee thinks Pia’s not classy, what else could she have against her? Well, for one thing, she’s pretty sure Pia slept with Dave. Dave is Renee’s boyfriend, by the way. So yeah, that could be a problem.

    Watch the sneak peek above to watch their argument play out and tune in to Mob Wives Chicago on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT to find out the real story.
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    Big Ang Is About To Make The Summer Of 2012 One To Remember

    Big Ang TV Show

    Big Ang has had a rapid rise to fame this year, and her trajectory is still moving up, up, up. Prepare yourself for her new series, Big Ang, when it premieres on Sunday, July 8 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, where you’ll not only see more of Ang herself, but you’ll meet some of her closest friends and family. Son A.J. will be a part of the show, as will her pup, Lil’ Louie, her sister Janine, and the ever-elusive husband of hers, Neil. To find out more about the series, read the press release below. Big Ang might believe in “omerta” but we definitely won’t be keeping silent about this show, it’s going to be amazing.


    New VH1 Series “Big Ang” Premieres July 8 at 9PM*

    New York, NY – June 21, 2012 – VH1 is joining Angela “Big Ang” Raiola for a wild adventure sure to add a little sizzle to the summer heat. Known for her breakout appearances on VH1’s hit series “Mob Wives,” Big Ang will be sure to bring laughs as large as her personality with the premiere of VH1’s “Big Ang” on July 8 at 9PM ET/PT.
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    WWTCOSLD?: What Would The Cast Of Single Ladies Do?

    As we mentioned earlier, when we were on the set of Single Ladies during filming this season, we played a game of questions with the cast to get to know them a little bit better. We were lucky enough to be around when some of the show’s awesome guest stars like T.I., Romeo Miller, and La La Anthony, as well as show creator Stacy A. Littlejohn, were also on hand to answer them, so here are a couple more clips of our favorite cast telling us just what they would do in some interesting, occasionally sexy, often uncomfortable situations. Seriously, why is T.I. so funny? Someone should give him his own show. Part two of our Q and A is after the jump.
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