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Live Chat With The Cast! Tune In To This Is Hot 97 After Hours Tonight At 11PM ET

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The cast of This Is Hot 97 is constantly working. When they’re not on the radio or hosting events and working on Summer Jam, they’re filming their show. And to add to that, they’re hosting a livestream chat every Monday night immediately following the broadcast of This Is Hot 97. This week, This Is Hot 97 After Hours is hosted by Miss Info and Laura Stylez and will feature special guest Tahiry Jose from Love & Hip Hop! Watch this space right here at 11PM to tune in!


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Sex, Lies & Videotape: It’s All Part Of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3

The all-new supertrailer for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s, third season contains more drama in four minutes than any of us will experience in a lifetime. You need to watch the whole thing, but to sum up, Mimi ad Nikko make harcore a sex tape, Kirk takes a secret paternity test, and Benzino gets shot. And that’s only about 30 seconds worth of this clip. Read more…

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VH1′s New Summer Shows Are Full Of Laughs, Heart, And Balls (Literally)

This summer, VH1 is launching a slate of new shows that are SURE to become everyone’s guilty pleasures. LeAnn & Eddie will offer up the truth and humor behind one of the tabloid media’s favorite couples, on Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project, one of the world’s most celebrated songwriters and producers will put a group of aspiring musicians to the test to find America’s next great artist, and on Dating Naked… well, people go balls to the wall to find love. It’s all here on VH1 this summer. Take a look.

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Scandal In Atlanta: Mimi Faust & Nikko Made A Sex Tape


Let’s just put this out there: Mimi Faust and her on-again boy-toy Nikko Smith made a sex tape, and it’ll be out later this month if you’re into that sort of thing. Before you can even say “But she has a daughter!” watch the official Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season three supertrailer to find out the who-what-where-why and how of Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta came to be. TMZ, as always, has details and more still photos from the tape.

[Photo: TMZ]

In the meantime, check out pics of Mimi, post-boob job!

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Earmuff Your Kids, The Talking Funk Flex Action Figure Is Here And He Has A Mouth On Him

This week on This Is Hot 97, Funkmaster Flex gets his own action figure. One big problem? When you pull the string and he talks, he refers to himself as “F*ckmaster Flex.” Big oops! Read more…

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#TBT: Is This The Greatest Picture Of Benzino… EVER???

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This picture is the greatest thing we’ve seen all day. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Benzino posted this shot of his younger self with the caption “#flashbackfridays I was cool lil kid huh?” and we’d have to concur that, yes, he was indeed the coolest kid. That hair. Those transitions lenses. Thank you for this, Zino. We’ll cherish this image forever.

Peep some additional throwback pics of the rest of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast in the gallery above!

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Jackie Christie’s Recap Of This Week’s Basketball Wives LA: “Invisible Smashed Homies”

During this season of Basketball Wives LA, the VH1 Blog is happy to have Jackie Christie guest blogging her thoughts to every episode of the show. This week, Jackie discusses her excitement about heading to Paris, and the “invisa-homie” that Draya and Orlando keep referring to in the Chantel situation. Regardless of whose side you’re on here, let’s all start using “invisa-homie” regularly because it’s the best term ever.

ThumbJackieWhere do I even begin?

Let’s just say I was so glad the whole Draya and Chani meeting was over, and although I felt it could have gone much better. At least Chani was able to get everything off her chest regarding the lies that were circulating around about her from Draya, that included whether Orlando was calling and trying to date or not?!? It was chaos and then some and had gotten so heated, name-calling ensued and I needed to step in to calm things down as best I could. Well, just before Chani called her one more “B” and decided to walk out on the whole thing. But I knew she was pleased that Draya confirmed yet again that she was aware Orlando was calling/texting Chani, that whole debacle was crazy and it even included an invisible smashed “homie”!?! Yeah, I know right? Read more…

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Watch Mack Wilds Steal Miss Info’s Lunch In The This Is Hot 97 Celebrity Cameo Of The Week

A lot of celebrities pass through the halls of Hot 97, and in this week’s episode of This Is Hot 97, Tristan Mack Wilds stopped by to steal some food. The young actor and rapper poked his head in to say hi to the gang, but Funkmaster Flex ended up using his as a pawn in his lunch-stealing game with Miss Info and in this highlight from the episode, she catches him in the act. Read more…

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Tiny And Shekinah: Great Friends, Terrible Business Partners

If Tiny and Shekinah‘s friendship was on the periodic table, it would be located with the most volatile of elements, because their friendship is ready to vaporize at any moment. At least they’re aware of this though, and in their efforts to go into business together and hopefully clash a little less, they decide to go on a business retreat run by Laura Dern’s character on Enlightened to work out their differences.

“Welcome to Business Partnering From The Heart,” fake Laura Dern says, in tonight’s Family Hustle highlight of the night. “Aww, that’s cute,” Shekinah replies.

And that’s where the pleasantries end. From here on out, it’s nothing but bickering between Tiny and Shekinah and, personally, if we paid good money to attend this retreat and we got stuck with them in our group, we might ask for a refund.