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Hip Hop Honors: Cypress Hill Goes Up In Smoke

The gang’s all here this beautiful Wednesday morning as the second day of rehearsals for Hip Hop Honors kick off. Some say hip-hop runs on its own time, but Fat Joe, Jim Jones and the Gym Class Heroes are all here, right on time, to honor Cypress Hill. To have such a collection of talent under one roof is amazing, and that’s not lost on the honorees themselves. While walking around surveying the set, B-Real happens to whip out the same digital camera your loyal bloggers have to record the moment, as a decidedly less portly Fat Joe walks over to pay his respects.

It’s obvious Fat Joe’s been doing his homework, as he tears through a flawless rendition of “The Phuncky Feel One.” Jim Jones has a little work to do before the show, as he seems more interested in watching the dancers than the words to “I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That.”

Appropriately, plumes of smoke wreath Cypress Hill as they run through “(Rock) Superstar.” Moments later, Cypress Hill, Jim Jones, Mack 10, Gym Class Heroes are up on the mezzanine, answering our questions about Cypress Hill and a particular herbal remedy the group are fond of (coming soon…). Mos Def swings by and tells us which honoree he’s most excited to see, which we’ll have for you later today.

Check back for tons of updates from hip-hop’s front lines, and be sure to tune in Monday, October 6th at 10 p.m.


Behind The Scenes Of Hip Hop Honors: Treach Goes A Capella

There’s about 60 or so hours until the 2008 Hip Hop Honors show kicks off, but you’d think it was this afternoon by the looks of the stage at NYC’s Hammerstein Ballroom. Lit up like an arcade, it’s a truly worthy temple of hip-hop.

But the stage is icing – a nicely wrapped present compared to the action going down on it. After a brief interlude, Naughty By Nature emerge from their 7th floor rehearsals to check out their upcoming performance spot. Sitting on the steps, posing for pictures in what will be their honorary thrones for the evening, Vin Rock and Treach look genuinely excited. As the group sits out on the balcony while some middle-aged production dude awkwardly dances and lip-syncs on stage during a run-through of the group’s hit “O.P.P.”, you gotta wonder what’s going through their heads.

After a brief technical difficulty (Treach: “This sh*t has to be hot so I can do the intro!”) the guys launch into “Uptown Anthem,” the forever celebratory “Hip Hop Hooray,” and then a sick version of an acapella, which we happen to have a little footage of above. We’ll be posting on the action from the show site all day Wednesday and Thursday. Come back for more news and video.

Check Naughty by Nature’s story, and watch their videos.

Watch Hip Hop Honors on VH1 on Monday, October 6 at 10 pm.


Cypress Hill Tells Tales From The Road

It’s no surprise that this year’s Hip Hop Honors honorees Cypress Hill have had some hectic moments on the road — after all, they’re the same guys who’ve spoken frankly about gang-banging and their love of ganja. But back in the day, on one particular stop in St. Louis, the guys thought their days were numbered. Check out the above clip to find out how Cypress Hill got out of a sticky situation with the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Be sure to tune in on October 6th at 10 p.m., and until then, check out the Hip Hop Honors site for all your hip-hop needs.


Naughty By Nature To Drop New Album, Perform At Hip Hop Honors

On the heels of the news that Naughty By Nature will be honored by VH1 at this year’s Hip Hop Honors, the Jersey trio who specialize in getting asses out of seats have just announced they’re back in the studio to record another album, their first in six years. According to, Treach, Vin Rock and DJ Kay Gee say the tentatively titled Anthem, Inc. (fitting, right?) has no set release date, but the group assures us we’ll be hearing tunes shortly. “There’s no set date, but before this New Year comes in, you’re definitely gonna be hearing some exclusives, some appetizers to let them know we coming,” said Treach.

No need to wait until New Year’s — tune in on October 6th at 10 p.m. to watch Naughty perform.

Watch our Naughty by Nature Box Set, which contains loads of interviews and videos.


What Angelique Wants, Angelique Gets: An Office Worker’s Brush With Reality TV Fame

Yesterday, Rock of Love 2 resident and upcoming Charm School contestant Angelique (a.k.a. Frenchy) stopped by our office. On a press jaunt that included telling Howard Stern that she hadn’t had sex in eight months, the French-bred, Vegas-based stripper decided to remedy that when she came to our offices.

You see, our offices, in addition to being located at the crossroads of the world, contain some eye candy, in the form of resident ladies man Shawn Mahoney. Upon laying eyes on Mahoney, Angelique — in quick succession — asked for his number, told him she wanted to “f*ck” him, and promptly started sending him sexy texts. After sending 13 text messages in two hours, the buxom blonde switched to email. We’ve included the texts after the jump as well as hot photos of Angelique and a voicemail she left.

