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The 10 Best Quotables From The Original Drumline Movie

Drumline3How could we ever forget the talented, but totally feeling himself Harlem dude Devon Miles, who tried to make it the South with street dreams and a snare? In 2002 Drumline became an instant Black classic, forever etching more than few memorable moments in our heads.

As we gear up for the premiere of the Drumline: A New Beat, we thought it be fun to go back to 2002 box office hit, and remember our top 10 favorite lines from the film: Read more…

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Drumline: A New Beat Supertrailer – It’s A New Day

Membership is an honor, marching is a privilege – and although it’s 12 years since the original film premiered, it continues to still be all about “one band, one sound.”

The game is the same, but the players have changed, as actress Alexandra Shipp, Jordan Calloway, Jasmine Burke, and Latoya Luckett join the original OG’s Nick Cannon and Leonard Roberts to bring Drumline the sequel to life.

If you thought the original was a hit, watch how Drumline: A New Beat captures the sound, spirit, cultural art of the first film while welcoming a whole new class and swag. Drumline: A New Beat premieres Monday, October 27th 9/8c on VH1!

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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Bonus – Even Nikki’s Mother Wants An Apology From Mally Mall

After Nikki and her mother give their strippers a pep talk for the night, the two Mudarris women take a seat in their establishment not to talk business, but to talk about Mally Mall and what she calls his “jump off” aka Masika.

In this never-before-seen footage, Nikki’s mama reminds Nikki she didn’t raise no fools, and says Mally Mall not only needs to apologize to Nikki, but to her as well.

Will this discussion keep Mally committed? Catch the next Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Mondays at 8 PM ET/PT.

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Twerk Team: Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip Episode 2 Video Recap

WeaveTripEp1RecapLeadWeaving ain’t easy. The ladies cross country adventure to lay tracks gets off to a rocky start when Shekinah and Tiny wake up on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.

When hey finally make it to their first destination, they compete in a dance battle to help a local dance troop raise money. But when Tiny and Shekinah decide to get involved in a local pastime, Shekinah finds herself with her pants down.

Check out the week’s top 3 moments from our newest show, Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip that were entertaining enough — we thought it be nice to see it twice. Read more…

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T.I. Is The First Ever VH1 ‘Daddy Knows Best’ Game Show Contestant

T.I. has successful music career, a budding acting career, and he’s a great father to all six of his children. We don’t quite know how he does it all, but even with a super busy schedule — when it comes to his clan he knows them like the back of his hand.

Watch T.I. play our retro game show “Daddy Knows Best,” where T.I. proves how well he knows his kids and how they all are so much like him, then catch T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle Mondays at 9/8c.

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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Bonus – Are Teairra And Berg Flirting In The Studio?

In this never-before-seen footage, Teairra Mari finds herself in the studio jamming out to one of Yung Berg‘s produced tracks, and expressing to Berg just how bad she wants the song.

“I feel like it’s my diary,” Teairra says as she gets all subtly sensual giving Berg one to many flirtatious gazes. Berg adds to the confusion when he tries to be the shoulder for Teairra to lean on with all her messiness with Ray J. Read more…

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Family Hustle Sneak Peek: What Is Major Deathly Afraid Of?

The cuteness which is Major Harris, is brave enough to do a lot of things kids his age won’t do, but when it comes to anything involving water — Major isn’t playing those kind of games.

After Major puts up a fight when his mom and aunt try to shampoo his hair, Tiny realizes her baby’s fear of water has gotten out of control and makes plans for Major to beat his fear, and learn how to swim. Read more…

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Lost Files: The Ladies Give Their 2 Cents On Joseline And Stevie J’s Relationship

Oh just because the season is over don’t think we’re going to stop giving you more of reality television’s favorite cast.

And just because the season is over, don’t think we don’t remember when no one on the cast believed Stevie J and Joseline were married, and now that the two are allegedly “expecting,” we wrangled up a few of the ladies of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta to see what they thought about longevity of Joseline and Stevie’s relationship.

When asked whether the Joseline and Stevie were a match or a mistake, and would they last forever or fail—you won’t believe what they had to say: Read more…

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Hit The Floor #TBT: Our Favorite Devil Girls Dance Sequence

We miss all the plots, twist, turns, and secrets from Season 2 of Hit The Floor coming to an end, but what we really miss more than anything is the weekly Devil Girl performances.

The ladies would twerk, shimmy, pop and lock making us wish they would come teach us the moves. Check out one our favorite Devils girls performances from last season.

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6 Degrees Of Separation: All The Celebrities Connected Thanks To VH1 Reality TV

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It’s a small world, and lot times we are left in shock when we realize how connected we are just through knowing someone– who knows someone—who knows someone.

While the theory of six degrees of separation asserts that because we are all linked through association and acquaintance, we are only just six introductions away from any other person in the world, for our famous VH1 stars the degrees of separation get much shorter.

Take a look and see how few degreesKim Kardashian and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Stevie J are separated, how Jhene Aiko and Erica Mena could essentially be just a few introductions from being besties, and just how many other VH1 stars are connected to each other: