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Tickets Are On Sale Now For Royce Reed’s Off-Broadway Show

Over the past few years, Royce Reed has made it clear that she will not be pigeonholed as “just” a reality star. As one of the original castmembers of Basketball Wives, she’s struck out on her own to author a book series (College Girls), run a dance company, and work on her acting career, and now fans can actually see her on stage in New York City getting that acting career off the ground. Reed will be starring in the long-running play Platanos Y Collard Greens from February 10-18. To check out Royce live on stage, you can buy tickets here, and to see her on screeen, tune in to Basketball Wives‘ season premiere on February 20.

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Basketball Wives 4 The Glamour Shots Are In: What Do You Think?

Back in December, we went to Miami to get an up-close look at what goes on during a Basketball Wives photo shoot. We showed you some behind-the-scenes photos, some early previews of the sexy looks the ladies were photographed in, and a short video of our time with them, and now all the gorgeous photos are ready for public consumption. Check out these gorgeous glamour shots of the entire cast, including new ladies Kesha Nichols and Kenya Bell. Let us know which lady is rocking the hottest look in the comments, and read on for more information about season four.

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Baseball Wives – Episode 8 – Kicked Off The Island

For the first half of this recap of Baseball Wives, allow me to redirect you to my recap of Basketball Wives L.A. when the ladies go to Hawaii. It is the same exact situation, the same drama, and the same Survivor-“Kicked off the island” metaphor. Just do a mental search-and-replace, filling Brooke‘s name in wherever you see the name Jackie.

I’m not kidding, just read this and this instead.
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The Best Quotes From The Debut Episode Of Mob Wives: The Sitdown

Tonight was the first ever episode of Mob Wives: The Sitdown, and Renee, Drita, and Big Ang joined host Carrie Keagan to rehash tonight’s Mob Wives episode. The ladies got into all their drama and we have our favorite quotable moments from the show below. More important than that though, let’s discuss the awesome on-camera shout out to the Big Ang Rap! Now let’s get to those quotes:

Drita, discussing Ramona: “What a clown. I feel so sorry for that girl. She’s so unintelligent. When she does speak, I need Karen to translate because I don’t even understand her half the time.”

Drita: “I became a somebody because I married into this lifestyle? So Ramona’s basically saying her mother is a nobody. Anybody that married into this lifestyle is a crumb snatcher? I don’t get it.”

Renee: “I am literally on the fence. I won’t take sides. I choose not to pick and I pick not to choose.”

Drita: “Ramona does not want Karen and I to get along. Why would she want Karen and I to get along when we have problems ourselves?”

Renee: “Could you imagine if crumbs were my only problem? I would be the happiest bitch on the face of the earth.”

Renee on her crumb rant: “I didn’t know how much of an ass I sounded like until I saw that.”

Drita: “I’m looking out for Carla the way she does for me. I’m hoping Karen’s intentions are good and I hope they can make it happen and become friends.”

Big Ang on her FF cup size: “You think it’s easy carrying these things around?”

Renee: “As long as I’m loyal to myself, I’m loyal to everyone else.”

Drita: “I curse a lot when I’m angry. Do you see how pissed I am on this show?”

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Mob Wives Bonus Clip: “Going To A Big Ang Party, You Have No Idea What’s Going To Go Down”

This week’s episode of Mob Wives ran dreadfully low on Big Ang content, so we’re posting this bonus clip of Drita attending a “Big Ang Party” to make up for it. Can we point out that the puppy Big Ang’s boyfriend promised to buy her has arrived??

In this deleted scene, Big Ang talks about how her plastic surgeon, who looked like an old decrepit troll (her words), left her in pretty rough shape after a particularly bloody liposuction. But it’s cool, we think he died or something.

