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Ambre, Mr. Boston Rock Out At Rock Honors

Tonight’s Rock Honors: The Who show promises to be full of all types of stars — from rock to reality — and we happen to know a few of your favorites attended. Rock of Love 2‘s Ambre and I Love New York‘s Mr. Boston were on hand for the festivities. Check out who else was at the show, and of course, watch what went down when the Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam and Incubus honored the Who.

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Rock Honors: Pearl Jam Pack Stage With Stars

Our man on the scene, Steve Pavlopoulos, was delivering up-to-the-minute reports from Rock Honors: The Who (which taped this weekend) on what you’ll see this Thursday, July 17th at 9 pm on VH1. Check out his behind-the-scenes look at what went down on rock’s front lines. The above shot is from Saturday night’s festivities — check out more shots for a sneak peek at the show. Can’t wait to see Pearl Jam on Thursday? Watch them rock right now.

These events do this to me every time: I look forward to them before they come up, but when they actually happen, I am completely blown away by what I consider a once-in-a-lifetime live music experience. I walked out of the Pavilion at the beginning of Pearl Jam’s soundcheck and had to stop to look back in awe. (No kidding – and probably the first time I’ve ever been seen rocking out while carrying a $3,000 tripod.) From the first chord, you could tell that they meant business. They know (and love) this music, as the Who is in their lifeblood. Expect their set to be filled with songs from Quadrophenia, with the help of a string and horn section. The best thing about this venue is that when you exit the Pavilion, you can still hear the music pouring out and enveloping a good portion of the UCLA campus in glorious rock.

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Madonna’s Many Men

Not sure if you’ve heard, but allegedly Madonna‘s causing some marital issues for a certain Yankee. The reigning pop tart is being accused of coming between A-Rod and his wife Cynthia after the press reported that A-Rod had been making late-night visits to Madonna’s New York apartment, and reportedly referred to her as his soulmate. But this is only the latest in a lengthy line of people that Madge has been linked to. Check out Madonna’s public lovers and private booty calls. And remember: this is only the dudes.


Rock Honors: The Sexiest Women in Music

Some of the biggest names in rock happen to be some of the foxiest females in the game. From Gwen and M.I.A. all the way back to Joan Jett and Stevie Nicks, girls can do everything boys can do — in heels. Check out our list of the hottest frontwomen in rock here, and don’t forget to tune in on Thursday, July 17 to watch the Who get honored by the Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, the Flaming Lips and Incubus on Vh1.

Can’t wait that long? We’ll have exclusive photos from the event and sneak performances next week. Also enter our sweepstakes to win tickets to next year’s Rock Honors, and possibly see some of these sexy frontwomen up close.


Mariah and Nick: The Dirt On Their Marriage

Everyone’s favorite diva is on the cover of the August issue of Elle, looking utterly foxy in addition to finally opening up about her whirlwind courtship and marriage to Nick Cannon. Though the couple have recently been plagued by reports of the honeymoon being over, Mariah dispels all rumors, sharing a few choice facts about Mr. Mimi and how it all went down.

* Mariah didn’t say yes to Nick — the first time. Apparently Nick had to propose twice, then Mariah finally agreed to marry him. “He sort of kidnapped me and took me on a helicopter ride. Then he re-proposed.” Mariah shut Nick down days earlier when he proposed on the roof of her apartment.

* There may be the pitter-patter of little footsteps. “I couldn’t imagine anybody that I’ve ever met being a better dad,” Mariah says of her hubby.

* Apparently, Nick’s a heavy sleeper. As Mimi conducted the interview, Cannon stayed behind closed doors of their suite, sleeping the entire time despite barking from behind the bedroom door.

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Jess Forbidden to Respond to Pam

A little while back, we told you about the Battle of the Blondes. Seems Jessica Simpson got Pam Anderson‘s bikini in a bunch when she wore a t-shirt that read “Real Girls Eat Meat.” The thrice-married, sex-tape-makin’ Anderson countered by calling Simpson a “bitch and a whore.” Jessica held her tongue, but friends are saying Jess isn’t taking it too well.

Described as “disgusted” and “beyond mad,” a friend of Simpson’s told British tabloid The Sun that she isn’t allowed to say anything. “Her folks told her NOT to make a big deal of it – as that would only get Pamela the press she’s so desperate for.” If it’s any consolation, Simpson can stuff her trap with extra bacon cheeseburgers, while Pam settles for attention from Criss Angel.


Flaming Lips Ready To Rock With Who, Film

Avant oddballs the Flaming Lips are gearing up for their performance at next week’s Rock Honors, where they’ll be taking on the Who (a dream come true, for frontman Wayne Coyne). Known for their on-stage spectaculars, the band — who’ll be joining the Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam and Incubus in kneeling at the altar of the Who — will also be celebrating something else: after seven years, the band have finished working on Christmas on Mars, a concept film about the first Christmas on the Red Planet, starring the band. They plan on screening the film this summer at a series of shows.

So what to expect from the Lips’ Who tribute and their latest foray into film? Just like the band they’re honoring, weirdness and spectacle, and lots of it. If you can’t wait until next week, check out the craziest on-stage antics of rock and rollers here.


On the Market: Megan Fox

Megan Fox fans rejoice — and 90210 fans mourn: the Transformers hottie and her fiance Brian Austin Green have split. Rumblings of Fox’s canoodling with current co-star Adam Brody had been reported from the set of their new movie Jennifer’s Body, but we’re pretty sure the split had to do with her finally realizing she’s way out of his washed-up league.

Here’s the aptly named Fox’s vital stats.

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Kanye Coveting McConaughey’s Babymama?

Camila Alves is the 25-year-old model who “made a baby” with shirtless wonder Matthew McConaughey. She also, apparently, happens to be the latest object of Kanye West‘s affection. Earlier today, the temperamental rapper posted a shot of McConaughey’s babymama on his blog. In the past several weeks, Kanye has uploaded shots of ladies he fancies…and Camila’s the latest. Think Ye knows Camila’s flat stomach looks a little different these days?


Roid Rage, Just In Time For Hulk

Tonight, the vein-splitting extravaganza The Hulk opens at theaters nationwide, starring Ed Norton and Liv Tyler. And while those two are gearing up to walk the green carpet, we put together some other celebrities who might know a thing or two about steroids, or anger, or just having really large biceps. Check out the gallery of stars who’d make Popeye proud.