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Take An Extended Look At What’s To Come On The New Season Of Black Ink Crew

Karma’s a bitch. And that bitch is alive and well at Black Ink. Read more…

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Naomi’s Back! Watch A Sneak Peek For The Series Finale Of Single Ladies

Just when you thought Malcolm and Keisha were in a great place, in walks Naomi one last time to cause a scene and create some drama. In this Single Ladies sneak peek from the season finale, their perfect romance is about to be tested yet again at their engagement party, of all places.

Just as Malcolm is coming clean to Keisha about his involvement in Deacon’s death, his worst nightmare comes true when Naomi, who has been previously banished from Atlanta, walks in to shake things up like she always does. Tune in Monday night at 9PM ET/PT to see what Naomi’s up to.

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Mob Wives Throwback: Alicia Shows Her Brotherly Love

TBT Alicia

One of the breakout stars this season on Mob Wives: New Blood was not one of the new women on the show. No, it was Anthony DiMichele, brother to Alicia DiMichele Garofalo and all-around hot guy. His good looks did not go unnoticed and if you follow Alicia on Twitter, you might have noticed that fans were constantly asking about him. In our throwback photo of the day, we present to you an old-school photo of Alicia and Anthony from 10 years ago. Alicia captions it “#TBT 10 Years ago! My Brother was my Fav then and he still is now. Nothing will ever change @antdimichele #bondcanneverbebroken #familyovereverything #BFF #imhisfavtoo #oneofakind #familyfirst.”

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Mohawk No More: Sassy Rocks A New Look

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Once upon a time, during season one of Black Ink Crew, Sassy told us that her mohawk was her signature. “I’ve had a mohawk for like five years now. It’s my thing, I can’t even see myself with normal hair,” she told us. But it seems like she’s changed her mind (at least temporarily) because she’s been rocking a pretty normal (albeit incredibly chic) bob for the past couple weeks, and we have to say we love the new look. What do you think, are you loving the new style, or should she go back to her classic mohawk?

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Nochetussin + Dead Racist Parrots: Happy Endings Star Casey Wilson Reveals Her Favorite Show Moments

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Fans of Happy Endings are still pretty sad that the show ended after just three seasons (full disclosure: this means me). But we’re a die-hard group and we still have a lot of love for the hilarious comedy that starred Damon Wayans, Adam Pally, Casey Wilson, Eliza Coupe, Zachary Knighton and Elisha Cuthbert. Since we know how devoted the show’s fans are, VH1 has been airing episodes of Happy Endings on Sundays at 10:30AM ET/PT, and we’ve been talking to the cast and crew about some of their favorite moments from the show. This week we spoke to Casey Wilson about what it was like to play Penny Hartz — from her favorite scenes to her famous catchphrases. A couple key things we learned: even when she’s drunk, Casey is not fluent in Italian like Penny, and she’s never seen any gifs that superfans have made of her. We’re about to change that.

Read on for our interview with Casey! Read more…

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Stylist Anthony L. Williams Reveals All His Wardrobe Secrets For Single Ladies Episode 11

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Here’s why we love the style on Single Ladies so much: even when these women are dressing down, they look amazing. Last night’s episode saw Raquel in a lot of pajamas and leggings, as she waited around her apartment for Terrence to call. But when it came time for her to hit the town, she tore off those sweats and turned it up in a hot bustier and even hotter white pants.

Stylist Anthony L. Williams has provided us with all the wardrobe details from last night’s show so you’ll know where to find all the looks that appeared on the episode. Check out the fashion gallery for all the information.

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T.I. Gets His Cosby On For This Family Hustle Promo

T.I. has been heralded as the second-coming of Bill Cosby ever since The Family Hustle first premiered two years ago, and now he’s fully embracing it with this amazing new promo for the show. Read more…

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Farrah Abraham Addresses Haters In Her New Video, “Blowin’”

Add “pop star” to the list of jobs on Farrah Abraham‘s resume, because her new video, “Blowin’” had us glued to YouTube for three solid minutes. Farrah’s a savvy, self-aware woman, and in the video she addresses her haters who criticized her stint on Couples Therapy. Watch it (and honestly, yes, even though it’s super Auto-Tuned, don’t tell me it’s not catchy) and keep an eye out for her references to the viewers who tweet negatively at her — let the hate stack up, because she’s blowing all those bullies away.

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In Her Own Words: Jackie Christie Recaps The Beginning Of Season 3 Of Basketball Wives LA


During this season of Basketball Wives LA, Jackie Christie has offered to contribute her thoughts and commentary to the VH1 Blog. We’re thrilled to have her recap the season for us, and in her first installment, she gave us an overview of the entire season up until now, as well as her thoughts on last night’s episode.


Wow, here we are yet again! This time with Basketball Wives LA season 3! The cast of characters from past seasons have changed a bit with only myself, Draya, and Malaysia returning. Along with a few new faces that are sure to bring that BBW LA drama! With everyone playing dirty, this season has already kicked off with a BANG!!!

Beginning with me getting the all the wives and girlfriends together to hopefully assist me with my GLAAD event! Which is something very near and dear to my heart! Being a long-time supporter of the LGBT community, I really want all of the ladies, to believe in and love the cause as much as I do. Arriving at the Bugatta resturant where I arranged for us all to meet, Sundy and I got there first so we enjoyed a few spirits while awaiting the other ladies. Of course one by one they trickle in, but not fast enough! I kept sitting there thinking about how much I really wanted them all to get along! If we could just form an alliance, we are all voices as our spouses better halves and we could really make a difference, as there is truly strength in numbers! Read more…

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Watch A Replay Of Malcolm’s Big Surprise For Keisha

On tonight’s Single Ladies, Keisha’s biggest fears were realized when she learned that Malcolm continued to deceive her and keep secrets, even after she begged him not to. Except that his big secret was [SPOILER ALERT] Read more…