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‘Love And Hip Hop’ Bonus: Kimbella Reveals Whether She’ll Be Yandy’s Maid Of Honor

After the big announcement that they’re will be a televised wedding to document Yandeecees‘, Mendeecees and Yandy‘s, upcoming wedding, no one could be happier than Yandy’s bestie Kimbella.

Kimbella spills the beans on how wedding planning been going, and whether or not her pud Yandy is a bridezilla, and if she’s close enough to be Yandy’s maid of honor. Read more…

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‘Love And Hip Hop’ Bonus: Is Amina’s Ex-Boyfriend Orrin Really Over Her?

When Amina‘s ex-boyfriend/ex-manager Orrin hit the Love & Hip Hop reunion stage last night, he seemed pretty suspect about his true intentions with Amina.

His charming smile and strange text messages, left us wondering if his resurgence in Amina life was strictly business or is there some pleasure involved.

We corner him and find out just how well he knows Amina, how he feels Peter effected her career and if he wants that old thing back with his ex Amina now that she seems single.

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Tara + Amina Play A Game To See Who Knows Peter The Best

After both dating the same man and having to put up with the same behavior for so many years, Tara and Amina play a game in attempt to determine who knows Peter Gunz the best.

Not only do we find out who may be truly the closet to playa Peter, but learn in the “battle,” whether or not the Vice President of the creep squad is the same to both women.

See if the two end up being “twinsies” and giving the same answer, or if Peter has them both confused.

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‘Love And Hip Hop’ Reunion Bonus: Kim Gets Interrogated About Her Hairstyle

Everyone fell in love with Lil’ Mendeeccees maternal grandmother, Kim, this season – from her tell it like it is personality to her gangsta suits and sweet smile, we just couldn’t get enough of her.

While she’s still trying to figure out who is paying her dry cleaning bill, we sat down with Ms. Kim to find who’s responsible for her unique hairstyle, and the answer surprised us. Read more…

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‘Love And Hip Hop’ Reunion Bonus: Are Cyn Santana And Her Man Ray A Good Match?

One thing you can never call Cyn Santana is boring. Whether she’s doing impressions of Nicki Minaj, defending herself against her ex Erica Mena, or giving the cast of Love & Hip Hop nicknames, Cyn stays turnt up.

That’s why it came as a surprise to find out in real life her boo Ray is so turned down. Do opposites really attract? We caught up with Ray backstage of the reunion to hear him say what made him fall for Cyn. Read more…

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What Is Rashidah Ali’s Connection To Kim Kardashian and Wendy Williams?

Don’t get it twisted, Rashidah Ali is proud of her entrepreneurial hustle as shoe connoisseur. So for further clarification for all those who being giving her grind the side eye Rashidah explains exactly what a “stiletto expert” is.

Find out why Rashidah isn’t trying to catch the shade people throw and the many celebrities (including Kim K) she’s worked with. Read more…

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Laura Govan’s Ex-Fiance Says Her $1M Engagement Ring Was Fake?

2013 BET Awards - Backstage Winner's Room
If you thought Wiz and Amber‘s public breakup was messy, that was nothing compared to former Basketball Wives LA star, Laura Govan and her ex-fiance Gilbert Arenas, who are now going at each other with the gloves off.

After the all the lawsuits and claims made by Govan against the baller, Arenas has clapped back in a very detailed Instagram post. In the post he claims that Govan hasn’t been the most truthful with her side of the story- including the ring that Govan claims he stole and sold was a fake. Read more…