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Lily vs. Amy: Catfight Part II


Smack-talking Britpop princess Lily Allen has lambasted this week’s Britpop princess, Amy Winehouse (much the way Lady Sovereign lambasted Lily a few weeks ago). In this week’s Entertainment Weekly, Allen discusses Winehouse’s hard-partying habits: “She goes to all those parties . . . and hangs out with Kelly Osbourne and Kate Moss. I don’t understand that need to become famous.” This after Allen says, “Nobody’s ever had a picture of me rolling out of a nightclub at five in the morning completely out of my head on Ecstasy, and coked out of my brains.” Allen vs. Winehouse? Who’s going to win that one?

[Via Entertainment Weekly]

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LSD on Broadway


The flashback-inducing psychedelia of the Flaming Lips just got an official mainstream seal of approval: Lead art-agitator Wayne Coyne told Rolling Stone that he is in talks to turn his band’s last record, a concept album entitled Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, into a Broadway musical. (For a band that routinely played with Justin Timberlake in a rabbit costume, this isn’t much of a stretch.) Producer Des McAnuff (Jersey Boys) will help adapt the record for the stage. No word yet on whether or not the Playbill will be printed on blotter paper. Would you pay to do acid . . . we mean, see the Lips on the Great White Way?

[Via Rolling Stone]

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Bow Wow Drafts the NBA

73517463 Like all sound businessmen, Bow Wow’s diversifying. The 19-year-old rapper told that he’s planning to invest in a basketball franchise. “I can’t say what team yet, but it’s definitely gonna go down with a certain NBA team,” he hinted. That’s one element of his three-point-plan for business success. The other two are opening another sneaker store (his first is doing well) and a McDonald’s franchise. This in the middle of his plans for a summer tour, brokering various movie deals and guesting on Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony’s forthcoming album. We suspect that if he weren’t a rapper, he’d probably be running a (scale) model government or being bronzed as a Junior Achievement mascot. Way to blow the bell curve, Bow Wow. Thanks for making the rest of us look bad.


Jackson 5 To Reunite?


British rumor-mongers at The NME are reporting that Michael Jackson is negotiating a musical reunion with his brothers – at least that’s the news according to Jackson’s lawyer. Here’s how it breaks down: The Motown legends will allegedly play around 250 shows. The location? Vegas, home of other credible acts, like Celine Dion. The kicker? The NME reports that there are plans to build a Michael Jackson theme park, casino, hotel and stadium. Leonard Rowe, a concert promoter who worked with the Jacksons in the ’80s, apparently proposed a family reunion tour last week, but it’s unclear as to whether or not Janet would (or should) participate. There’s nothing like cashing in on a little boomer nostalgia, right? Or is this just another case of dry humping the cash cow?

[Via NME]


Hanson’s Weird Night Out



When it’s time to party, they will always party hard: Last night at New York City’s Supper Club, Hanson invited some special guests onstage – among them a winter-white-clad Andrew W.K. and Adam Green, formerly of scuzz-folk outfit the Moldy Peaches. The oddity was compounded by their collaborating on the set’s encore, a cover of Cat Stevens’s “Peace Train.” Who said there was nothing new under the sun?

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Food for Thought

Kanye_2 Kanye West doesn’t eat cheap. The flamboyant rapper and producer reportedly spent around $4,000 flying food from Wales to Manhattan for a meeting tomorrow with some music execs. Lavish? Sure. Environmentally friendly? Not a chance. West is one of the artists to perform at Al Gore’s Live Earth festival on July 7th, a series of concerts worldwide to promote awareness of global warming. Burning jet fuel won’t help the environment. Looks like he’s another one of those celebs who claim they’re green but guzzle gas.


Bono’s Beautiful Day

He still hasn’t found what he’s looking for – so now he’s looking at publishing. Announcing plans to guest-edit July’s Vanity Fair, U2 front man Bono told The New York Times, “I want this to be a best-selling issue . . . I want to make a hit record.” The magazine content is slated to feature Africa, as the peripatetic Irishman attempts to re-brand the continent in an effort to spotlight debt relief, and discuss poverty, and investigate AIDS. He also recommended changing the magazine’s title to Fair Vanity, which editor Graydon Carter agreed to as long as Bono’s band switched its name to “2U.” So that’s not happening.

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Rappers’ Delight


Former SNL joke lady Tina Fey made fun at hip-hop’s expense last night on 30 Rock. With the help of guest stars LL Cool J and Ghostface Killah, Fey, Tracy Morgan and Alec Baldwin addressed marketing, racism and rap. When Tracy’s character inadvertently disses superstar producer Ridikolus (LL), the pimp-clad studio magnate promises revenge – unless Tracy volunteers to host The Source Awards, which also means certain death. (Tracy explains that his numerous beefs make him a healthy target for extermination. Example? Take Young Jeezy: "I called his pitbull a gaywad on 106 & Park!") Which rapper would you most like to see Tracy insult . . . er, work with next?

[Via 30 Rock]


Eye of the Tiger


Please pardon her appearance while she’s under construction: Britney’s new website is in the works. While she plots a way out of the unmitigated disaster her life has become, the once-great pop idol’s Internet staff has placed an image of a tiger on her site’s homepage, which morphs into Britney. The worst part? The audio, which also morphs – from a guttural Shere Khan growl to a huffle-puffy noise that recalls Tigger suffering an asthma attack.

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