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Daisy of Love Live Blog Party


Best Week Ever: Watch Tonight at 11 pm ET

Last week Best Week Ever was having an Idol fixation. Paul F. Tompkins et al romped around with Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. They also scrutinized Jon and Kate Plus Eight, Susan Boyle‘s meltdown, and lots of other stuff, like nutso Janice Dickinson. Watch last week’s full episode and tune in tonight at 11 pm.




Daisy Chooses The Hottest Tats!


Rocker blondes with mucho body art are way hot, right? Our Daisy De La Hoya certainly fits this bill. She’s a tattoo expert – just check that torso. For the last three weeks she and VH1 Mobile have invited Daisy of Love viewers to send in photos of their own tats – Daisy chooses the top three each Friday. Above find the this week’s winners; below see Ms D’s commentary. Here are some photos of last week’s show.

To submit your own, send a picture of your tattoo via SMS to 80366, or email it to

To browse this week’s submissions visit our Mobile page.
#1 Hands Down.. The Evil Graveyard!! This Is The Coolest Tattoo I’ve Seen On Here Yet!! When I was Younger, I use To Hang Out In Graveyards.. So I Hold A Soft Spot For Them In My Hart… *sigh* hahah..

#2 Japanese Saigon.. The Color Is FN Gorgeous.. The Japanese Rule!! If I Was Japanese I’d Be A Geisha Girl For Sure

#3 Was A hard choice.. as I had a bunch of great tat’s to chose from.. But I’m gonna go with the Death Egyptian Princess… as I’m a huge Fan Of The Egyptian culture..
My first tattoo Was The Ankh on my right arm.. So This Tattoo Kicks A$$ For Sure.. Great Idea..

I think We Should Do The 3 worst Tattoos next week!!! Like Your Ex Husbands Name On Your Boob All Prison style … Or Your Wrinkled Smeary Grandmas Face On You Sun Damaged Skin.. Now That’s What I Call A Good Time!

Thanks For Playin,


Join us in a live blog chat during the West Coast airing of the show this Sunday night at midnight ET. Chantal Claret of Morningwood is the host. Check her favorite songs right here.


Hip Hop Honors 2009 Salutes Def Jam Records

Every year VH1 tips the hat to rap’s musical, political, and cultural impact with Hip Hop Honors, and our 2009 show keeps that approach alive by saluting the incredible legacy of Def Jam records. It airs on VH1 on Tuesday, October 13, at 9 pm ET/PT.

Tracy Morgan is this year’s host.

VH1’s Hip Hop Honors 2009 is the first time that the show has honored a record label. For 25 years, Def Jam created the stars that pushed hip hop culture forward, including LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Kanye West, Slick Rick, Rick Ross and Rihanna. The men behind the scenes are as legendary as its artists, including Rick Rubin, Russell Simmons, LA Reid and Jay Z. The Def Jam brand didn’t just innovate in music, it also launched a breakthrough comedy show (Def Comedy Jam), a dynamic spoken-word showcase (Def Poetry Jam), and set trends in fashion, film and advertising. Def Jam led a cultural movement that changed the world.

“It is impossible to pay tribute to the best in hip hop without recognizing Def Jam Records. Throughout the years VH1 has honored numerous artists from the Def Jam label, but due to the magnificent impact that Def Jam as a company has made on not only hip hop culture but pop culture as a whole, we thought they definitely deserved the opportunity to be honored,” says Lee Rolontz, EVP of Music Production.

The show will take place in one of hip-hop’s original musical hot beds, New York’s famed borough of Brooklyn, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Stayed tuned to the VH1 blog as more updates about Hip Hop Honors 2009.

For more Hip Hop Honors exclusives, check out Global Grind.



