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Tahiry, Jennifer Williams, Tristan Wilds Show Up For This Is Hot 97 Premiere

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Mona Scott-Young knows how to throw a party. The woman behind such TV hits as Love & Hip Hop and The Gossip Game just launched her latest series, This Is Hot 97, and all of our favorite celebs came out to celebrate. Of course the cast of the show was there, but so were Love & Hip Hop star Tahiry, Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams, and actor Tristan Wilds, just to name (drop) a few. Take a peek at some of the bold-faced names in attendance in our gallery from Monday night’s party, and tune in to the show when it airs on Monday, March 31st at 10:30 PM ET/PT.

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This Is Hot 97: Meet Rosenberg, 100% Pure Talent

Growing up, Peter Rosenberg wanted to be Funkmaster Flex. And nowadays, Rosenberg, who’s part of the Hot 97 morning show team, gets to work right alongside his idol. Rosenberg is yet another DJ from the radio station who will be featured on the new series This Is Hot 97, and as he explains in this clip, being on TV is not a huge stretch for him. “I live life as if the camera’s on, so having the camera on just made me that much better he (humbly) explains. “Because I am a professional, and I am what you call pure talent.”

Watch the rest of the clip to see how his colleagues react when they hear the name Rosenberg (“A pock on humanity!” Miss Info declares.) and tune in on Monday, March 31st at 10:30 PM ET/PT to see the man in action on This Is Hot 97.

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Take Your First Look At Some Of VH1′s Celeb-Filled New Summer Shows

This summer, VH1 is going Hollywood with three new shows that focus on the lives and talents of some huge celebrities. In this sneak preview of what’s in store this year, get a glimpse at LeAnn & Eddie, which focuses on the lives of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian, who plan to set the record straight for those of you who only know them from their presence in the gossip rags. There’s Also Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project, in which the singer-songwriter and former frontwoman for 4 Non Blondes will try to mold a group of young artists into bona fide, legit music stars. In I Heart Nick Carter, fans will see the Backstreet Boy in a whole new way — as fiance to Lauren Kitt — and they’ll get a peek into his wedding planning.

And finally, we have one more hot summer show on the docket that’ll make you want to peel off your clothes…is it hot in here, or is it just Naked Dating? Take a look at all the new shows and get ready for one hell of a summer!

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This Is Hot 97: Meet Funkmaster Flex, The Michelangelo Of Trash Talk

Funkmaster Flex has always been a major player in New York radio, and now he’s transitioning to TV as one of the stars of This Is Hot 97. In this cast profile, learn how the world-renowned DJ got his name, and what he thinks of his critics. In short, “I’m the best DJ and the best air personality. And people can never challenge me at that because you won’t win. If you want it, come take it, I’m not going to give it to you.” Read more…

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Devils Nation, Rise Up! Hit The Floor Is Back On Memorial Day

The wait is over — Hit The Floor is coming back this May! On season two, questions will get answered, romances will flourish, and new mysteries will reveal themselves. Oh, and there will be dancing. Watch this brand new promo to prepare yourself for a devilish new season, premiering Monday, May 26th.

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Renee, Lana, And Jennifer Graziano Share Their Recipe For Frittata With Nick Lachey

If there’s one thing we know from Mob Wives, it’s that family comes first, and the three Graziano sisters, Jennifer, Renee, and Lana, prove that nothing bonds a family together more than food. They joined Nick Lachey today on Big Morning Buzz Live to cook a cherished family recipe for zucchini frittata and shared some stories along the way to promote their newest endeavor, their cookbook, How To Use A Meat Cleaver.

Watch the clip to see the ladies teach Nick a thing or two about cracking eggs and advise him on how to sneak meatballs into prison. (We’d expect nothing less from a cooking clip with the Grazianos!)

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This Is Hot 97: Meet Miss Info And Laura Stylez

Miss Info and Laura Stylez are two of the women who keep Hot 97 hot, and in this introductory clip, you’ll get to know them and what they think of their co-workers at the famous New York City radio station.

“I work with a bunch of savages!” Laura explains, after revealing that her male coworkers at the morning show tease her relentlessly for being a rookie. “I almost feel like the testosterone makes us tougher,” Miss Info adds. “It also makes it so we can’t take ourselves too seriously.” Read more…

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This Is Hot 97: Meet Angie Martinez, The Voice Of New York

Angie Martinez has worked at legendary New York radio station Hot 97 “forever,” she says, and she’s earned her stripes there. But what you hear on the radio isn’t always what you get with Angie. “I guess on the radio they think I’m super nice all the time, or super happy all the time, which is so not true,” she says in this cast profile for the all-new VH1 series, This Is Hot 97. Read more…

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That’s A Wrap! What Will You Miss Most About Single Ladies???

Pic Of The Day: Denise Vasi On The Set Of Single Ladies

We’re incredibly sad about the end of Single Ladies last night — so many loose ends! Where was Keisha going? Did April really get married to Sergio? Will Raquel and Terrence live happily ever after??

From the hot and spicy sex scenes that made the show famous to the wardrobe we coveted, to the genuine friendships between these three women (and Omar!), we loved this show to death and we’re pouring a little bit of Wild Honey-flavored vodka out for it this morning. Let us know what you’re going to miss most about the series in the comments and take a stroll down memory lane with these behind-the-scenes pics from season three.

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Jackie Christie Recaps Episode 6 Of Basketball Wives LA: The Beef Has Been Brought

Each week, the VH1 blog is lucky enough to have Jackie Christie recapping the latest episode of Basketball Wives LA for us. This week, she dives in to the drama in Palm Springs. Despite the drinks thrown and the black eyes, Jackie is filled with optimism, pointing out that the women came away from the trip with a renewed sense of sisterhood. Read her recap below!

ThumbJackiePalm Springs!!! OMG is all I can say! So jumping right in, Malaysia and Draya arrive in Palm Springs, joining Brandi, Sundy and myself. The situation had been a bit unsettling prior to their arrival however, considering Brandi had pre-warned me that, supposedly, there was an issue with Draya and I, and that I should be ready for it.
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