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Evelyn Lozada Talks About Her Miami Style And Her Plans For The Future

When I visited Miami recently, I got the opportunity to hang out during the filming of a scene from Basketball Wives featuring Evelyn Lozada and Suzie Ketcham. (I may have even walked past a camera, so fingers crossed I’ll get an onscreen debut this season.) After her scene was over, I sat with Evelyn for a few minutes to grab some photos and talk to her about her crazy, busy schedule these days. Up until two weeks ago, Evelyn was shuttling back and forth between Miami and Massachusetts to maximize the amount of time she spends with fiance Chad Ochocinco, and while he might be in the off-season now, Evelyn’s fourth season of Basketball Wives is only just getting started. Here’s our chat, along with some great photos of Ev from that day.
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Basketball Wives Profile: Tami Roman Says That “Life Without Meeka Is Grand”

Tami Roman is insanely busy these days. Not only is she working as a film producer and television host (and television star, of course), as most of you know she’s got her own hair weave line called Curls By Roman that just launched this year, too. Being a hair mogul is pretty fierce though, from the sound of it. “It’s very competitive,” Tami told us in this profile. “The hair game is like, whooo, when you see things like the hair battles and all that stuff, it is really real. I’m just selling hair and people are coming at me from all angles trying to find out where I get my hair, you’ll never know.” Another thing we’ll never know? Who her man is. She’s keeping that info close to her vest for as long as she can. Watch to hear Tami talk about those topics, plus the other subject everyone always brings up: Meeka. It’s worth a watch if only to hear her say “Life without Meeka is grand.”
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Today Is Your Last Chance To Win A Signed Copy Of Karen Gravano’s Mob Daughter

All this week, the VH1 Blog will be giving away five signed copies of Mob Wives cast member Karen Gravano’s memoir Mob Daughter. Each day this week, we have been publishing one trivia question, and today is the last day to play. All you have to do is simply send the correct answer along with the information outlined below to this email address: The winner, who will be chosen at random, will receive a signed copy of the book, which came out on February 14.

The final question of the week is: What’s the name of the person who got involved in Karen and Drita’s fight at Renee’s party and was alleged to have hit Ramona? (To re-watch footage of the fight and find out the answer, click here.)

To Enter: Send an email to with (a) the correct answer of the applicable Question of the Day, (b) your full legal name, (c) mailing address, (d) date of birth and (e) copy and paste the statement below in bold exactly as it appears in order to agree and acknowledge that you have accepted these Official Rules and the terms of’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

“By sending this email, I accept and agree to: (1) the Official Rules of the VH1 Blog – “‘Mob Daughter’ Book Giveaway” and (2)’s Terms of Use ( and Privacy Policy (”


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VH1 Gossip Roundup For The Week Of 2/17/12: A Mob Daughter Book Party, Gloria Govan Gets Cozy With Her Ex

  • Basketball Wives star Laura Govan graces the cover of BE Magazine and says she’s “over” Jackie Christie‘s drama, though she also explains “Just because I don’t hang with you in real life or don’t care to be friends with a person doesn’t mean I hate them.” [BE Magazine]
  • Speaking of Govan sisters, Gloria was spotted at Drake‘s Grammy party with her ex(?) Matt Barnes. Holding hands, so they’re not quite exes at the moment…[Necole Bitchie]
  • T.I. certainly knows how to treat his lady. Tiny posted pictures of her Valentine’s Day gifts from her husband, including dozens of roses, bouquets, jewelry and dinner. [TheYBF]
  • More drama between T.O., Mo, and Kita. The ladies discuss their drama and T.O.’s appearance on Wendy Williams and empathize with him but don’t appreciate how he appears to be throwing them under the bus. [Bossip]
  • Looks like Karen Gravano‘s book release party for Mob Daughter was pretty fun! Check out the pics. [MobWives.Blogspot]
  • Big Ang and Erica Mena have four things in common, and they’re all in this photo. [Instagram]
  • June Ambrose, star of the upcoming Styled By June talks about her style favorites and her new eyewear and fashion lines. [TheYBF]
  • [Photo: BE Magazine]

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    Stevie TV Will Premiere On March 4 At 11PM

    Chances are, if you’ve ever browsed the Internet looking for comedy, you’ve probably come across Stevie Ryan and her impersonations of famous and infamous celebrities. We’re excited to announce Ryan is bringing her comedic sensibilities to VH1 starting on March 4 when Stevie TV premieres at 11 p.m. ET/PT. For more information about the show and some stills featuring Stevie as Kim Kardashian, Deena from Jersey Shore, and Lady Gaga, read on.

    Ever wonder what would happen if the “Millionaire Matchmaker” had to pair up orphans with foster parents or J Lo really went back to “the block” to see her old friends or the Jersey Shore‘s Deena gave girls advice about when to “smush”? Viewers are about to find out in VH1′s new ultimate pop-culture, sketch comedy mash- up series “Stevie TV.”

    Through comedic sketches, “Stevie TV” will take a humorous and satirical look at pop-culture events and moments from hit reality shows as well as the social blunders of celebrities and politicians. The new series is created, executive produced, co-written and hosted by funny lady Stevie Ryan who was discovered through web videos featuring her dead-on impersonations of some of today’s hottest personalities. Her impressions include Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Kendra Wilkinson, Lady GaGa and even VH1′s own stars like the “Mob Wives” and Audrina Patridge. Whether they are grabbing headlines, trending on Twitter or just capturing America’s attention, no one is off limits for Stevie’s chameleon-like talent. “Stevie TV” premieres Sunday, March 4th at 11PM ET/PT.

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    Suzie Ketcham On Basketball Wives: “Is God Producing This Show?”

