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‘Love And Hip Hop’ Bonus: Cisco Finds Out About Rich + Diamond’s “Relationship”

During Erica Mena‘s studio session (yes, she’s still singing), everyone stops by for a visit including Cisco and Rashidah Ali.

Instead of focusing on the music, both Erica and Cisco decide to sip on the tea Rashidah spills that Diamond and Rich are dating, and the fact they may be exclusive considering Diamond introduced herself as Rich’s girlfriend at Tara‘s party. Read more…

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“Shawty Must’ve Found Out I Like ‘Em Crazy”: The 5 Craziest Diamond Faces Of The Night

DiamondCrazyIs Kimbella Dr. Phil now or nah? Why did Cisco and Diamond‘s friend sound just like Deb Atney? T. Wallace World, c’mon, Tara an image consultant? Was that half as bad as Peter talking to the young men like he’s a role model? Did Rich and Diamond really smash on the toliet seat in public restroom? How funny were Cyn and Rashida when they found out Diamond and Rich were an item? Was it weird that Amina went to Tara for advice? Is Jhonni Blaze going to fight the entire cast? Just, what is going on?

However, our biggest and most pressing question is what the hell is Diamond going through? Like we know she’s not quite ready for a straight jacket just yet, but we don’t know how many screws Rich needed to “loosen,” in that bathroom. Read more…

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‘Black Ink Crew’ Bonus: Sky + Dutchess Run The Streets Of NYC Topless

After buying a few pieces of lingerie, Dutchess and Sky are feeling themselves and decide to do something wild to match their current mood.

So after doing a quick bit of research the duo decides to go straight from the sexy lingerie store to the NYC streets baring it all – at least from the waist up.

See what happens when the two make a run for it, and catch new episodes of Black Ink Crew Monday 9/8c.

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‘Mob Wives’ Bonus: Ang Throw AJ A Rehab Graduation Party + Asks Him To Move In With Her

Now that AJ has finished his rehab program Big Ang thinks it would be a good idea to throw her son a small dinner party to celebrate his success.

As everyone sits and reminisces on how far AJ has come, Ang reveals the real reason for the party – her request for her son and his family to move in with her. Read more…

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Former ‘Basketball Wives LA’ Star Laura Govan Admits Her Recent Miscarriage

LauragovanBasketball Wives LA star Laura Govan, noticeably missing from the scene as of late, has been revealed that being MIA was primarly due to a recent miscarriage, losing what would have been her fifth child.

Govan was brave enough to share what happened with her fans on her Instagram, in a caption and photo she posted yesterday.

“I wanted to share something with U guys and why I’ve been out of the loop, well #NRealLife for the past three months I’ve been sick, and extremely exhausted and about a month ago I found out that I was pregnant with my 5th baby, which I thought was impossible. Unfortunately, I had a miscarriage,” the older Govan sister revealed. Read more…

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Google Me, Bish: Chrissy Says She Isn’t Anyone’s ‘Booty Shot’ Model

Chink may still be reeling with anger over his (ex?) girlfriend Chrissy‘s recent “urban model” photoshoot, but Chrissy is still unbothered.

Matter of fact, Chrissy runs down her resume exclusively to so Chink and the rest of the world knows she not some reality star who turned into a “booty shot model.”

Find out how Chrissy was getting her checks before Love & Hip Hop, and catch new episodes Mondays 8/7c.

[Photo Source: iAdore Magazine]

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How Did Chrissy End Up With Married Man Chink Santana In The First Place?

At some point we’ve all make mistakes in our relationships causing us to deal with B.S we wish we didn’t have to, and Love & Hip Hop star Chrissy Monroe is no different.

However when the B.S. involves a married person, that’s when most of us will retreat and draw the line – but not Chrissy considering she’s been wheeling and dealing with the married Chink Santana for the last two years.

Now that Chrissy may be finished with the situation, find out why it took Chrissy so long to figure it out why Chink may not be the guy for her, what made them fall in love in the first place, and what’s she’s going to do about the baby situation if Chink doesn’t stop playing games.

Catch new episodes of Love & Hip Hop Mondays 8/7c.

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Are Ceaser + Dutchess Royal Relationship Experts Now That They Are Back Together?

Now that Dutchess and Ceaser have got back together, these two think they know a thing or two about making a relationship work.

We guess they should considering they went from infidelity to engagement, and now appear to be in relationship that’s stronger and more loving than when they started.

Hear what gems Dutch and Cease are dropping, Read more…

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Neck Nuzzling, Booty Pics, + Closure: The 6 Best Reaction GIFs To ‘Love And Hip Hop’ Tonight

YandyOhSo Diamond is just going to flirt with Rich like she wasn’t just asking him last week to intervene in getting Cisco back? Is it us or was Rich a little to excited to show Chink that magazine spread? Why isn’t Mendeecees apologizing when he knows he made up the hospital story? We thought Tara was already over Peter at the beginning of the season why is she still crying? Why did the scene with Cyn and Cisco really make us cry too? Erica Mena wrong for moving on so fast? How much did you love Amina‘s mom reading Peter for filth and calling him a ‘vistor father’? What was Charlie Murphy doing on Love & Hip Hop?

Just whatttttt is going on? See the best reactions to the craziest things that happened tonight: Read more…