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Atlanta Exes ‘ Tameka Raymond Says She’s Not A Villain In Real Life

Ish got way to real on the last episode of Atlanta Exes.

Throughout the season the ladies have let their issues with Tameka Raymond compound and fester, and during Tameka’s house warming party the ladies finally let Usher‘s ex-wife have it – all of it.

As “unbothered” as Tameka may come across, she finally speaks up and tells how she really feels being painted as the villain, explains her sense of humor, and since the other women like to call her names reveals what adjectives she would use to describe them. Read more…

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All In The VH1 Stars: It’s Libra Season!

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From September 23rd to October 23rd it’s all about being a Libra!

Known for their contradictory nature, Libras don’t often practice what they preach, but while they may be inconsistent with their own words and actions, they are able to see what’s fair just and balanced in most other situations. If anyone would be the first to listen with a diplomatic ear, and charm your socks off, it’s definitely a Libra. Read more…

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T.I. Throwing All Types Of Shade Or Nah?

Although T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle puts far less emphasis on ratchet behavior and focuses way more on family love, the show does have it’s own share of drama on and off screen.

While revealing his favorite and least favorite Family Hustle moments, T.I. mentions that while the show isn’t really made to have difficult moments to watch – there is a particular person that he does have hard time watching. Read more…

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Tameka Says She Heard Sheree Might Be A T.H.O.T On The Next Atlanta Exes

Sheree decides to clear the air with Tameka by once again acknowledging and denying the previous rumors that accused her of sleeping with Tameka Raymond’s ex husband Usher. However, before things go right, they go really left.

Watch Tameka reveal what she heard about Sheree’s “sexual prowess,” while friend Monica throws a shady laugh Sheree’s way when Sheree tries to deny she gets around.

Find out who’s telling the truth on the next Atlanta Exes airing Monday at 9/8c.

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Download or Delete: Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta ‘s Cast Judge Each Others Music

On Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta we got to witness not only the drama surrounding the love life of the cast, but the artistic struggles for the reality stars when it comes to working on their music.

But if we’re honest, we often see a lot more “love” and not as much “hip hop,” as we would want to. So instead of the cast giving their opinions of each other’s storylines, we cornered them and got them to share their thoughts on each other’s music.

Catch the subtle shade the “artists” threw talking about their cast mates latest singles – whether or not they would download it or delete it. Read more…

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Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Bonus Clip: Will Omarion Make Time For His Baby?

From what we can already gather from episode one of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, Omarion and baby mama Apryl Jones are all about promoting Black love.

Check out the new parents out shopping preparing for their child’s arrival, and see what happens when the conversation goes from strollers to stressors.

Catch the next episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Mondays at 8 PM ET/PT.

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Messiah Needs Help Juggling All His Ladies On The Next T.I. & Tiny: Family Hustle

Once Messiah realizes overbooks himself by making plans at the same time with his grandma and potential lady friend, he seeks out advice from his pops in how to fix the situation so that none of the women get upset with him.

T.I.‘s solution to helping Messiah balance his schedule? The most ridiculousness answer ever, take a look. Read more…

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Rewind: The 3 Moments From The Dating Naked Wedding Special We Can Watch Again

Dating Naked daters Ashley and Alika proved that finding love in the nude does exist.

Their “wedding” special that aired last night, was the one of the most unique nuptials we’ve ever seen – and believe or not, it wasn’t because everyone including the bride and groom were in the buff.

Check out the “movements” leading up to, during, and after the event that could arguably go down in the books as the wildest of all time: Read more…

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Tammy Says Why Joseline + Stevie Are Lucky Waka Wasn’t At The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Reunion

Waka Flocka may be making news for a help wanted ad he placed for a professional blunt roller, but Tammy says her husband Waka would have really made news if he had been at the Season 3 Love & Hip Hop: Reunion.

After the fight Tammy and Joseline had at the reunion, many were left wondering what would’ve been different if the “No Hands” rapper was in attendance. Tammy finally speaks and tell her side of the story in detail, says what she’s the least proud of, and how Waka has dealt with the news since everything transpired: Read more…

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Dating Naked Daters Talk About How They Kept Their Love Alive After The Show

Why did Dating Naked make so many successful matches?

We don’t have the answer, but couples like Joe and Wee Wee and Mike and Stephanie who went through the experience, offer some insight on how being naked bonded them together and what secret Skype tricks keep their long distance loving alive.

Tune into the special Dating Naked wedding episode airing Thursday at 9/8c.