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Watch Mack Wilds Steal Miss Info’s Lunch In The This Is Hot 97 Celebrity Cameo Of The Week

A lot of celebrities pass through the halls of Hot 97, and in this week’s episode of This Is Hot 97, Tristan Mack Wilds stopped by to steal some food. The young actor and rapper poked his head in to say hi to the gang, but Funkmaster Flex ended up using his as a pawn in his lunch-stealing game with Miss Info and in this highlight from the episode, she catches him in the act. Read more…

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Tiny And Shekinah: Great Friends, Terrible Business Partners

If Tiny and Shekinah‘s friendship was on the periodic table, it would be located with the most volatile of elements, because their friendship is ready to vaporize at any moment. At least they’re aware of this though, and in their efforts to go into business together and hopefully clash a little less, they decide to go on a business retreat run by Laura Dern’s character on Enlightened to work out their differences.

“Welcome to Business Partnering From The Heart,” fake Laura Dern says, in tonight’s Family Hustle highlight of the night. “Aww, that’s cute,” Shekinah replies.

And that’s where the pleasantries end. From here on out, it’s nothing but bickering between Tiny and Shekinah and, personally, if we paid good money to attend this retreat and we got stuck with them in our group, we might ask for a refund.

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Watch A Possessed Jackie Christie Pull Her Weave Out, Thanks To The Oculus Mirror

Last week, Jackie Christie appeared possessed by the Oculus mirror and we wondered what evil deed it might make her do. Would she assault herself with a drink, as certain Basketball Wives have done in the past, or would she try to pull her weave off her own head? You voted using the hashtags #DrinkInTheFace and #SnatchThatWeave, and now you can see what a possessed Jackie Christie is likely to do. Watch the clip above to see Jackie snatch that poor weave right out of her own head. Slowly. Painfully. And oh-so-evilly.


Oculus is in theaters April 11. For more, check out

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Tune In To This Is Hot 97 After Hours Tonight At 11PM Right Here!

Live streaming video by Ustream

Each week, the cast of This Is Hot 97 will be holding a live after show immediately following the broadcast of their show. This week, hosts Miss Info and Peter Rosenberg will be joined by special guests Ian Gelfand and Mack Wilds to break down the episode and the gossip around the office.

You can tune in right here starting at 11PM ET tonight, and you can join the conversation by submitting your questions on Twitter with the hashtag #Hot97AfterHours.


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Couples Therapy Stars Taylor Armstrong & John Bluher Got Married!

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Huge congratulations are in order for Couples Therapy season four stars Taylor Armstrong and John Bluher, who were married this weekend in California. Read more…

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Nick Cannon Has Big Dreams For The Drumline Sequel, Including A Possible TV Show

Fans of the original Drumline movie, which came out 12 years ago (!!), were ecstatic to hear that Nick Cannon is behind a new Drumline film that will be hitting their TV screens on VH1 this fall. “I’m mainly behind the scenes on this one,” Cannon, who’s executive producing Drumline 2: A New Beat said. The sequel will be a “new story within that same world and that same culture.” And beyond the sequel, Cannon has even bigger dreams to turn the Drumline world into a TV series as well. Read more…

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Golden Showers: Jackie Christie’s Recap Of This Week’s Basketball Wives LA

During this season of Basketball Wives LA, the VH1 Blog is happy to have Jackie Christie guest blogging her thoughts to every episode of the show. This week she talks about her confusion over the Draya and Chani situation, her terror of the zombie mud run, and, or course, her cognac empire.


Wow!! After what happened last week, this episode was a great change of pace!! But first, we were reminded of the hell that broke loose between all of us in Palm Springs…

The opening credits of our show always gives me goose bumps! Heck, I never know what to expect! Sundy and I arrived at Brittish”s place because we had to bring her up to speed on the whole Palm Springs doozie of a trip. And Brittish was not at all happy about not being invited, but I quickly had the ladies do woosah to get us back on the same page. Read more…

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Trés Belle: The Women Of Black Ink Crew Live The Glam Life In Paris

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This week on Black Ink Crew, Dutchess returned to New York on a mission to repair all of her old friendships and get some serious emotions out. Looks like those open lines of communication helped, at least when it comes to Sassy. The two co-stars, along with Puma’s beautiful wife Quani, were photographed on a trip to Paris together and they look like they’re having a blast. Check out some of the photos from their trip to the City of Light!

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Is Rosenberg About To Cheat On His Wife On This Is Hot 97?

Peter Rosenberg loves his beautiful wife, Alexa. But he loves beautiful women in general, and this week on This Is Hot 97, he gives in to temptation and asks Carrie Keagan, of VH1′s Big Morning Buzz Live, to go to the movies. Read more…