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Yet Another Reason To Love Siggy Flicker: This Interview With The Village Voice

You know the song lyrics “What the world needs now is love, sweet love”? That could be matchmaker Siggy Flicker‘s catchphrase. The star of Why Am I Still Single?! has won us over with her sense of humor and her deep devotion to making this world a better place by making everyone a nicer, better dater (and therefore a nicer, better person). All in the name of love. And since we’re gushing, we think this interview Siggy did with The Village Voice‘s Michael Musto (someone else we love) is a great read. In it, Siggy gives a list of first-date tips, including “Keep it light,” “Avoid sex, politics, and religion,” “Put your best foot forward,” and our personal favorite “If you’re a man, don’t talk about the size of your private parts or the position you like in bed.”

In addition to offering solid tips in the article, she also has an interesting perspective on meeting new people, a bigger picture, so to speak, saying “You can’t look at dating like, ‘I’ve got to go on another f—ing date.’ I always say, ‘People are dying overseas to protect us, so we can have the freedom to sit in a restaurant and not judge.’ You’re meeting a person of value. He or she could be a friend. They could introduce you to the love of your life. Go in with a positive frame of mind. What do you have to lose?” Love this woman.

For more on Siggy’s dating tips and what she thinks of sex on the first date, check out her interview over on the Voice‘s website, and tune in to Why Am I Still Single?! Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Still Single? VH1 Matchmaker Siggy Flicker Tells You How To Get Hooked [The Village Voice]
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Exclusive: Gloria Govan Addresses Her Split With Matt Barnes And Tells Us “I’m Happy Where I Am Now”

Today we’re reporting from the Basketball Wives L.A. reunion taping which will air in November, and we’ll have plenty of coverage, interviews and photos to share soon. But we heard this morning that TMZ broke the story that L.A. Laker Matt Barnes released a statement announcing his breakup with Gloria Govan. Barnes’ statement read “We have reached the difficult decision of ending our relationship and will be going our separate ways at this time.” As luck would have it, we spent some time with Gloria at the reunion today and we decided to go straight to the source to find out the real deal. Here’s what Gloria had to say about her decision to put their relationship on hold indefinitely.

I saw the news today about you and Matt, and I know your relationship has been shown a lot this season and we’ll see even more of what’s going on with you a the end of the season, but can you talk about your split?
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Jackie Christie, The Marrying Kind: Yin And Yang

Basketball Wives L.A. star Jackie Christie has graciously offered to write a column for the VH1 blog with the advice and wisdom she’s picked up after years of marriage to retired NBA star Doug Christie. The Christies’ relationship has been inspirational for many of their peers, and they’ve never compromised it, they put family and each other ahead of everything else. The pair wrote a book, No Ordinary Love, together and we’re glad that Jackie has chosen to share even more of her words of wisdom as a true basketball wife with us each week. This week’s topic: Yin and Yang.
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The Ten Best Viewer Tweets About Why Am I Still Single?! Episode Two

It’s impossible to watch VH1’s newest dating show, Why Am I Still Single?!, and not have an opinion about the troubled daters who desperately need the help of matchmaker Siggy Flicker. That’s why it’s so fun to check Twitter for viewer reactions to the show to see what fans think of these occasionally cringe-worthy singles. Last night’s episode featured Mike, an old-fashioned, family-loving guy who put himself out there a little too much on his first dates (and brought up the names he picked out for his future children and, oh yeah, talked about abortion), and Nikki, a sweet but reserved woman who loved music theater. We picked some of our favorite tweets you posted during the show, some brutal, some hilarious, and we’ll do so throughout the season — is yours one of them? (And check it out: mob wife Drita D’avanzo‘s a fan!)

@brookemunford: Watched wayyyy too many episodes of why am I still single last night… Had a dream where I was old and lived with only cats #noooo

@sumTHINforeign I need to be on ” Why Am I Still Single” sad but true lol =\

@dritadavanzo: @VH1 @siggyflicker awesome show…my friend Chynna is on there…she’s great:)

@VH1Info: #WhyamIstillsingle Why Would you ask if some girl” s uterus can handle 4 kids, by then she will have 4 uteruses.

@NotYerAvgChick: Jonathan on #WhyAmIStillSingle was SO cute! Call me! xoxo

@NotYerAvgChick: Michael on #WhyAmIStillSingle – you are very cute, but you need to modernize your mind! Then, come to FL & we’ll talk ;)

@elle_emm_aitch: Siggy said she wants everyone to say, “I went out w/ a gentleman who was appropriate.” #WhereDeyAt? LOL. I’ll take two.

@hurrihottie: This Italian guy on #whyamistillsingle is such a typical Italian. Wants a mommy not a wife! Italian women need to stop spoiling their sons!

@auntieof3angels: This guy should really let his eyebrows grow out! #WhyAmIStillSingle

@vee_katz: Yea seriously, @FarrahWritesTV #WhyAmIStillSingle is so funny and guru Siggy is just as down to earth as she is badass and practical.

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VH1 Celebrity Stylist June Ambrose Tells The New York Times She’s Bringing Style To The Masses

June Ambrose is busier than we thought! The celebrity stylist who has an upcoming VH1 show premiering in February 2012, was profiled in the New York Times this weekend and we learned so much about this woman who has built a career styling the biggest names in the game. Here are some facts about June that you should know (although the question of when she finds the time to sleep is still unanswered):

  • She calls her current job, as the “style architect” for The X-Factor‘s seventeen contestants “the biggest styling gig of my career.”
  • She has styled just about everyone you can think of. Some of the clients name-checked in the article: Jay-Z, Jason Derulo, Kelly Ripa, Sean “Puffy” Combs, Mary J. Blige, Swizz Beatz, and Jaleel White, better known to the world as Urkel. (White will appear on Styled By June: for some shots of him looking hot and decidedly un-Urkel check out some photos from their shoot.
  • Ambrose actually introduced Jennifer Lopez to Sean Combs on the set of the “Been Around The World” video.
  • She has her own fashion terminology with words like “haute” to replace “hot,” “glamor-flage” and of course, in the world she lives in, she’s master of the “Juniverse.”
  • Born and raised in New York, she still lives there with her manager husband and two children.
  • She’s a frequent collaborator with director Hype Williams and says of her goals and aesthetic “We weren’t making videos, we were making movies. I wanted to bring high fashion to urban music, to bring aspiration, imagination, luxury.”
  • She’s a constant Tweeter, with over 300,00 followers (us included!). Check out her page to be a part of her “Juniverse” here @JuneAmbrose.
  • Ambrose designed a line of eyewear for Selima Optique, and is starting a line of apparel and home furnishings so that she can “bring effortless style to the masses.”
  • With all that said, we’re even more excited to see her show and learn her style secrets. In the meantime, check out her Facebook page and her Twitter to keep up with all things June.

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    Why Am I Still Single?! Episode 2: Siggy Flicker And Her Team Discuss Nikki And Mike

    Matchmaker Siggy Flicker and her team of stylists and recruiters are experts in the field of dating, and each week on Why Am I Still Single?!, they take on two new clients to help them rehab their image from the inside out. Siggy, her twin stylists Jenn and Jamie, and her love pickers, Hayley, Chynna, and Victor, will be giving us a weekly look at their clients and they issues they’re up against. This week, Michael is ready to have a wife and family as soon as humanly possible and likes telling informing his dates of his plan, and Nikki is too afraid to offend her dates that she never allows her personality to shine.
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