Submitted for your pleasure, please read the unedited raciness of a woman who wants to get laid.

11:46 a.m.
Angelique: What s up? It’s Frennchy. U r so hot & sexy u need to come and see me in vegas :)

11:51 a.m.
Shawn: For sure. Would love to, but I’m busy. But let’s see what’s up. How bout I text you tonight and you call me back and well talk about it;) talk to ya then :)

11:57 a.m.

Angelique: I live in vegas hot stuff, I would love to f*ck you!! Ur sssso hot..grrrr

Read more…


Busta, Flav And Many Others To Appear At Hip Hop Honors

The list of artists scheduled to appear at this year’s Hip Hop Honors keeps getting longer — and better. In addition to greats like Outkast‘s Big Boi, Kid Rock and Wyclef Jean, more of hip-hop’s luminaries of past and present have been added to the roster. Cee-Lo, Busta Rhymes, Queen Latifah, Fat Joe, Flavor Flav, Gym Class Heroes and Chuck D. are just a few of the folks that will gather to honor Cypress Hill, De La Soul, Naughty By Nature, Slick Rick and Too $hort. To see a full list of the folks who’ll make an appearance, check here.

Be sure to tune in on October 6th at 10 p.m. to watch, and be sure to keep checking in as new performers and presenters are announced.


Mariah Slams Reports of Marital Troubles

Mariah Carey wants you all to quit being such haters, at least when it comes to her marriage. The eternally twelve-year-old diva visited TRL’s studios with her hubby the other day, where she was kind enough to chat with MTV News about all the rumors swirling around her marriage.

“It’s good. Life is beautiful, and things are going well,” Carey said. She then goes on to make a nearly unintelligible statment about the motives of people who have criticized her marriage (and why should they? Just because you only dated your husband for like, two weeks! And married him to time with your record release!). “People are going to say what they say, but what would be the purpose? I guess other people do those things for a purpose, but I don’t know.” Thanks for clearing that up Mariah.

But the butterfly-loving singer promises all is right in the world of Mrs. and Mr. Mariah Carey. “I’m ecstatic, so be ecstatic with me! Be happy with me. Can we celebrate?” Sure we can, Mims. If you make it to your first wedding anniversary.


Madonna Gets Dissed By Bro, Again

Turns out Madonna‘s attention-grubbing brother Christopher Ciccone didn’t save all his smack-talking for his tell-all book Life With My Sister Madonna. Ciccone dished even more dirt to The New York Observer when they caught up with him the other day. Among the revelations the once-trusted member of Madge’s inner circle shared? “I wanted [the book] to be called The Queen and I,” he said, but was told it was too snarky. Most interestingly, when news of Ciccone’s memoir reached the Queen of Pop, Madonna emailed her little brother, simply saying “Call me.” Ciconne refused, saying, “Hello? I don’t respond to commands anymore.”

Ciccone also shared that there were several anecdotes he left out of the book, due to lawyers and publishers’ requests…so can we expect Madge’s bro to attempt to cash in on her again with a sequel?


Matthew Broderick Cheats On Sarah Jessica Parker

Let the Sex and the City puns begin — Star magazine is reporting that Matthew Broderick has been conducting his own little version, and its not with wife Sarah Jessica Parker. In this week’s issue, Broderick is reported to have cheated on his wife with a 25-year-old redhead described as “gorgeous,” who he met earlier this year. The adultery got under way after the two started text-messaging and meeting at a friend’s Manhattan townhouse. This could explain why SJP hit the George Michael show the other night sans hubby.

OK — Sarah Jessica Parker may have been voted the most unsexy woman alive by Maxim magazine (which we disagreed with), but seriously, come on ladies. The bloated Bueller is a tiny man-troll, and hardly worth being known as a homewrecking harlot.


Tori Spelling To Profit From Kids With Second Book

Some of you might think Tori Spelling is just a mediocre reality television star and a washed-up actress, but you’re wrong. Tori, you see, is a lot more than a spoiled rich kid and a homewrecker — she’s a mom. After the “amazing cathartic journey” of her first book sTori Telling, Spelling’s donning her literary cap again and writing a tell-all on motherhood, which the 35-year-old should know oodles about, seeing as she’s only a year into the process, with a 1-year-old and a newborn.

The book, tentatively titled Mommywood, is sure to lift the lid on how tough it is to be a semi-celebrity with plenty of money and help raising your kids in the most debased environment ever. Here are just a few of the chapter subjects we hope we see:

* 10-Month-Old Breadwinners: How To Get That Little Mouth Working For You

* Baby’s Second Reality Television Show: How Young Is Too Young?

* It’s Okay If The Father Of Your Children Is Also The Father Of Someone Else’s Children

* Mommy’s Happy Accident: How to Spin Your Accidental Pregnancy Into A Magazine Headline