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Past Casts Offer Their Best Advice For The Stars Of Couples Therapy Season 5

Most of the past casts of Couples Therapy would probably tell you they were hesitant to join a show that would expose some undesirable or uncomfortable aspects of their relationships. And yet to see them all now, having grown from the experience and living a more positive life — with or without their partner fro the show — it’s a testament to how the series has shaped their lives.

We asked the couples who participated in this week’s Couples Therapy With Dr. Jenn Reunion what advice they have for the incoming cast of season 5, and they had some solid suggestions on how to get the most from it. In a word: HONESTY.

Couples Therapy With Dr. Jenn
season 5 premieres on Wednesday, September 10 at 9PM, immediately following part two of the reunion special.

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Caught On Camera! Peep The Best Backstage Candids From The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion

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Amid all the mayhem and insanity at the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion taping, there were some moments of calm and reflection (usually into the makeup mirror, if we’re being honest). Check out some of our favorite candids we took before the taping and during down time on the stage. It’s always kind of fascinating to see who’s hanging out with whom, who twerks in their dressing room, and who’s just there to have fun!

[Photos: Lauren Weissler for VH1]

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Couples Therapy Sneak Peek: Why Can’t Juan Pablo Commit To Nikki?

On the season premiere of Couples Therapy With Dr. Jenn, we’re jumping right into the big issues. Now that The Bachelor stars Juan Pablo and Nikki have been revealed as the mystery couple of this season, America is dying to know if they’ve made any progress in their relationship since JP left her hanging and refused to propose or even say “I love you.” Read more…

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VH1 Body-Ody-Ody Awards: And The Winners Are…

For the past week, we’ve asked VH1 viewers to join us in celebrating the fine figures of our fiercest females, and today, the results are in! We divided the voting into five categories: Abs, Butts, Legs, Boobs, and Overall Body (check out each poll to see the candidates), and to be honest, the results were surprising. With the exception of the winner of the Best Breasts category (we’ll give you one guess who that is), you guys have an appreciation for what’s real. Real butts, real curves, and ladies who put in serious gym time to achieve what they have. As you’ll see, almost every winner has serious competition and pulled off their win in the final moments of voting — On to the results! Read more…

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The Best Fan Submissions For Candidly Nicole TRUTH Or DARE

Jumpsuit fur hat

Earlier this week, we asked fans of Candidly Nicole to play TRUTH or DARE and either share your silliest, craziest summer camp stories or post your ugliest most unflattering selfie with us using the hashtag #5TruthorDare. We’ve collected our favorites and, true what used to happen during our summer camp days of TRUTH or DARE, you all took the DARE rather than telling us the TRUTH! Check out the best submissions now! Read more…

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The VH1 Body-Ody-Ody Awards: Vote For The Best Overall Body

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Welcome to VH1′s first annual Body-Ody-Ody Awards, where the fans decide who in the VH1 fam is serving the best “body-ody-ody” in 2014. For the next two weeks we’ll be judging all the important categories from boobs to legs, pecs to overall body, and give a little shout out to those stars who put the time in at the gym (or in the doctor’s office) to look this good. Click through our gallery to look at some photographic evidence before placing your vote.

Today we are voting on who has the best overall body — from head to toe they look fantastic and we’re jealous that they can wear almost anything (or nothing at all) and look this fine.

Let us know in the comments who you think deserves the honor (and who we might have overlooked). Voting closes at the end of the week! Check back on Monday, September 8th for the results.