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Darling, What Are You Wearing?: The Fashions Of The ‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’ Reunion

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Wow, a lot went down for the first part of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion. While we still trying to process all the he said, she said, revelations and reads, we couldn’t believe how great the cast looked for their first reunion.

They gave us legs, breasts and hips wrapped in lace, sheer, and leather. The girls tried their best not only to outdo each other, but came to the reunion like they were seasoned vets vs season one rookies. And the ladies weren’t the only ones who were on fleek, the fellas made sure they stepped on stage just as fresh. Read more…

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Watch The ‘Love And Hip Hop’ Supertrailer: Oh Sh*t Season 5 Is Back And It Gets Ugly

You thought Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was turnt all the way up, well season 5 of the original Love & Hip Hop is back and arguably this cast of New Yorkers have figured how to break the knob.

Get ready to go up on a Monday, and see the return of one of the most explosive (hey Diamond), dramatic (hey Peter), and shocking (hey Erica) seasons you have yet to witness.

Tune into Love & Hip Hop December 15th at 8/7c to see how it all begins.

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‘Atlanta Exes’ Tameka Raymond Finally Comments On Co-Starring In The Alleged Usher Sextape

Atlanta Exes star Tameka Raymond recently visited daytime talk show The Real, and got candid with hosts of the show when asked about her involvement in Usher’s alleged sextape.

“I don’t really know how or why or if that’s possible….That was my husband. I trusted him but I mean we, we traveled a lot…I don’t, I don’t know if someone might of snuck in or housekeeping didn’t have a camera set up you know so I don’t know. I haven’t seen it, so I don’t know and no one’s presented anything to me. So I don’t know,” Tameka said neither confirming or denying whether or not the tape could actually exist. Read more…

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Which ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Couple Was Our Favorite?

Now we know the Love & Hip Hop franchise is all about love and relationships, but we’re not sure if as many cast members have loved on, loved up, or as been in love with each other as much as the cast of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

Although their are several couples amongst the cast, it would seem like at some point, whether it was back in the day or during filming, there was a lot of ummm, mingling and mixing going on.

Out of all the cast who kissed, claimed, or seemed to be interested in another, tell us your favorite couple of the season whether it lasted a hot minute or all of season one. Read more…

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Meet The New Cast Of ‘Love And Hip Hop’ In Their First Confessionals

With Love And Hip Hop gearing up for Season 5, and with a bevy of new cast members, you can expect that ish is going to get real.

In case you missed any the cast profiles of the newbies we put up earlier this week, check out this full meet the new cast compilation featuring all the newbies, and catch Love & Hip Hop Season 5 when it premieres December 15th at 8/7c.

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What Doesn’t The ‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’ Cast Want Mona To Ask At The Reunion?

Full of reality tv rookies, the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast will participate in their first ever Love & Hip Hop reunion this upcoming Monday.

When asked were they nervous about the reunion considering show creator Mona Scott-Young will return as host, most said they were ready for her no-holds-barred questioning, but a few members of the cast had a couple of reservations.

Find out who doesn’t want to get asked what and why, and tune in to the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion Monday December 8th at 8/7c.

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The New Cast Of ‘Love And Hip Hop’ : Meet Cisco, Basketball Wife Jennifer Williams’ Ex Boyfriend

“I joined Love & Hip Hop…to take the opportunity to utilize the platform and expose what I do,” says Cisco Rosado, who is clearly ready to show the world he is all about his business.

After holding job titles as a producer and entertainment entrepreneur, Cisco candidly admits that he is ready to take his love for hip hop to new levels. And much as Cisco is on his grind, Jennifer Williams‘ ex also has soft spot for the ladies, Read more…

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Photoshoot Fresh: Tami Roman Serving Up A New Blonde Look

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Reality TV vet Tami Roman may not be on our television screens, but she still holding our attention.

Recently the former Basketball Wives‘ star posted flicks on Instagram from a photoshoot where she was captured rocking a new blonde short ‘do. Read more…

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Hazel E And Comedian Katt Williams Confirm They Are Dating


Well would you look at here. Looks like Love and Hip Hop Hollywood‘s Hazel E is in love with love, and although things didn’t work out quite the way she wanted to with Yung Berg or Chet Hanks, Hazel E has moved on and is now dating comedian Katt Williams.

After giving her a shout out on stage at one of his comedy shows in Ohio, Hazel E realized Katt’s special acknowledgement raised eyebrows and confirmed the two were an item.

“We met through a mutual acquaintance at an event at The London Hotel in Hollywood. Our relationship has been official for a few weeks,” Hazel E revealed to Sister 2 Sister magazine. Read more…

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The New Cast Of ‘Love And Hip Hop’ : Meet Diamond Strawberry, Yes That’s Her Real Name

Diamond Strawberry insists she’s a really sweet person, until you make her angry. The daughter of pro baseball player Darryl Strawberry, Diamond joins the cast of Love & Hip Hop Season 5 ready to go.

“If you press my buttons, I’m snapping,” says the LA native who currently dates another LHHH rookie Cisco (Basketball Wives’ Jennifer Williams’ ex). Read more…