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9 Surprising Facts About Dr. Jenn Berman

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Our favorite TV therapist, Dr. Jenn Berman, is such a professional, that after five seasons on Couples Therapy, we realized we barely know the woman. We had to fix that. After having a pretty in-depth conversation with her, we learned that this woman has an incredible back story, a family with a legacy of their own, and some seriously hidden talents that you’d never know about from watching her show. Read on to find out about her famous family, her legacy as a medal-winning gymnast and more! Read more…

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I Heart Nick Carter‘s Lauren Kitt-Carter Reveals Exclusive Wedding Details

[Photo: VH1]

[Photo: VH1]

This week on I Heart Nick Carter, we watched Nick and his soul mate, Lauren, tie the knot in a beautiful seaside ceremony, attended by Backstreet Boys and complete with embarrassing and emotional toasts, champagne and great music. All the trappings of a perfect wedding, if you ask us. But as fans have seen over the past eight weeks, the planning process was a struggle and there was plenty of family drama along the way. We spoke to Lauren Kitt-Carter who gave us some exclusive details on the big day, from her wedding song, to what it was like to have every Backstreet Boy in attendance. Read more…

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Check Out Some Of Nick & Lauren Carter’s Wedding Photos!

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This week marked the big finale of I Heart Nick Carter, and — don’t lie — Nick and Lauren‘s wedding made you a little misty, didn’t it? Their beautiful wedding, held in Santa Barbara, looked lovely and full of people who love and support them, and the bride and groom looked beyond happy. Lucky for us, Lauren sent us a few of her personal photos from the big day and from the celebrations leading up to it and she’s graciously allowed us to share them with you. Check out some of the beautiful moments from the show and from Lauren’s personal archive now!

[Photos: VH1 and Lauren Kitt Carter]

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Mob Wives Season 5: The Return Of Karen Gravano

Yep, you read that headline correctly: Karen Gravano is back on Mob Wives. And she hasn’t yet developed a taste for new blood. Watch the very first trailer for season five to see how Karen really feels about Natalie, and where the rest of the ladies stand with one another. Season five premieres on Wednesday, December 3 at 9PM ET/PT.

Check out photos of the cast on set and off from this summer below.
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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Check Yourself: Slingin’ That Nasty Brown

Was Omarion really going to get his turtleneck snipped for Apryl? In this week’s Check Yourself, Apryl explains that she’s always horny, and as a pregnant lady with limited real estate for him down there, she needed him to scale back on what he was giving her. “I want Omari to get snipped now! I need sex!” Apryl reflects. Is that really how circumcision works? ‘Cause we don’t really think these two understand how little is removed in the process… Read more…

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Nikki Calls An Emergency Therapy Session On This Week’s Couples Therapy Sneak Peek

Nikki and Juan Pablo‘s relationship has been on rocky terrain since they left The Bachelor, but this week on Couples Therapy, Nikki is at a point where she almost seems ready to quit. In this sneak peek, she and Juan Pablo sit down with Dr. Jenn for an emergency session because she needs him to just be straight with her. Forget the language and cultural barriers, she needs to know what he’s feeling, and she calls him out for not being real – an accusation that he’s not happy about.

Find out what happens next on this week’s Couples Therapy, Wednesday night at 9PM ET/PT.

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What’s Your Love & Hip Hop Name?


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Have you ever noticed that there’s a pattern to a lot of the names on Love & Hip Hop? First you had Mama Jones, then there was Momma Dee. We’ve had Erica Dixon, Erica Mena, Erica Pinkett and Erica J, Lil Scrappy and Lil Fizz, and Ray J and Stevie J. And then there are the stage names: Why be Ray Scott when you can be Benzino? Why settle for Omari when you could be Omarion?

We’ve implemented a very scientific algorithm so that you too can receive your very own Love & Hip Hop name. All you have to do is enter your name to see what our hip-hop-super-computer comes up with, and don’t forget to share your name with your friends on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #LHHName. And for fun, in the clip below, watch as Erica Mena plays “Name That Erica” to see how well she knows the ladies who share her name.

Thanks to Dan Spagnoli and Lily Roche for being the brains behind the Name Generator.

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The Cast Of Drumline: A New Beat Plays Musical Chairs Truth Or Dare

Three stars of Drumline: A New Beat faced off against each other this morning in a down and dirty game of “Truth or Dare Musical Chairs” on Big Morning Buzz Live. Not familiar with the game? It’s a mashup that involves the odd man out in musical chairs to play truth or dare with Nick Lachey. The end result? The actors had to twirl turkey drumsticks, kiss co-host Michelle Buteau and let’s not even talk about the hulu hoop…situation.

Drumline: A New Beat premieres Monday, October 27 at 9PM ET/PT on VH1.

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This Flashback Photo Of Tiny, Kandi, Latocha And Mariah Is Everything

We live for classic throwbacks like this pic, posted by Kandi Burruss and featuring Tiny Harris, Kandi, Latocha Scott and Mariah Carey, hanging at Mariah’s house while they recorded the remix to “Always Be My Baby” in 1996. The track was produced by Jermaine Dupri and also featured Da Brat — you can listen to it and see the ladies recording with Mariah in the video below!