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Exclusive: Erica Moved On But Cyn Has Someone New In Her Life Too

Love is in the air.

On the last episode of Love & Hip Hop , Erica Mena revealed after breaking up completely with Cyn, she surprisingly had already moved on and was in knee deep dating someone new.

However we caught up with Cyn and find out that Erica isn’t the only one with a new boo thang in her life, Cyn has found herself in a “cyn-tuation” as well. Read more…

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‘Black Ink Crew’ Bonus: Puma And Quani’s Mother Finally Squash Their Beef?

Concerned about how frail and thin her daughter is becoming, Quani‘s mother Denise seeks out Puma to talk about what may be going on that has Quani so stressed that she’s losing weight.

In a twist of fate, somehow the discussion about Quani actually leads them to fixing their relationship with each other, since all their bickering and fighting at the wedding.

Do you think these Puma and his mom-in-law will stay amicable? Catch new episodes of Black Ink Crew Monday 9/8c.

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Watch What Happens When You Put Everyone Who Hates Erica Mena In One Room

Now we all know for different reasons Erica Mena isn’t Cyn, Rich Dollaz, or Chrissy‘s favorite person, but you will never guess which other Love & Hip Hop cast member also isn’t feeling Erica.

Find out who else on the cast has beef with Erica and what happens when you sit all four of them in one room and they all start dissecting her character.

Catch new episodes of Love & Hip Hop Mondays 8/7c.

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Good Morning: Robert Christopher Riley Featured In The ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Photo Project

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Forget the chocolates for Valentine’s Day, we rather have this eye candy!

Right in time for the release on the highly anticipated movie Fifty Shades Of Grey Friday night, actor-turned-celebrity photographer, Lance Gross, did an amazing job of capturing of some of the sexiest stars in entertainment, including Hit The Floor actor Robert Christopher Riley a.k.a Terrence Wall.

Flip through the photos, and expect to drool over these black and white shots of Riley that left us really wishing he was bae.

The thirst is real.

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That Awkward Moment When: Amina Reveals How She Really Felt When Tara Held Her Baby

Last night we all awkwardly watched Peter‘s big surprise – bringing his artist-turned-wife Amina, and their new baby to meet up with his previous girlfriend/baby momma, Tara, and their two sons over pizza.

It had to be the most uncomfortable thing for both Amina and Tara, because it was super uncomfortable for us all at home to watch. Find out just how “weird” Amina admits it was that day, and how she felt when Peter grabbed her little precious Cori, and handed her over to Tara.


SMH. Catch all new episodes of Love & Hip Hop Mondays 8/7c.

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Studio Fights, Baby Contracts, + Dry Cleaning Bills: Top 5 GIFs Of ‘Love And Hip Hop’ This Week


So the fellas are just going to catch up on life in between a strippers butt cheeks? How awkward was Peter‘s bring-all-my-families-together pizza party? Was Tara giving a little itty bitty baby shade? Was Kim really concerned about the cleaners bill on that Tom Bored suit? Precious Paris still letting Rich manage her music career with all the issues she has with him? Are we buying Erica and Bow Wow were only “friends” before Erica admitting that they were together? How did we know things were going to go ape sh*t when Tasha called Cisco, Francisco? How funny was it seeing Judy and Kim makeup? Does Jhonni Blaze always use her sex operator voice when she’s talking to Rich?

Just whatttttt is going on?
Read more…

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Sky Says If She Were Amina She Would’ve Urinated On Tara And Peter’s Lunch Table

Black Ink Crew‘s newest star, Sky, is serving in-your-face, no-chill realness on the show and in her daily life.

This self-proclaimed tomboy, may put on a pair of heels from time-to-time, but she’s still a pitbull in a skirt. She sat with, to school females on curbing all the drama and taking the bull by the horns in life, in this second episode of #Skycode. Read more…

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‘Love And Hip Hop’ Bonus: Tara Gets Back Into The Dating Game With A Blind Date

Now thatTara is really, really, really over Peter she decides to go and test the waters and dip her toe in the dating pool.

See what happens when Tara goes on a blind date with a man gives her all his attention, including being detailed enough to know she’s rocking a nice “nude nail polish.” (????)

Yea see if these two ki ki enough for a second date, Read more…

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‘Mob Wives’ Bonus: Drita Wants Lee To Purchase A New Engagement Ring That’ll Blind Bishes…

Now that Lee and Drita are one big happy family again, Drita feels obligated to get a new engagement ring to replace the one she sold off when Lee was locked up.

With the help of Big Ang, Drita goes shopping for a new engagement that has so much ice, it’ll make everyone chilly when they see it.

See how many karats Drita wants, and catch and catch a new episode on the next Mob Wives, Wednesday at 9/8c.