$5 Cover: Life on the Memphis Indie Scene

If you’ve spent any time in Memphis, you might know it’s a creative hotbed. The scraggly little city in western Tennessee boasts a rich history of blues and rock ‘n’ roll, has given us both Elvis and Justin, and offers lots of cheap rents to sustain the creative spark of modern indie rockers such as Lucero, Amy LaVere, and Two Way Radio. Those last three, plus several other Memphis-based artists, are at the center of $5 Cover, MTV’s ongoing Web series that explains how all the people and passion of a scene – could be Austin, could be Seattle – is interconnected. It’s rather addictive.

One of the reasons it is so addictive is Craig Brewer‘s direction. The guy behind Hustle & Flow (another Memphis tale), Brewer’s got a knack for telling the stories of striving musicians. As these characters interact through an ever-churning blend of career moves, clique dynamics, and sexual hook-ups, they share themselves completely. Black, white, young old – Brewer reveals alot about each of them in a short amount of time.

Check the latest Webisode above, and cut yourself some time. No doubt you’re going to want to absorb all the earlier parts of the story. As each new Webisode drops, we’ll slap it in here for you. The Hills ain’t the only show in town. Get ready for the steamy side of life on the Mississippi.






Dave Matthews New CD: VH1 News Interview

Rolling Stone and other mags are saying that everything is right with the Dave Matthews Band‘s new CD, Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King . It’s a nod to LeRoi Moore, the longtime DMB saxophonist who died from injuries suffered in a an ATV accident at his Virginia home last year. The album is released tomorrow, June 2. VH1 News connected with the singer for a chat about the disc – check above. We’ll post some more clips from interview this week. The DMB is going to spend the summer in their typical way: rocking venue after venue around the country.


MTV Movie Awards: Most Talked About Moments

There are going to be lots of moments from the MTV Movie Awards that people will be buzzing about tomorrow, and Eminem getting the ass face from Sacha Baron Cohen is unquestionably one of them. But the poop-laden Andy Samberg making his way from Slumdog town to the Starship Enterprise is definitely on the list as well. Pass the above clip to everyone you know.

Check the fashions on Movie Awards red carpet

Check out the Awards “Best Movie” winner…


MTV Movie Awards: Andy Samberg’s Pimp Cup

You gotta roll with some swagga if you’re gonna be a pimp, but in a pinch even a regular dude can get the job done. Andy Samberg sees the Golden Popcorn cups of the MTV Movie Awards as a chance to get his gin and juice on – and why the heck not?

There’s lots of cool video and news on the show’s Web site. Check it now and tune in to MTV Sunday night at 9 pm ET for the live experience.

Did I use the term “regular guy” to describe Samberg above? Apologies. No one who stars in Slaughter Shack can be considered regular.


VH1 Mobile: Daisy’s Favorite Tattoos, Round 2


Everyone knows that Ms. DeLaHoya is one well-tatted hottie. Body art is a passion of hers, so VH1 Mobile figured she’d be perfect to appraise the tats of her fans. Right now Daisy zealots upload images of their colorful backs, arms, shoulders, legs, etc; the best part is that each week Daisy herself weighs in on which one is the coolest.

This week’s top tats are pictured above – nice stuff. To submit your own, send a picture of your tattoo via SMS to 80366, or email it to

To browse this week’s submissions visit our Mobile page. Each week’s winners will be posted every Friday.

Here are Daisy’s comments on this week’s Top 3.

#1 - It was a close one between John Goodman and Beethoven fox… But the fox is my fav! Only because I’m a huge Beethoven fan… Moonlight Sonata…and I really think this tattoo is cute!

#2 – John Goodman…. Wow!! There aren’t really a lot of words to describe this one! Very original. Portraits are always hard I think, cause most times they only half-way look like the person…. This one how ever is dead on! But man… Why on earth John Goodman?? Haha! Either John himself, his wife, or an uber fan I suppose!?

#3 – The wild bird is nice… Very elaborate and looks like it hurt real good… I wonder how long this took?

Thanks for playing! I wanna see more crazy wacky tatts like the John Goodman! Who can beat it? Submit yours now!