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VH1 and QVC Teaming Up To Celebrate Michael Jackson’s Musical Legacy

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year since Michael Jackson’s tragic death at age 50. As a means of celebrating MJ’s life and musical legacy, VH1 will be airing special Michael Jackson-related content from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. tonight and from 11:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. tomorrow. And if you’re looking for more ways to remember MJ’s seminal career, you’ll be able to see wall-to-wall MJ coverage from 9 a.m. to midnight over at VH1 Classic.

Additionally, we have partnered up with our friends over at QVC to present Michael Jackson: Music and Memories. Beginning now, you’ll be able to tune in to purchase special Michael Jackson memorabilia at tremendous prices. Below, we have put together a list of just some of the great items that you can pick up!

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Katy Perry Romps Through Candyland In The “California Gurls” Video

Although summer doesn’t officially start until 7:58 a.m. on Monday, there are a handful of songs that have already gotten a head start on the quest to become 2010’s Song of the Summer. Just in the last week alone, we have seen Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert stake their claim in the race with new video debuts (“Alejandro” and “If I Had You,” respectively). And earlier today, Katy Perry — who, you’ll recall, took home the crown in 2008 with “I Kissed A Girl” — released the video for her shot at the throne, “California Gurls.”

The earwormy track, which is currently sitting atop the Billboard 100 and will soon make its premiere on the VH1’s Top 20 Video Countdown, seems perfectly poised to remain ubiquitous throughout the hottest months of the year with its shout-outs to seasonal staples like Daisy Dukes, bikinis and melting popsicles (but, weirdly enough, no weenies!). The video, however, eschews the sorts of “traditional” visual themes that you might expect for a song of this nature (think David Lee Roth’s hypersexualized cover of “California Girls,” for example) in favor of a confectionary (and innuendo-laden) romp through a Candy Land-esque paradise known as Candyfornia, a glucose-drenched utopia where gummi bears frolic underneath clouds of cotton candy.

In a gleeful mix of pop culture references, Perry plays the Dorothy to Snoop Dogg’s Oz figure, only this time, she trades ruby slippers for cupcake-themed lingerie as she makes her way through the sugary wilds wearing progressively less and less clothing. That is, until the video’s final moments, which sees Perry don a bikini top that, in stark contrast to the machine gun brassiere that Lady Gaga debuted last week, fires gallons of whipped cream at the camera instead of bullets. Regardless of your taste for sweets, this is the kind of video that will definitely make lots of viewers this summer want to order seconds.

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Adam Lambert Dishes On The “If I Had You” Video Shoot

Adam Lambert

UPDATE (Thursday, 6/10 @ 6pm): Tough news to share with you guys. We just got word that Adam and his team are putting the finishing touches on the “If I Had You” video (yay!), but this means that the debut of the video is going to have to be bumped back until next week. Our apologies, we’ll bring it to you here on VH1 the second we get it in our hot little hands!

Note: We just got word that Adam’s new video for “If I Had You” will be debuting here this Friday, June 11. Coincidentally enough, we just received the following missive about the video from Adam, which is part of our continuing series of VH1 Posted entries. Take it away!

The “If I Had You” video shoot was something I had anticipated for some time. In addition to the fantastic beat and melody, the song’s lyrics are what really stand out to me about this uplifting jam. It explores all the glitz of life in celebrity culture but reveals how it can all be a facade without true connectivity to others. The message is one of Love. Over the past year, in addition to my unbelievable opportunities, I have also been faced with the unique challenge of staying positive in light of some critics and closed mindedness. My friends, family, and my devoted fans have been a key force in keeping me grounded. I wanted to make a video that paid tribute to the wonderful people who’ve inspired me to become the artist and spirit I am today.
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Posted: Adam Lambert’s “Top 10 Things I Won’t Leave Home Without When Going On Tour”

Adam Lambert Posted - Live At Wango Tango

Note: We just received the following email direct from Adam as he preps for his Glam Nation tour. Remember to follow Adam for the entire month of June on VH1 Posted. The floor is yours, Adam!

1. My iPhone! I cant leave home without my phone to keep in contact with my friends and family. It also holds all of my music!
2. My computer, of course. This is where I get to keep my creative juices flowing and I get to note a lot of my ideas. This is also where I get to keep in touch with my fans!
3. A flip cam. This allows me to capture moments behind the scenes to share with my fans!
4.A good book. With so much traveling and time on a bus, it is great to have a good read with me.
5. Nail Polish! Gotta keep my nails neat!
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Posted: Adam Lambert Talks About His Inspiration For The Glam Nation Tour

Note: We just received the following transmission direct from Adam and wanted to pass along the scoop on his Glam Nation tour to you right away. Remember to follow Adam for the entire month of June on VH1 Posted. Take it away, Adam!

