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Shocker!! Erica And Cyn Have The Most Civil Breakup Ever

After accusations that Cyn and Erica were cheating on each other, and incident where Erica took a swing at Cyn, and Cyn’s new business partnership with Rich Dollaz, we were sure that their breakup would be a disaster. That’s why we were stunned to see how loving and respectful their parting of ways really was. When Cyn showed up to Erica’s photo shoot, it felt like there was going to be drama, but instead, it ended with apologies, tears, and Erica’s genuine regret at putting hands on Cyn. Watch the moment again now.

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‘Love And Hip Hop’ Check Yourself: Drunky Brewster Has Entered The Building!

When Erica Mena crashed Rich and Cyn‘s 79 Gold party, she kept trashing the liquor’s name, calling it 79 Basic. In this week’s Check Yourself, Rich Dollaz retorts, “She’s got 790 basic d—s on her, so that’s probably what she’s referring to.”

Later in the clip, Erica land Rich laugh about her grand exit where she walked into a set of mirrored doors. “Just keep playing this clip,” Rich comments. “I’d like to see her bump into these motherf—ing doors.”

“That’s some funny s—!” Erica adds. Watch the funny s— for yourself now!

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‘Mob Wives’ Bonus Clip: Is Karen Ready To Cut A B*tch?

was riled up and ready to fight after Natalie Guercio allegedly called her a deadbeat mother on Twitter, and in this week’s bonus clip, Karen seeks advice from the one person in her life that she trusts the most, her brother Gerard. As much as he tries to calm Karen down though, she’s angry and takes it out on some glassware. Let’s just hope Karen doesn’t use that broken glass on Natalie. Glass

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Mimi Faust Throws A Big Birthday Bash…But Nikko Was Nowhere In Sight

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Mimi Faust celebrated her birthday in New York but Nikko London was nowhere in sight! The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star threw a bash at NO. 8 in the Big Apple with friends including Sandy Lal and Sharon Carpenter on Wednesday evening but her on-again, off-again boo was not in attendance. Nikko did however post a picture of himself at an Atlanta Hawkes game last night on Instagram.

What do you think is going on with these two now? Is this off-again? Check pictures from Mimi’s party now and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Episode 3 Of ‘Planet Sebastian’ Tackles The Important Topic In Film: Party Movies

Is Weekend At Bernies II the greatest party movie of all time? Sebastian the video store clerk certainly thinks so. In episode three of Planet Sebastian, the companion web series to VH1′s new scripted series Hindsight, Sebastian, a throwback the snarky video store clerk archetype of the ’90s, has alot of opinions on film, and this week’s topic is Party Movies. Forget your Dazed and Confuseds and your Sixteen Candles, for him, Weekend At Bernies II is IT. Watch Planet Sebastian now to find out why!

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Peter Gunz Sings About Marrying His Side Chick On ‘Wild N’ Out’

“Ladies! If you’ve been following my life, you know it’s been real difficult and hard for me.. Fellas, help me out please,” begins Peter Gunz‘s new hit song, “Side Chick,” about his marriage to Amina. Okay, okay, it may not actually be a hit single, but Peter sings a new song about marrying his side chick on Nick Cannon‘s MTV show Wild N’ Out, which will air tonight at 11pm ET/PT. Watch the clip above to see Peter croon “I’m gon’ make you my wife, but you still gon’ be my side chick.” At least he’s self aware?

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VIP Room

VH1 viewers are passionate, opinionated, and very vocal about what they love (and what they don’t) when it comes to their favorite characters and show moments. Which is why we’re seeking your advice and opinions on all of our shows in an online panel called VH1 VIP Room. If you’re a fan of at least one VH1 show and want to get access to exclusive content before anyone else, all you have to do is take a quick survey to see if you qualify. Once you’re in, you’ll be rollin’ with the VIPs. Find out more info about the VIP Room below and click here to join!


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On This Week’s ‘Love And Hip Hop’ Check Yourself Cyn Realizes She Sounds Just Like Rosie Perez

“When Rich is not being a dick, Rich talks truth,” Erica “Mena Millions” says in this week’s Check Yourself bonus clip. Erica explains why she went to Rich Dollaz, of all people, for relationship and personal advice, and after last season and months of antagonizing each other, it seems like they’re actually in a good space. Errr, for the moment. Because the next scene in this clip features Cyn and Rich burying the hatchet, and we all know that Mena was not happy to see her two exes paired up. But more importantly, Cyn laughs as she makes a startling discovery: “I’ve never really realized how much like Rosie Perez I sound! It’s true.”

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Amina And Peter Are So in Love With Baby Cori

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On this week’s Love & Hip Hop, Amina and Peter welcomed their healthy baby girl Cori into the world. The baby, born on July 29th, also just had a big coming out on Instagram when Peter revealed her face to the public for the first time — and what a sweet little face it is. We grabbed some photos of Cori’s Love & Hip Hop debut too, so check out the sweetest moments of Cori’s first day on earth, as her parents dote on her.

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Jennifer Lopez’s Character In ‘The Boy Next Door’ Falls For The Wrong Man, Just Like The Ladies Of ‘Love And Hip Hop’

In the upcoming film The Boy Next Door, Jennifer Lopez‘s character has a brief affair with the wrong man, and she finds her life completely turned upside down. Something tells us that the ladies of Love & Hip HopErica Mena, Amina Buddafly, Diamond Strawberry, need we go on? — could relate. In an interview with Lopez and her co-star, Ryan Guzman, the two reveal how one small moment, one bad decision, can change your life — check out how that compares with the life-changing moment Cisco and his ex, Tasha, face in this exclusive look at the next Love & Hip Hop!

The Boy Next Door is in theaters January 23, 2015.