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Guy Ritchie Arrives in New York

Amid rumors that Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s seven year marriage is crumbling, Guy arrived in New York City yesterday and went straight to Madonna’s Upper West Side apartment. Shots of Madonna without her wedding ring, reports of meeting with a high-power divorce lawyer, Guy allegedly turning his back on Kabbalah, and new rumors of a tryst with New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez have only fueled speculation that the marriage between the pop star and film director is crumbling. Has Guy flown in from London to save their union?

Guy arrived in New York Monday evening and at approximately 6:30pm entered Madonna’s posh Central Park West apartment, accompanied by two bodyguards.

Yesterday, Guy Ritchie’s mother Lady Amber Leighton called the break-up reports “works of fiction” and told the Daily Mail that, “they are no different to most other couples and we all know that being together can be hard sometimes. But like other couples they work at keeping their relationship happy and fresh.”

Madonna’s spokeswoman released a statement to People denying that Guy’s trip was to save his marriage.

“Madonna’s husband Guy arrived in New York last night to be with his wife and family (not in a last ditch attempt to save his marriage which does not need saving),” Liz Rosenberg told People. “There are no plans for Madonna and Guy to divorce.”


Lindsay Lohan Has a Secret Sister

Daddy Lohan is always full of surprises. First a DUI, then prison, and now … an illegitimate little sister for Lindsay!

Kristi Kaufman told Star that the father of her daughter, Ashley, 13, is the result of a years-long affair with Michael Lohan, father to Lindsay, Ali, Michael, and Cody. The affair started while he was briefly separated from Lindsay’s mom Dina. It continued even after the couple got back together. Michael tells Star, “I took the DNA test this morning. I will get the results within the next two weeks and you will be the first to know.”

Wow, how nice that Michael has such a great relationship with the tabloids that he would tell them before his own children. It’s so nice when celebrities and the press work arm in arm.

“It was important for me to know the truth, so I took the test,” he adds. “However, I have some serious doubts after investigating Kristi’s background.”

Michael Lohan doesn’t even need his own reality show like daughter Ali and ex-wife Dina’s hit E! show Living Lohan. His life plays out better than an episode of Jerry Springer as we eagerly await the results of the paternity test to find out if he is indeed the babydaddy, but of course, we will get to know after Star does.


Heidi Montag Has a Cross to Bear

The Hills starlet and walker of a “higher path,” Heidi Montag, revealed to USA Today that she would like to record a Christian album. “I have been the most religious person since I was 2 years old. I always felt this crazy connection to God,” says Heidi, who identifies herself as “kind of non-denominational Baptist.”

Heidi says,

Jesus was persecuted, and I’m going to get persecuted, ya know? But it doesn’t matter to me.”

This August, she and fiance Spencer Pratt are headed to Africa to “feed children and help build things.” Awww, feed children and help build “things” – Just like Jesus! If Jesus can forgive Judas for denying him seven times and getting him hung on a cross, why can’t Heidi and Hills ex-BFF Lauren Conrad find it in their hearts to give fans a reconciliation?

“I don’t think people are ever going to get that,” the redeemer of reality TV says.


Supermodel Suicide

In an apparent suicide, supermodel Ruslana Korshunova jumped to her death on Saturday, falling 9 floors from her apartment in the Financial District of Manhattan, New York. The 20-year-old beauty, who had graced the covers of French Elle and Russian Vogue and had modeled for top designers Marc Jacobs, Nina Ricci, and DKNY was hailed by British Vogue as “a face to be excited about.”

It was just days before her 21st birthday, and friends described the Kazakhstan native as an upbeat person showing no signs of depression. “She loved life,” one Russian friend told The New York Post, while another, Maxim Ilin, said she “was the most cheerful and positive person I knew.”


John McCain Has an Ear for Usher

Who knew? John McCain likes Usher. After appearing in May on “Saturday Night Live” with Usher, Republican presidential candidate John McCain said he really has an ear for the “Love in This Club” singer.

