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The Black Keys “Lonely Boy” First Listen Comes With The Greatest Dance Act Ever (Or, At Least, Of The Last Few Months)

Today the Black Keys announced the digital release of the first track from their forthcoming record El Camino, “Lonely Boy.” The new single is as raw and infectious as anything the Black Keys have ever produced, possessing that rare, uncanny quality that crawls under your skin, breathing life into otherwise inert parts of your body, making you move in ways that are both spectacular and completely organic. Which brings us to the video the Keys have offered along with the much anticipated first listen.

A meme-to-be from the moment it hit the Internet earlier this morning, this unofficial video features a single man against the banal, aesthetically dated background of what appears to be suburban office space not unlike the Dunder Mifflin mailroom. Dressed like your dad and bearing a passing resemblance to The Wire‘s Senator Clay Davis, the man becomes possessed by the beating drums and begins to move in a way that is completely matter-of-fact, like there could be no other possible way to react to the music pulsing around him. His movements are inspiring in their necessity, and we could watch him shake and pop all day long.

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