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‘Oh B***h You Are The Dog Sitter’: Best GIFs From My Life Episode 3

K. Michelle and her friends have the craziest of times, and on last night’s episode of My Life was no different.

With her house turning upside down, K.Michelle had to set some ground rules for her new roommates Nema and Tracy that included very little patience, and whole lot of going awf. K.Michelle later finds peace when her son Chase comes into town, and has some mommy and son time playing basketball and bowling. Excited to have her son Chase with her, K.Michelle checks in to see how he is doing in Memphis. By the end of the episode Nema, Paris, and Jonathan have an amazing extravaganza planned for K.Michelle’s birthday that include drag, midgets, and a slideshow. Read more…

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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Bonus: Could Lil Fizz + His Son Kameron Get Any Cuter?

Lil Fizz takes his son Kam to the ice cream shop to delicately discuss how Amanda may not be in their lives anymore.

When Fizz asks his lil’ man how he would feel if Amanda didn’t come around as much, his “I’ll cry,” answer made us melt like frozen yogurt.

Find out how Fizz will handle the break up as it relates to his son, and catch the the next episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Mondays at 8 PM ET/PT.

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Tiny and Shekinah’s Weave Trip Sneak Peek: Tiny Gets Scared And Starts Freaking Out

After being to tired to keep driving, Tiny decides to make a rest top at a RV camping resort in small town in Texas.

While trying to get to know her neighbors Tiny becomes the target of a huge flying insect that sends Tiny into a state of panic. While everyone seems to be amused by Tiny’s fear, Tiny really freaks out, like really. Read more…

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My Life Sneak Peek: Finally Getting A Glimpse Of K. Michelle As A Mother

Sometimes with K. Michelle‘s rigorous work ethic and relentless grind is easy to forget that K. Michelle is also a somebody’s mama.

On the next episode of My Life, K’s son Chase comes to visit, and we finally get to see what K.Michelle is like when she takes off her artist hat (wig), and turns into Kimberly Chase’s mother. Read more…

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Let’s Recast Scandal: Which VH1 Star Would Get The Part?

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Earlier this week Rihanna reminded us again why we missed her so much on Instagram with her ode to the ABC hit series Scandal.

Riri’s funny Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) pics taken while she was visiting the White House got us thinking what if our VH1 stars got to be Scandal characters, who would play who?

Based on the personalities, characteristics, and temperaments we mulled over which VH1 reality stars would make the best gladiators. Stevie J and Joseline make a good Liv and Fitz? Check out our choices now!

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#FBF: Remember When Hazel E + Soulja Boy Were In Teairra’s “Sponsor” Video?

After watching the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood episode of Teairra Mari giving a less than stellar stage performance, we had to do our research to remember Teairra actually does have pretty good voice.

Before the social media backlash that questioned her vocal chops, check out her 2010 single “Sponsor,” that featured her LHHH co-star Soulja Boy, and cameo from ex-friend Hazel E @ the 2:23 mark. Read more…

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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Bonus: Amanda’s Mom Says She’s Not Mature Enough For A Relationship With Fizz

Everyone agrees Amanda should quit playing games with her relationship with Fizz aka Dreux and his son Kameron — including her mama.

Amanda drops by her mother’s house and finds out that not only does her own mother think she wasting Fizz’s time by not being honest and letting him know she isn’t ready for the kind of relationship Fizz needs, but throws shade when she tells her daughter she doesn’t even think she’s mature enough to handle it.

Find out what happens when her mom questions whether or not Amanda is even in love with Fizz in the first place, and catch the the next episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Mondays at 8 PM ET/PT.

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My Life Bonus: K. Michelle’s L.A. Friends Want Her To Trade In Her Sex Toys For What?

While in L.A. for The Arsenio Show K. Michelle meets up with her West coast friends to share something extremely personal with her crew.

“I was playing with my vagina before I left…and I used her toy and it blew up,” K. Michelle says without missing a beat. After admitting it time to replace her sex toys with the real thing, her friends suggest maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to think about the swinger lifestyle. Read more…

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Testify: Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip Episode 4 Video Recap

On this episode of Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip the girls must learn to deal with their fears. Whether it was interacting with local livestock, or public speaking in front of church congregation, Tiny and Shekinah face whatever roadblocks that come their way head on.

Check out the week’s top 3 moments from our newest show, Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip that were entertaining enough — we thought it be nice to see it twice. Read more…

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Erica Mena Celebrates Her Birthday With A Masquerade Ball Thrown By Bow Wow

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Over the weekend Love & Hip Hop star Erica Mena celebrated her 27th birthday, with a masquerade ball thrown and hosted by her fiance Shad Moss aka Bow Wow.

Held at the Jazz Room in NYC, masks were a must for Erica’s friends and colleagues who gathered for the black tie affair sponsored by Mane Choice. Mob Wives’ Ramona Rizzo came out to wish the Erica a happy birthday, and the night ended with a surprise performance by Def Jam Recordings artist Troy Ave. Read more…