The stage has always been home to me since I was a child. With a background in musical theater, the prospect of making my debut album into a live show has always been so exciting. The time had finally come to create a tour!

The first thing I wanted to decide upon was a world where the show would take place. This whole process started shortly after the release of my first Remix EP. A previously unreleased track called “Voodoo” that I wrote with Sam Sparro gained a lot of praise. I was inspired to write it after my first trip to New Orleans. The city has such a rich history and an incredible energy. I was listening to the song on a plane ride and all of a sudden was hit with an epiphany: What if the entire concert was set there?

Images started coming to mind as I anxiously began jotting down notes. The common thread amongst most of my songs is relationship in some form or another. So now I had a world out of which I could weave an emotional story based on my music! The Glam Nation Tour was born!

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Follow Adam Lambert All Month Long With VH1’s Posted

Last month,

As a network that prides itself on giving you, the VH1 viewer, up close and personal access to your favorite musicians, we are very excited to announce the launch of Posted, a brand new feature here on For an entire month at a time, we’ll give you exclusive behind the scenes glimpses of and chances to interact with some of the most talented artists in the music industry today as they’re going about their daily business. Whether it’s a video chat with them backstage before a concert, a photo of them on the set of a video shoot, or their latest Tweet about what they’re eating for lunch, you’ll be able to find it all on Posted.

We’re especially excited to be launching this exciting new feature with none other than Adam Lambert, who remains one of the most fascinating new stars on the pop charts today. We’re tagging along with Adam all month as he sets out for his highly anticipated Glam Nation tour (click here to see if he’s coming to your town). As you’ll see in the video above, he’s in the final stages of preparation for his tour and he wants to hear from you. So if you have a burning question for Adam, go ahead and leave it as a comment below and we’ll be sure to relay them to the one and only Glambert! He’ll be answering your questions in “Ask Me Anything” at the end of the month.

Remember, all you have to do to keep up with Adam for the entire month of June is to visit him on this special Posted: Adam Lambert page. You can also follow Adam on Twitter and Facebook. Be sure and check back often to see the latest and greatest from the road.

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Sneak Peek: Lady Gaga’s Music Video for “Alejandro”

If you didn’t catch Lady Gaga on Larry King Live last night, you also missed the short but highly anticipated unveiling of her new video, “Alejandro.” Although it might come off as an ode to alluring Spanish men, the third single from Gaga’s Fame Monster LP is actually known to describe the pop star’s fear of sex; she says potato, we say potahto. The video sneak revealed black and white images of Gaga ( la Madonna in “Vogue”) and what she described to everyone’s favorite suspender-wearing senior citizen as a “homoerotic military theme.” We’re certain you”ll agree that the full video can’t come soon enough, and if the rumors are true, we’re sure to be shocked more than ever when the final cut gets released next week.
— Lacey Seidman

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Jack Johnson Performs “No Good With Faces” On 1515 Live

When Jack Johnson isn’t busy trying to cut CO2 emissions from his tour’s carbon footprint or encouraging his fans to embrace plastic free initiatives, he actually carves out time from his busy schedule to make some music. With four solo albums (including the remix release of Sleep Through The Static) and multiple collaborations and compilations under his belt, Jack Johnson has resurfaced, delivering his fifth LP for fans to dive into. Before it’s available on June 1st, you can hear To The Sea exclusively on The Leak, courtesy of our friends over at Rhapsody.

If you want to see more of Jack, we have yet another wave for you to ride: Check out his 1515 Live performance of “No Good With Faces” above. That’s right, the Hawaiian-born surfer/filmmaker singer/songwriter decided to pop into our building and perform a few songs. For you Jack Johnson superfans out there, you can also check out an acoustic version of “You And Your Heart” that was taped here at our offices in Times Square. And if you still want more Jack Johnson, don’t miss the other songs (“Banana Pancakes”, “Better Together”) that he performed for us . Don’t forget to cast your vote for the new video to rank on our Top 20 Countdown.

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Bret Michaels Is A Celebrity Apprentice Finalist

No wonder Donald Trump was so vocal in the hours and days following Bret Michaels‘s brain hemorrhage last month. On last night’s penultimate episode of their Celebrity Apprentice franchise, it was revealed that Bret Michaels will square off against former 21 Jump Street star Holly Robinson-Peete in the show’s finale (which airs this Sunday, May 23). And now, People magazine is reporting that Michaels is “hoping to attend” the live taping of the program this weekend. Based on some of the early reactions to the special blend of Trop-A-Rocka Snapple that he concocted during last night’s episode (see above), it might be a tough road for Michaels to take home the title. But after witnessing the tremendous fight that Bret has exhibited over the last few weeks, one thing is for certain: Don’t bet against him.