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‘Suave Says’: Aspiring Rapper Jaden Mejia Is Everyone’s Best Friend

To hear the rest of the Mejia family tell is, youngest child Jaden is the sweetest, most cuddly one of them all. Everyone in the family adores the 13-year-old who hopes one day to be a musician, but when Jaden talks about all of them, it’s another story. The Suave Says star explains, “My family is very weird. They are very strange people. I mean, so am I but the rest of them are really loud and very scary.”

For more Mejia family fun, tune in to Suave Says when it premieres Wednesday, December 3 at 10PM ET/PT.

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On This Season Of ‘Suave Says’, The Mejia Family Exposes All Their Secrets

A mom who twerks. A dad who used to wear hair extensions. Emotional teenagers. Oh, and years of infidelity. The Mejia family has a lot of family drama, but as you’ll see on Suave Says, they’re not afraid of facing their issues head-on. “We’re Latin!” Gerardo Mejia explains. “Ain’t nothing gonna be in secret, we let it all out.”

Watch this brand-new supertrailer for the show that features ’90s heartthrob Gerardo, a.k.a. Rico Suave, and his family and get ready for the show’s premiere this Wednesday, December 3 at 10PM ET/PT.

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‘Suave Says’: Nadia Is The Troublemaker Of The Mejia Family

Nadia Mejia is the daughter of pop star Gerardo Mejia and pageant queen Kathy Mejia, and she sees herself as the perfect blend of her parents. The Suave Says star has been modeling and singing, just like both of her parents, and hopes to have the success they did. “Hopefully I’m not a one-hit wonder!” she adds. “But hey, it got him somewhere.”

Find out more about the Mejia family when Suave Says premieres on December 3 at 10PM ET/PT.

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‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’ Bonus Clip: Nia’s Mom Dishes Out The Tough Love

Everyone on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood needs their mom at some point of another this season, huh? We’ve seen Ray J, Nikki, Omarion, and Amanda all run to their moms when they need advice, a place to vent, or a shoulder to cry on, and now it’s Nia‘s turn. In this bonus clip, she lets her mom know that she’s planning to move in with Soulja Boy, but her mom has serious reservations, especially because, like Nia’s dad, Teddy Riley, she has also never met Soulja. (How have they spent 8 years together and never met this guy??)

“This is a LOT, Nia…This is not a temporary sleepover. This is you moving in and staying in,” her mom says. Will Nia take her mom’s concerns to heart? Stay tuned!

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Flashback: Lil Scrappy’s Video For “Cell Phone Watch” Was Technologically Ahead Of It’s Time

Who knew Lil Scrappy would be so savvy at predicting the future? When we stumbled upon this 2009 video for his song “Cell Phone Watch,” we couldn’t help but think that maybe he’s the inventor of the Apple Watch. This track is hilarious for how old it feels, even though it’s only from five years ago (and also for the old-school special effects). Everything about this is awesome.

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Yup, That Was Rico Suave: 5 Pop Culture Moments You Never Knew Gerardo Was Responsible For


If you’re roughly over the age of 30 and you hear the phrase “Rico Suave,” you can picture the six pack and the bandana and are instantly transported back to 1991 when that song, sung by newcomer Gerardo, was #4 on the Billboard chart. You might be inclined to think “One hit wonder!” and while you’re not totally wrong, Gerardo has had a career that spans waaaaay beyond just that one hit single.

Before the Suave Says star started singing, he appeared in several huge movies, and after “Rico” he became a music exec responsible for breaking a couple of big time acts like Enrique Iglesias. Check out our list of moments that you won’t believe Rico Suave himself had a hand in.


Can’t Buy Me Love.
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Thanksgiving Is Family Time: Here Are The Mob Wives With Their Nearest And Dearest

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If you’re on Mob Wives, chances are, your main priority in life is your family. (Literally and figuratively.) In honor of Thanksgiving, while we’re all gathered around the dining room table stuffing our faces with turkey — and maybe some lasagna and meatballs if you’re old school — we wanted to give a shout out to some of our favorite ladies, their kids, and the rest of their families. Through the years, they’ve show us what loyalty, motherhood, and feminism are all about, and for that, we are grateful to them.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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Where Is The Loyalty? In This Mob Wives Season 5 Supertrailer

“You’re either loyal, or you’re not. There is no in between.”

That one quote (from Big Ang, naturally) perfectly encapsulates Mob Wives as a whole, but especially season five. This upcoming season sees the return of Renee, Drita, Ang, Karen, and Natalie, and if you think you knew which people were friends in the past, you’ve got it all wrong. The loyalty, it’s being tested. Oh, and check out who’s going to make an appearance this season…none other than Victoria Gotti. Read more…

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‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’ Bonus Clip: Moniece Plays ‘Deal Or No Deal’ With Her Dildos

In this week’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood bonus clip, we get a look at Moniece the boss, in full business mode. During a meeting with investors, she learns that in order to get the financial backing she needs for her heated dildo line, she’s going to need to give up 90% of the company. She’s crushed, and bankrupt, but she’s not about to let someone else take away the sex toy line she’s been building from base to tip.

Watch the bonus scene now and tune in to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Mondays at 8PM ET/PT!