McCain told the St. Paul Pioneer Press,

“Usher was on. Very talented. Very good. And I’m usually not into that brand of music, but I watched him rehearse, and I watched him twice. And I was very impressed. I got one [Usher CD]. Actually, my daughter, Meghan, likes him, and she got it for me.”

Unfortunately for McCain, Usher is a hardcore Obama fan, as seen in this YouTube video supporting the Democratic candidate:


Spencer vs. Mary-Kate: Round Two!

Spencer Pratt has scored big points in Round Two in his celebrity feud with pint-sized starlet Mary-Kate Olsen. On Mary-Kate’s controversial appearance on David Letterman last night, in which she described Spencer as ill-tempered and wormy, Dave asked MK point blank if she was friends with Spencer in high school. The taller half of the Olsen twins replied, “No,” but the above photo, which Spencer sent in tosurfaced on Pink is the new Blog today, suggests the two were quite chummy.

Can’t you just picture Heidi Montag cheering on her man next to the ring?


Gossip Girl’s Blake and Penn Heat Things Up

On screen and real life lovers Blake Lively and Penn Badgley get in some quality XOXO in Far Rockaway, New York today. The Gossip Girl stars are hanging in the oceanfront town with the rest of the bathing suit-clad cast while filming the new red hot season of the CW series. The way these two are heating things up, it is sure to be a scorcher!


Celebrity Feud! Spencer vs. Mary-Kate

The latest celebrity feud pairs The Hills’ villian Spencer Pratt against The Wackness star Mary-Kate Olsen. In round one, Mary-Kate stopped by David Letterman and described her former high school-mate Spencer as “wormy” and ill-tempered. She also said “he would walk off the field” during soccer games. Check out the video of Mary-Kate taking a jab at Heidi Montag‘s fiance:

Spencer came back hard, hitting Mary-Kate below the belt and issuing the following statement to Us Magazine:

“I don’t really get why she’d use my name to get press for her little indie film that no one’s going to see,” he told Friday. “She should probably focus more on not getting dressed in the dark than on me. I know I’ve made it in Hollywood when a famous troll is talking about me on Letterman. I forgive her, though,” he added. “She’s had to go through life as the less cute twin, which must be tough.”


Heidi’s “Higher Path”

The Hills star and Lauren Conrad nemesis Heidi Montag stopped by The View yesterday to show off her clothing line, Heidiwood. Naturally, Whoopi and her View cohorts wanted to talk about Heidi’s falling out with ex-BFF Lauren.

Heidi said, “The truth is, I have no animosity. I think Lauren is a great person and I am not that kind of person — I don’t hate somebody. I don’t have feelings like that. I’m on a higher path.”

Heidi’s “higher path” includes her tumultuous relationship with fiancé Spencer Pratt and other righteous activities including posing with American flags in a miniskirt and hanging out with Barney. Check out our gallery of just what Heidi’s “higher path” looks like:


Guy Ritchie Throws in the Red String

In the latest development of the rumored Madonna – Guy Ritchie split, UK newspaper The Sun is reporting that Guy has stopped practicing Kabbalah. While Madonna has become increasingly involved in the mystical Jewish religion, Guy has turned his back on it.

A source close to the couple told The Sun, “He has gone hot and cold on the religion in the past, but now he’s given up on it altogether. It has always been her thing and is more a part of her life than ever.”
“He was genuinely into it and it helped the bond between them. But then he backtracked a little with his gestures of public backing, like wearing the bracelet, because he didn’t like being such a high-profile follower.”
“He also became suspicious of all the Kabbalah crowd living off her money.”
Sadly, things are not looking good for the Material Mom and her producer husband. Reportedly, Madge has sought legal counsel in Paul McCartney’s divorce attorney, Fiona Shakleton. Madge was also spotted in NYC yesterday, without her wedding ring.