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Jhonni Blaze Can’t Separate Business From Pleasure

After having a blowup with Rich Dollaz where they essentially decided they were dunzo, Jhonni Blaze headed to her life coach media trainer Tara for some advice. Tara forces Jhonni to realize that she has never once separated business from personal when it came to Rich Dollaz, and ultimately, Jhonni makes a decision. “If I have to separate me and his personal [life] than that’s what it’s gonna have to be,” Jhonni declares. And judging from the latest news about Jhonni, it seems like she didn’t have TOO much trouble moving on.

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O’Sh*t Tells Puma About His Time In Rehab In This Week’s ‘Black Ink Crew’ Bonus Clip

Deep down, O’Sh*t really is a sweet guy, and in this unaired scene from Black Ink Crew, he reveals that he was actually the guy that everyone in rehab looked to for support. After telling Puma how he befriended some nice heroin addicts, he talks about how good he has it compared to some of the people he met in rehab, and how he actually prevented people from quitting the program. Check out the softer side of O’Sh*t in this bonus clip!

Black Ink Crew airs Mondays at 9PM ET/PT on VH1.

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Who Are You Calling “Ratchet”? Try The ‘Hot GRITS’ Name Generator


Fans of VH1’s new series Hot GRITS may have noticed by now that a lot of the folks on the show have a name with some Southern flair. In case you’re wondering what your gritty name might be, test out our Hot GRITS Name Generator now!

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The Creep Squad Reunites In This Week’s ‘LHH’ Bonus Clip

Mendeecees, Cisco, Chink, Rich Dollaz, and Peter Gunz collectively form the Creep Squad, which is too bad for Mendeecees and Chink, because if you ask us, they’re not nearly the creeps that the other three are. (Sorry, guys.) In this week’s bonus clip, the five men gather together to discuss their relationship woes, each tale more harrowing than the next. Couples questions: Is Cisco delusional when he says that Cyn is into him?? And is Peter becoming a nice guy? Watch and decide for yourself.

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Karen Explains That If Storm Ever Cheats On Her She’ll “Chop His D*ck Off”

Karen Gravano went through a lot of drama this season on Mob Wives with her boyfriend of two years, Storm. When we asked her for the latest update on their situation, she took the opportunity to address the haters and fans who run “fake pages” and report rumors and accusations against the two. Karen explained “Me and him went through a situation on the show and…I opened up the door for people to say, oh, he’s a cheater, he doesn’t treat you right…For me it’s like, when you’re on a realty show, you’re exposing yourself to everything. You have to have thick skin.”

However, if he does step out on their relationship, what would she do? “I’ll f—ing chop his dick off if he f—ing cheats on me, I mean, let’s keep it real.”

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‘Love And Hip Hop’ Check Yourself: “VH1, Don’t Do Me Like That!”

“I know what that music means!”

Yandy‘s no fool! In this week’s episode of Check Yourself, she knows that the producers are goofing on her idea to have a “commitment to the journey of love” ceremony, and when she hears the music that’s playing during her scenes, she asks “Did they just put on the dumb girl music??…VH1, don’t do me like that!”

Music aside, we also get some commentary from Rich and Jhonni about the state of their relationship too, which imploded this week — watch what they have to say now!

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Karen And Ang Clear Up Their Stance On Rats And Cop-Calling

After Natalie Guercio‘s boyfriend, London, was attacked and had his face slashed in a New York City nightclub, Natalie took it upon herself to post the attacker’s picture on Instagram to help the police find him. When that subject came up on last week’s Mob Wives reunion, the rest of the mob wives called out Natalie for being a rat and a cop-caller, but many of us were scratching our heads. “Why is is a rat move to help the police find your attacker?” fans wondered? Well, it all comes down to Nat G. In this exclusive chat, we asked Ang and Karen why they lashed out at Natalie for doing something that any of us might have done, and for them, it comes down to Nat being inconsistent. As Karen explains, “You cannot be a person that says ‘You’re a rat,’ ‘I’m Sicilian, we don’t hang out with rats,’ and then you do it. It’s not even what she did, it’s the way she did it.” Read more…

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Erin And Sara Foster Reveal Five Surefire Ways To Get Famous

making it in Hollywood is not just a matter of having a hot body and perfect cheekbones. One must truly have a passion for the arts, a desire to succeed, and also, a really great reflexologist on call when the stress just gets to be too much. Erin and Sara Foster know what it’s like to work the L.A. circuit, and the two stars of VH1’s Barely Famous generously offered us these five important tips to get famous.

Barely Famous is on VH1 Wednesdays at 9:30PM ET/PT.