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Emily B Finally Shows Off Her Growing Baby Bump!

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While we’ve known for quite sometime the former Love & Hip Hop cast member was with child, it has been hard to catch Emily B showing off her growing baby bump.

While attending NYC Fashion Week, the reality star-turned-celebrity stylist captured herself enjoying her passion for fashion, and posted a full frontal picture to her gram with the caption, “6 Months ????”. Read more…

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Who Does Rich Dollaz Crown The New Turn Up Queen Of ‘Love And Hip Hop’?

After getting in two fights in such a short period of time, we are left to wonder if Love & Hip Hop‘s newest cast members Jhonni Blaze and Precious Paris, are competing for the crown of the official turn up queen?

Well manager and ex-lover Rich Dollaz says that it is in fact Jhonni who wins the title– hands down. (Why does Rich always like the wild ones?) Read more…

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‘Black Ink Crew’ Bonus: Ceaser Goes Engagement Ring Shopping For Dutchess

After Dutchess hopped on a international flight to Paris, Ceaser is missing his ex so much that he solicits the help from mutual friend Sky to go and make the most of her time away by going ring shopping.

After a slip of the tongue, Sky finds out he isn’t ‘promise ring,’ shopping for Dutchess, but Ceaser is actually looking to put a ring on the ring finger of Dutchess’ left hand. Read more…

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Shocker: Listen To Cyn Explain The Real Reason She And Erica Broke Up

Now that Love & Hip Hop‘s Cyn Santana has admitted to moving on and dating someone new, she’s strong enough to talk about the rise and fall of her relationship with her former flame Erica Mena.

Cyn sits down with VH1′s Shirea L. Carroll to recount what first attracted her to Erica, what specifically made things go from bad to ugly, and how she defines her sexuality. Read more…

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‘Mob Wives’ Bonus: Big Ang’s Psychic Tells Her The Truth About Natalie, Renee, + AJ

“Some people, go to church I go to psychics,” Big Ang says as she walks in her appointment with her psychic Anita.

Big Ang meets with a psychic to gain insight on her life, her family, and her friendships and find out somethings about Renee Natalie, and AJ that bring bring her both relief and peace.

Find out what Anita told Ang, and catch a new episode on the next Mob Wives, Wednesday at 9/8c.

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Watch The Extended Footage Of Kim Trying To Get Yandy To Pay For Her Suit

At this point who’s going pay to clean Kim’s suit, has become just as important as who going to get primary custody over lil’ Mendeecees.

In this Love & Hip Hop extended version, watch Yandy meet up with Samantha‘s mother Kim to attempt figure out if the situation over lil Mendeeecees can be solved without taking Mendeecees to court, and Kim divert the conversation to way to many details about her suit.

Catch all new episodes of Love & Hip Hop Mondays 8/7c.

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F*** Valentine’s Day? The ‘Black Ink Crew’ Has A Hard Time Saying ‘Happy V-Day’

Happy Valentine’s Day!

‘Tis the season for love…. or for some good lovin’ depending who you ask. And when we think about it, if anyone should know about both of those concepts it would be the crazy crew of Black Ink.

But watch how self-proclaimed ladies man Teddy Rux and his playerish core has such a hard time getting out the three simple words, “Happy Valentine’s Day,” that he messes the sentiment for everyone. Funny stuff.

Catch new episodes of Black Ink Crew on Mondays at 9/8c.

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‘Black Ink Crew’ Bonus: Quani Tells Puma She Needs Another Break From The Marriage

After coming back from a trip to Florida where she took a break from her new husband Puma, Quani is ready to tell Puma she is leaving… again, this time for Paris.

Puma tries to make sense of all the breaks and space she needs but is more afraid that all these requests could indicate Quani may want to leave him.

Watch Quani explain the need to find herself, and catch new episodes of Black Ink Crew on Mondays at 9/8c.

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Exclusive: Erica Moved On But Cyn Has Someone New In Her Life Too

Love is in the air.

On the last episode of Love & Hip Hop , Erica Mena revealed after breaking up completely with Cyn, she surprisingly had already moved on and was in knee deep dating someone new.

However we caught up with Cyn and find out that Erica isn’t the only one with a new boo thang in her life, Cyn has found herself in a “cyn-tuation” as well. Read more…