    Everyone knows that Suzie Ketcham can be unfiltered, to a fault. She’s gotten in trouble for saying things pretty much on every season of Basketball Wives, which is why she makes for such a fun interview. When I met with her in Miami, we talked about how she first got involved with the show in the first place (“[Evelyn] was like, you’ll get paid like $5,000. And I was like ‘Just for eating lunch?’”), her feelings on the show now, and how, in real life, her daughter is totally embarrassed by her. We also took a peek at the contents of her purse and found plenty of surprises inside. If you’re in the mood to be entertained, check out the five craziest quotes from our chat with Suzie, plus a discussion about her purse essentials.

    1. She gets along with the whole cast these days

    I’m cool with pretty much everyone. I’m just that type of person, I don’t like the tension and all that. And I think that means I can film with everyone so they use me as the connector. Last season that’s what they did and it was looking like I was running my mouth, but that’s just the role they use me in, and I got a lot of heat for that, but someone’s got to be there to bring everything together. How’s Jen going to know Eric approached Royce to be in his movie if I’m not the one telling her, you know?

    2. On the reports that Evelyn and Royce might not return for a fourth season…

    I would have been very surprised if Royce didn’t return just because, what else is she going to do? Evelyn, I wasn’t sure what she was going to do, if she would go on and do her own thing, but of course I feel like we need everyone. We need the core people because that’s what the show is. Without one of them, it’s gonna be like, things will have to change. For me, seeing other shows with the same formula that flop shows to me that people love our show and they can’t wait for our show to come back on. I don’t know what it is about our show and our group of girls, but it’s like magic. Even the first season, the way everything came together, I was like “Is God producing this show?”

    3. She’s annoyed that everyone wears “Basketball Wives” earrings now.

    Those big Basketball Wives earrings, they wear them on every show now! Love and Hip Hop, Tiny, it’s to the point where I don’t want to see those earrings anymore, it’s annoying. Everyone wears them.

    4. Doing this show is like getting paid to have lunch.

    I’m just doing it because…I don’t even know why! [Before the first season began] Evelyn was just like “Do you want to do it? All you do is come and eat lunch! And just talk!” And I was like “That’s it?” And she was like, you’ll get paid like $5,000. And I was like “Just for eating lunch?” So I think it’s strange that there were so many haters and then it became what it is.

    5. She’s a totally embarrassing mom.

    In real life I’m like, in sweatpants and slouchy sweaters. My daughter was like, “Oh my God mom, I’m so embarrassed when you come to my school,” and I’m like “Why?” and she’s so embarrassed, she’s like “You come to school looking like you’re homeless wearing a big sweatshirt with your hood on your head,” and I’m like “I just don’t want anyone to notice me!”

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    Basketball Wives Profile: Jennifer Williams Says If The Cast Didn’t Use Twitter “There Would Probably Be A Lot Less Problems”

    One of the things we asked the cast of Basketball Wives during our pre-season interviews was about Twitter. The entire cast uses it and they all say they enjoy engaging with their fans, but it definitely seems to be a huge problem as far as stirring up the drama. “It would be interesting if we didn’t have Twitter to see how that would go,” Jennifer Williams told us during her interview. “I think that people tweet stuff and people think like, it’s a subliminal tweet towards them, so I think people think that if you tweet something that remotely applies to them, they think you’re talking about them,” and that can cause big problems, she says. But she keeps a positive attitude as far as the rifts Twitter and the show has created in some friendships, saying “You go through ups and downs, it’s really just all about how you get through it.”
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    Basketball Wives Profile: Evelyn Talks About Her Book Deal And What She Does In Bed With Chad (Hint: It Involves Hashtags)

    In this pre-season video profile with Evelyn Lozada, the Basketball Wives star gives a candid look at what it’s like to film a reunion show, especially when the reunion is the only time she gets together with certain people in the cast. She also says that she definitely feels like the last reunion is when things with Jennifer started to backslide. “I felt tension from her at the reunion,” Evelyn explains, “and after we wrapped the reunion, she left and didn’t say goodbye to anyone.” Evelyn also talks excitedly about her book series The Wives Association, and how Twitter affects her life. “I will say that me and Chad lay in bed Twittering together,” she admits. And if you follow both Evelyn and Ochocinco, you know that she’s not joking.
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    The Retail Revolution Will Be Televised: House Of Consignment Is Set To Premiere On March 21

    VH1 is excited to announce that it will be getting a style overhaul very soon thanks to House Of Consignment. The show takes the cliche about “One man’s trash being another man’s treasure” and turns the trash, in this case Fendi bags and Jimmy Choos, into cash. Chicago entrepreneur Corri McFadden runs a booming store called eDrop-Off and, using her innate sense of style and business savvy, she resells high-end fashion items that have been rescued from her wealthy clients’ overflowing closets. Billed as “part intervention, part fashion lesson,” it’s also part interactive shopping experience, because viewers will be able to bid on certain items seen the show throughout the season. For more information about the show and McFadden’s style pedigree, check out our press release below. House of Consignment premieres Wednesday, March 21 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.


    New, Fashion Reality Show Premieres at a New Date and Time March, 21 at 10PM/9c and 10:30 PM/9:30c on VH1

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    Basketball Wives Episode One Sneak Peek! Meet Some New Friends, And Get Rid Of Some Old Friends

    We know most of you can’t wait for the return of Basketball Wives, so without much of an introduction, we’re just going to say: WATCH THIS EPISODE ONE SNEAK PEEK NOW. In it, Evelyn plans for her wedding and makes it very clear that only her most loyal friends are invited, Jen reflects on her divorce from Eric and her issues with Evelyn, and we meet a brand new cast member. We probably don’t need to remind you, but the season premiere is Monday, February 20 at 8 p.m.ET/PT.
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