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La La Vasquez Talks About Beyonce’s Big VMA Reveal, Her Acting Career, And Freaks Out About Her Times Square Billboard

I’ve never been in the presence of person who has screamed so loudly that I thought someone might call the police, but that’s exactly what happened when La La Vasquez walked into our interview here at the VH1 offices and spotted a billboard for her show out the window, smack in the middle of Times Square. The woman lost her mind for about thirty seconds (in an adorable way, not one that actually required the police). La La had no idea her face would be on a giant billboard, and she probably had no idea that three million viewers would tune in to the premiere of her show, La La’s Full Court Life last week, so she has a lot of reasons to be so excited. And, thanks to the MTV VMA’s, she has one more reason, thanks to Beyonce.

Did you watch the VMAs last night?


Any favorite moments? Beyonce?

Yeah, that was the biggest moment, Beyonce announcing she’s pregnant, it was like hearing your sister say she was pregnant. Everyone was so happy about that, as am I, I am overwhelmed with happiness for them. I think Chris Brown‘s performance was amazing, the flying through the air was just crazy, the Amy Winehouse tribute was wonderful — I thought the show from start to finish was just so well done.
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Kelly Rowland, Christina Milian Attend Give Back Hollywood’s VH1 Save The Music Event [Photos]

The MTV Video Music Awards (and Beyonce‘s baby bump) might have been the big news of the weekend, but there was another musical event in Los Angeles this weekend that saw dozens of celebs come out in support of their industry: The Save The Music Foundation Benefit, sponsored by the Give Back Hollywood Foundation.

The event, held Friday at the SLS Hotel in L.A. was co-hosted by Tamar Braxton ( and Vanessa Simmons, and featured a performance from Luke James and appearances from Christina Milian, Kelly Rowland, and Carolina Liar. Check out our gallery below to see who was in attendance (our favorite pic might just be the one of Andrew W.K. and Cherie Lily. That guy might like to party, but he also knows how to crane kick on the red carpet.).

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Meet The Cast Of Basketball Wives LA: Laura And Gloria Govan

Perhaps the most recognizable face that will appear on Basketball Wives LA is the one belonging to Gloria Govan. Gloria, a cast member on the first season of Basketball Wives Miami, was often at odds with the women on that show because of her take-no-bulls— approach. Now that she’s paired up with her like-minded sister, Laura on the new show, she’s a bit more at home.

In this video, Laura talks about how she’s not just a basketball wife, she’s also a basketball coach, and she basically lives and breathes the sport. That is, when she’s not spending all her time with her four children. Gloria, who has known her fiance, Matt Barnes, since she was twelve, has also had a life-long connection to the sport, but here she discusses the importance of family and how to keep a healthy relationship alive under so much constant pressure. But Gloria and Matt seem to have an understanding about fidelity. “I believe in trust,” she explains. “I definitely trust Matt…Having me walk out with the kids and half, if not all of his money, there really should be no piece of ass worth that.” We told you she takes no bulls—.

Basketball Wives LA premieres Monday, August 29 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.
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Meet The Cast of Basketball Wives LA: Draya Michele And Malaysia Pargo

Two of the more controversial figures on the new season of Basketball Wives LA are Draya Michele and Malaysia Pargo. Malaysia, who is married to Chicago player Jannero Pargo, is a true basketball wife, but according to some of her castmates, she tends to come off a little snobby. In her video introduction, Malaysia, who has three children under the age of four with her husband, talks about one of the hardest parts of basketball wife-hood, being alone all the time.

Draya Michele might be the biggest troublemaker of all on the new show, since she herself says “I’m not known for being nice. You’re either nice or you’re not, and I’m not…My reputation isn’t the best,” she says, “But it’s a reputation.” Tune in to the premiere of Basketball Wives LA this Monday, August 29 at 8 p.m. ET/PT to find out whether or not Draya’s reputation precedes her.
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It’s Official: Adrianne Curry And Christopher Knight Are Divorcing

They separated back in May, but now Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight have announced that they have officially filed for divorce. The My Fair Brady stars had been married for five years and met while filming season four of VH1′s The Surreal Life.

Curry wrote on Twitter that the divorce is amicable, shooting down a TMZ report that claimed it was Knight that wanted out. “Let me clarify, TMZ Chris filed cause I TOLD him to. I even announced it the other day :P He paid the 400 fee.” She also wrote “i feel like people cant fathom a couple divorcing nicely..we are even having our friends serve each other..mine was on vid..hahaha.” Sad news, but at least the pair seem to have a healthy perspective. And now, Peter Brady begins his search for a new wife who can replicate Alice’s pork chops and applesauce.

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Famous Food – Episode 8 – Gin And Juicy

This week on Famous Food, there were quite a few bad business practices going on. First, there was always troubling designer Scott who walked off the job when he was confronted by DJ Paul for bringing in sub-par, un-Scotchgarded benches. And you KNOW how DJ Paul is when it comes to Scotchgard.

And then there was Juicy J, who puts the juicy in…just about everything. Both men were let go (!), but in our poll, let us know who you think deserved their firing the most.
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Basketball Wives 3 Star Jennifer Williams Gets To The Root Of Her Drama With Evelyn And Explains Why She Thinks Eric Is “A Little Off”

When I was on set at the taping of the Basketball Wives reunion special recently, I was fortunate enough to chat with all the ladies on the show about what they thought of the dramatic third season: The fights, the fun moments, the drink throwing, everything. When I caught up with Jennifer Williams in her dressing room, she was explaining how she just flew in from a (another) trip to Italy and was battling some jet lag. Still, she mustered up her energy to tell us all about where she is in the divorce process with Eric Williams, and what her current dating life is like, and whether or not her feelings have changed about Chad Ochocinco.

Hey Jennifer! What have you been up to lately?

It’s been busy, I just took a girl’s trip to Italy. This time with no drama.

Yeah, it seems like the last trip only involved drama.

Um. Yeah. This time I went to Sicily, Capri, and back to Rome, so I just got back and I’m like twelve hours ahead, my body is confused.

Did you think something was brewing when you went on your trip to Italy with the cast, did you expect all that drama?

I don’t think you go on vacation thinking you’re gonna have drama. I feel like if you’re gonna have drama, let’s do that in Miami. We can do that at home. Throughout the trip there was constant drama. I’m not really one for all the drama and I was dealing with my personal drama, I have a real, live situation going and didn’t want to deal with the chick drama. But you deal with it the best you can and you move on. No one wants to go on vacation in another country and have to deal with that s—.
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