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Celebrity Rehab‘s Michael Lohan On Lindsay’s Commercial: “What’s The Big Deal?”

Lindsay Lohan came under fire recently for starring in an Internet commercial for while at home on house arrest, and reportedly making a cool $25k for the fifteen second spot. Her critics have claimed that she’s not taking her house arrest sentence seriously, but when we spoke to her dad Michael Lohan, star of the upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, his response was “What’s the big deal?”

Michael says that, post-rehab, he’s now on good terms with LiLo and spent this past Father’s Day with her, and while he doesn’t think her amateur commercial is doing her career any favors, he’s proud of her for not sitting idly while she’s at home 24/7 for her forty-five day sentence.

Be sure to check out Michael and the rest of the new cast of Celebrity Rehab when it premieres this Sunday, June 26th at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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Behind-The-Scenes Single Ladies Text: April Fights For Her Marriage

April Goldberg-Jenkins is trying as hard as she possibly can to save her marriage to her husband Darryl on Single Ladies. Of course, she wasn’t really thinking about that when she had an affair behind his back with the mayor of Atlanta, but now she’s got to deal with the repercussions.

In this behind-the-scenes text message between husband and wife, April tries to convince Darryl to head back to counseling. Of course, Darryl doesn’t sound too convinced about any of this. Maybe this isn’t the best conversation to have by text after all…

Single Ladies airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT, and for more behind-the-scenes bonus features, be sure to check out the Twitter pages of Val (@Val_VH1), Keisha (@Keisha_VH1) and Omar (@Omar_VH1).

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Famous Food Sneak Peek: At Least We Can All Agree On The Stripper Pole

The celebrities on Famous Food are all strong personalities, so when they meet for the first time to discuss what kind of restaurant they’d like to open, there’s a little clash of opinions. Will Heidi Montag, who loves upscale Mexican food trump Vincent Pastore‘s desire to open an Eggplant Parm-O-Rama? And more importantly, will there actually be a stripper pole in the restaurant? Check out this clip, courtesy of, to find out.

Famous Food premieres on Sunday, July 10th at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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Michael Lohan Blames Himself For Lindsay’s Addiction On The View

Michael Lohan was a guest on The View yesterday to discuss his upcoming appearance on the new season of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew. The man has always been outspoken about daughter Lindsay‘s substance abuse, but in this clip, he reveals to Sherri Shepherd and the other hosts that it was only after receiving Dr. Drew‘s treatment that he realized he was wrong to take their struggles public, and he takes responsibility for Lindsay’s addiction.

“At times I spoke out in the wrong ways and I did the wrong things and I led by the wrong example,” he says, and later confesses that “nine out of ten times” he would take back all of the things he has said publicly about Lindsay. Check out more of Michael on The View in the clip above, and tune in to Celebrity Rehab 5, which premieres on Sunday, June 26 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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Tami Roman Plays The Basketball Wives “Who Said It?” Quiz

When Tami Roman visited our office recently, we thought we might have a little fun with her and play a game we made up called “Who Said It?”

We took a bunch of quotes from the first two seasons of Basketball Wives and quizzed Tami on her knowledge of the show. In the first half of our low-budget game show, posted above, Tami started off slowly (“Gloria has me stumped!” she said after a few season one questions that she missed), but it didn’t matter because Tami was a hilarious contestant. Check back for part two of the quiz tomorrow when Tami tackles season two and redeems herself.

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Heidi Montag Is No Tom Cruise In This Clip From Famous Food

In this special sneak preview of the new VH1 series Famous Food, Heidi Montag proves that her bartending skills leave something to be desired. If you desire having a drink poured into a glass.

Montag, along with other celebs like Danielle Staub and Jake Pavelka, are in charge of running Lemon Basket, a new L.A. restaurant. As you can see in this clip, Heidi’s not a natural behind the bar. “I watched that movie with Tom Cruise. I mean, it can’t be that hard, right?” Heidi says. Famous last words as the bottles, ice, and Grey Goose droplets rain down while patrons seek shelter elsewhere. “Actually, it turned out to be a little harder than I thought.”

Famous Food premieres Sunday, July 10th at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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“Not A Dry Eye In The House” At Jeff Conaway’s Private Memorial Service

Radar Online reports that Jeff Conaway was given a private memorial service on Tuesday in Encino, California, and many of his close friends and former so-stars were in attendance.

Attendees included Conaway’s former fiancee Vikki Lizzi, his Taxi co-star Christopher Lloyd, actors Corey Feldman and Ron Jeremy, and fellow Celebrity Rehab patients Amber Smith, Mary Carey. The service included a performance from The Temptations, who sang “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye” in Conaway’s honor. One guest told Radar “there wasn’t a dry eye in the house” during the service.

Conaway passed away on May 27 at the age of 60 and will be greatly missed.

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Royce Reed Recaps Episode 4 Of Basketball Wives

The VH1 Blog is lucky enough to welcome back Royce Reed to her weekly recapping gig where she’ll give us her perspective on all things Basketball Wives 3. Check in each week to hear Royce’s take on the drama that goes down. This week: Feathers are getting ruffled.


The fact that I’m writing this during my birthday week should say a lot about how much I respect my fans and how much it means to me to get my point across. This won’t be long because in actuality I am being selfish due to the fact that it IS my birthday week and I probably won’t remember most of it. With that said…

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Karen Gravano Wants To Forget About “This Whole Lee Thing” On Mob Wives

Karen Gravano‘s two big story arcs on Mob Wives this season have revolved around the book she’s writing about growing up as a child of the mob, and her often contentious relationship with Drita D’Avanzo, who happens to be married to Karen’s ex-boyfriend, Lee.

When Karen visited VH1 recently, we asked her if there was anything she thought the show focused on too much, to which she responded “This whole Lee thing.” Unfortunately, ten episodes of arguing about Lee and his marriage to Drita has taken its toll on that friendship, and we’re preparing for World War III (Rooftop Bar Edition) in the finale. Sadly though, it sounds like all that fighting has done some real damage. “It’s hard to say if we could ever be friends again,” Karen told us, which we assume means that season two is going to be that much more of an emotional roller coaster.

Tune in to the Mob Wives finale on Sunday, June 26th at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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Behind The Scenes Single Ladies Text: Keisha Greene’s Day Off

We’ve all been there, covering a shift for a co-worker when they call out sick (and come in the next day with a tan), but in this text message, sent by Single LadiesKeisha, she doesn’t even bother to fake an illness. Keisha tells her co-worker Omar exactly what she plans to do while she’s playing hooky (can we coin the term hooky-nookie?), but lucky for her, Omar is a forgiving sort. It’s the newbie intern Christina who might not be so happy with this arrangement though…

Single Ladies airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT, and for more behind-the-scenes bonus features, be sure to check out the Twitter pages of Val (@Val_VH1), Keisha (@Keisha_VH1) and Omar (@Omar_VH1).