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Chat With Brooke’s Roommate Ashley!

ashley-500xWanna get close with the stars Brooke Knows Best 2? Here’s your chance! VH1 Mobile is hosting a live chat session with Brooke Hogan’s super-cute roommate Ashley Menendez on Tuesday, August 4 at 9:30 PM ET. Get your questions ready because selected comments will be posted on-air!

Users can download the app on their phone (AT&T phones, Sprint phones, BlackBerries from the BlackBerry App World store and iPhones from the iTunes App Store), then text in questions. You can also text TALK to 44686 and we’ll send you a download link. It will be a half hour moderated chat.

Get the App for the chat here!

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Real Chance of Love 2 – Watch The Premiere!

Celebreality’s favorite brothers, Real and Chance aka The Stallionaires, are back in the saddle with 20 new girls fighting for their affection! Check out the full season two premiere (minus elimination) above, and don’t miss its on-air premiere (Monday August 3 at 9/8c) to see which girls get a chain!

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VH1 Mobile: Daisy Judges Your Tattoos!

top3Every week fans are sending VH1 Mobile pictures of their body art for Daisy De La Hoya to judge. This week’s top three are pretty sweet. See what she has to say about each of them below. Check out all the submissions at our Mobile page.

To submit your own, send a picture of your tattoo via SMS to 80366, or email it to

1) Is… Ok of course, the nightmare before Christmas! I love it super cute! Better then mine even.

2) Goes to the flower, gorgeous color, you should be very proud of that tat. If it was mine I’d never wear clothes, so everyone could see it. Wait, I never wear clothes anyway…

3) Goes to the beautiful painting with Nine Inch Nails lyrics tat. Great original idea. Two things that in some way fit together, and have obvious meaning to you. I love NIN, and I’m gonna check out more from that artist. I’m a huge fan of paintings, and art work in general.

Wait, there’s more! Since there were so many awesome photos of awesome ink submitted this week, Daisy couldn’t pick just three. Check out her special 4th place selection after the jump.

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Celebrities Rule The NBA Playoffs

nba-playoffs-lead-500xIf you missed Tuesday night’s Rockets-Lakers game, you didn’t miss much. Kobe Bryant and company demolished Houston 118-78 to take a 3-2 series lead in the NBA Western Conference semifinals. L.A. led by 50 points in the 4th quarter – pathetic. The few fans (and myself) who actually watched the entire game would probably agree: the real action was in the crowd.

The good seats were packed with celebs like Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Dr. Dre, and Flea, who ripped through the national anthem on his bass guitar – kick ass! I enjoyed his performance so much, I added a photo of it to our Celebs Chilling At The NBA Playoffs photo gallery.

I’ll be updating it daily until the playoffs are over, with photos of stars who turn out to cheer on their favorite NBA team (Go Cavs!). Come check it out.


Which Girls Will Real & Chance Choose?

Only four gals remain for the Real Chance of Love season finale (watch a sneak peek here), which airs January 12 at 9/8c. Two for Chance (Cali, Risky), and two for Real (Bay Bay Bay, Corn Fed). Who would you like to see the guys ask to be part of the Stallionaire family? Who should have hit the road a long time ago? Talk it up!

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Real Chance of Love’s Hot or Not: Vote!

Click on the photos below, then write “Hot” or “Not Hot” in each girls’ comments field. We will tally all the votes and list the girls in order of sexiness next Wednesday, the day after the Real Chance of Love premiere. Vote for all the cast members now.

Bay Bay Bay



Corn Fed



Ki Ki








Sexy Legs

So Hood


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Rock Honors: The Foos Get A “Bargain,” Supergrass Frontman

Our man on the scene, Steve Pavlopoulos, was delivering up-to-the-minute reports from Rock Honors: The Who (which taped this weekend) on what you’ll see tomorrow, July 17th at 9 pm on VH1. Check out his behind-the-scenes look at what went down on rock’s front lines. The following report comes from the Foo Fighters‘ soundcheck, but watch the above video to see how it all pans out!

I’m sitting back by the celebrity trailer park that is home to the rock legends who have come out to play here at the UCLA campus for Rock Honors and everything appears to be going swimmingly (or at least that’s what they want me to think). The Garnier Green Room (sponsored by Garnier – get it?) is a hotbed of drinking, hors d’oevres, people who have VIP status and Rock Band. So far, we’ve seen Jack Black and Kyle Gass of Tenacious D fame, the Foo Fighters, Eddie Vedder, Kiefer Sutherland, and Gaz Coombes of Supergrass (more on that later). As far as I can tell, rock stars are unanimous on at least one thing: riding in electric golf carts rules. I sort of get it – your hair flies freely in the wind, you can silently maneuver the outside of the venue, and you can deliver high fives to any passerby who might want a little skin.

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Flavor of Love 3’s Black Got Back

It’s no secret that some girls go on Flavor of Love in part to further their acting and modeling careers. Since Toastee’s scissor-leg chokehold fetish video hit the web during season 2, we’ve been keeping tabs on past and present Flav contestants to bring you the latest updates. (Remember Deelishis and Luscious D?) While Googlin’ around today (don’t ask why), I came across photos of Black, the lone remaining “New Girl” on season 3. And man, as you can see below, the photos show a backside of her that you won’t see on TV. Oh yeah, I also learned that she’s a professor or something, and is starting her own college. Click here to apply.


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