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Also Known As: Cyn Santana Hands Out Nicknames To Her Castmates

After cleverly coming up with the “Rich Pesos” alias for Rich Dollaz at the point she hated him the most, Love & Hip Hop‘s silly sweetheart Cyn Santana looks back over the season and hands out her nicknames for the rest of the cast.

Now that the season is over find out who she calls “H.B.I.C,” and who she nicknamed “The Godfather,” Read more…

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Yandy Drops Baby Weight Using World’s Strangest Workout Plan

Yandy‘s ready to share her snapback secrets with the world, but admits it’s not easiest or most conventional way to shed the pounds she packed on while carrying baby Skylar —but it works for her.

Watch her alternative methods in action, and catch theLove & Hip Hop Season 5 reunion Monday April 6th and 13th, at 8/7c.

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Chrissy Declares The Messiest Cast Member This Season + Who She Would Go Gay For

Now that this season of Love & Hip Hop has comes to an end, Chrissy calls out the cast and reveals her most honest opinions about the LHHNY Season 5 crew.

In a game of “rapid fire shade,” she reveals who she thinks is the most musically talented, who could take her down in a fight, and who she would take a dip in the lady pond with. Read more…

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Tara Fires Back At Being Called A “Sister Wife”

After this season of Love & Hip Hop Tara and Amina have been the brunt of countless “sister wives” jokes, memes, and tweets thanks to their strange bonding/friendship formed over their love for Peter, combined with their disgust for his behavior.

In this candid interview Tara keeps it short and sweet to respond how she feels when people call her sister wife. Read more…

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Remember When Yandy Revealed She Got A Boob Job? Now She Gives The Details

If you blinked you could have missed when reality darling Yandy Smith revealed earlier in the season that she got a boob job while her hubby-to-be, Mendeecees, was in the slammer.

We barely noticed (that’s a good thing), and now Yandy opens up about the procedure, both how and why, she got her boobies back on fleek.

Find out her alternative method, and catch theLove & Hip Hop Season 5 reunion Monday April 6th and 13th, at 8/7c.

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‘Love And Hip Hop Bonus': Yandy Starts Crying While Choosing Her Wedding Invitations

With her wedding approaching, Yandy is making strides in planning, and visits a stationary store to create her custom invites. As she chooses what suits her theme, Mendeecees’ mama, Judy, walks in and shoots down Yandy’s vision. We don’t know if it’s the hormones, or her pushy mom-in-law but as a result, Yandy breaks out in random tears. Read more…

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Do Women Use The Term “Thirsty” Too Much? Walt + Ted Think So

Is chivalry dead? Well Black Ink Crew stars Walt and Teddy Rux don’t seem to think so.

Not known for having the best rep in the way they’ve treated women in the past, Walt and Ted go on record to say being a gentlemen and treating women like ladies wouldn’t be so hard if women stopped confusing chivalry with thirst. Read more…

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Amina Discusses Her Relationship With Peter’s 5 Other Baby Mommas

Tara and Amina may be two of Peter‘s baby mommas we know thanks to reality TV, but they sure aren’t the only ones. Amina chats exclusively with, now that she’s joined the IHPC (I Have Peter’s Child) Club, about her daughter’s relationship with her other siblings, and her own relationship with Peter’s other baby mommas. Read more…