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Mob Wives – Episode 5 – Four Sides To Every Story

There’s an old saying that goes “There are three sides to every story: yours, mine, and the truth.” On Mob Wives, that saying should actually be “There are four sides to every story: the version Karen tells Ramona, the version Carla tells to Drita, and the two versions they both tell Renee. The truth is in the telling, and these women could tell this story forever.
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Renee Graziano Rushed To Hospital After Reportedly Suffering A Panic Attack [UPDATED]

Mob Wives star Renee Graziano, whose father Anthony is in federal custody and was charged yesterday with racketeering and extortion, was admitted to the emergency room late yesterday for what appears to be a panic attack. Renee reportedly had trouble breathing and collapsed yesterday and received treatment at a New York City hospital. Our thoughts are with Renee, her son AJ, and the rest of the Graziano family and we wish her a safe and speedy recovery. We’ll keep you informed on this entire situation as much as possible.

: We were in touch with show creator Jennifer Graziano today, and she gave us this update on Renee’s current state: “Renee is suffering from complete mental exhaustion, emotional strain and physical pain due to the recent publicity regarding our father, Anthony Graziano. She is being stabilized at Staten Island University Hospital.”
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Evelyn Lozada On The Real Reasons She’s Upset With Jennifer Williams (The Saga Continues)

There’s a bit of a Basketball Wives saga going down this week. It started when Jennifer Williams made comments in an interview the other day saying that Evelyn Lozada “hates the fact that I’m really good friends with NeNe [Leakes], and she hates the fact that me and Mashonda are good friends.” Yesterday, Evelyn rebutted that statement by taking to Twitter to unleash her emotions on Jennifer. Evelyn wrote “So @iamjennifer thinks I’m MADD that she’s hanging out with @NeNeLeakes??? Bitch pls! interview coming soon.” Well, that interview with Necole Bitchie is here, and Evelyn isn’t holding back. It’s super-duper-long, so we’ll just pull a few of the best quotes, and then do yourself a favor and read the entire thing. In true Evelyn form, she’s honest, blunt, and doesn’t hold back what’s on her mind. At the top, she explains that she’s nt jealous of anyone, and just to clear that up, she called NeNe Leakes to discuss matters.

Nene and I spoke on the phone yesterday. She was like, “I am so happy that you called me because I have had discussions with Jennifer, and I told her I know that Evelyn doesn’t have a problem with me. Why would she? I know it wasn’t an issue with me and I told her that.” I don’t care who Jennifer hangs out with. I get it! You’re single. You’re having a good time. We’re in two different spaces right now, and frankly I don’t want to be in the club every night because my life is different…Why am I a bully because I’m straight forward with how I feel? I’m verbal and I don’t keep sh*t in like she does. I’m not like that. If have a problem and you hurt me, I’m like, “Girl, you bothered me with this.” For her, she doesn’t say sh*t on Twitter, but she sure has a lot to say on camera. That’s my thing, say it in my face! You’ll see. I really hope that when the show does air–that it shows that she’s not a good friend because what good friend would do that to somebody? If I started talking and doing interviews about everything I know, you would be done. That whole Barbie good girl sh*t would be done…She’s trying to remain relevant because I gave her a story line! Let’s just keep it real. I’m just being all the way honest. Every time I try to come down a little bit–you know how time heals everything–then, boom! Jennifer does another interview. It’s like why are you always talking about me? Saturday, there was a filming, and it was chaos…The fact that you leave that, go back home and do an interview is crazy to me. I don’t get it. That b*tch done lost her mind.

It’ll all start going down before our very eyes when season four begins on February 20.
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Renee Graziano Reacts To Her Father Anthony Graziano’s Arrest Today

Anthony Graziano, father to Mob Wives star Renee and show creator Jennifer, was arrested today, according to a report in the New York Post. Graziano was one of several high-ranking members of the Bonanno crime family to be charged with racketeering and extortion in a raid that occurred this morning. The Post reports:

“The massive sweep against the Bonanno leadership stems in part from the assistance of former mob associate Hector Pagan, who is the ex-husband of “Mob Wives” star Renee Graziano.

Pagan is now a DEA informant.”

Of course we always wish the best for Renee and her family and based on her Twitter account, she seems to be holding up fairly well in light of the news. She thanks her fans for their support, “Thank 4 ur prayers. I knw GOD will c me and aj thru this awful time… My son is an innocent victim who shldnt have 2 others sins.” Check out a few more of her reactions below, including a comment regarding her ex-husband, Junior.
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