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Make The Hip-Hop Honors Soundtrack

The Score
Hey beatmeisters, it’s time to show-off your chops. Last year we were looking for MCs with Freestyle 59. This year we’re looking for producers with The Score – the contest that gives you the chance to make the soundtrack to this year’s Hip-Hop Honors show. Got a home studio? Got a computer? Put together a 60-second track that brings plenty of groove to the party. Our listeners will comment on their favorites, our judges will narrow down the field, and a winner will be chosen.

The prize? Studio time with Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson from the Roots. Together you’ll tweak the track so it can be used as the 2007 show’s theme. Some submissions are up already. Go give a listen and see what kind of competition lays ahead.


Dance Fever, South Pacific Style

For the last couple of days, we’ve been having some good laffs at the way the jailbirds of a certain Phillipines detention center have spent their time recreating Jacko and company’s 1983 video opus. John Landis spent $800K making his dance troupe and camera operators get everything coordinated. Methinks that it wasn’t quite so expensive for the orange-clad scalawags who populate the prison.


Weekly Wrap-Up: Nikki Sixx’s Scag Stories, Michael Vick’s Dog Days, Flav’s Insult Fest

Nikki Sixx
Nikki Sixx Details His Debauchery
Diddy’s Kiddies Are Costing Him a Fortune
Remy Ma
Remy Ma Allegedly Shoots Pal Over Purse Pilferage
Rock of Love
Rock of Love: Swing On A Stripper Pole With Bret
Michael Vick
Michael Vick: Vilified for Torturing Dogs
Paris Hilton
Paris Grabs the Mic: Another Stinky CD?
Usher Tries To Put His Fans Outta Bizniz
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan: Movie Closes, Jail Looms
Flavor Flav
Flavor Flav Gets Roasted, We Live Blog It

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Flav Gets Roasted; We Blog Live

FlavIt takes an especially crazy pop icon to stand in the fire of a Comedy Central Roast – you’ve gotta have nerves of steel. Evidently our own Flavor Flav does. He’s the latest hero to suffer enjoy the wise-ass barbs of comedians and celebs at the channel’s next insult fest, which airs on August 12. We’ll give you an advanced taste of what the action will be like: this Sunday night we’ll blog live from the event’s taping in L.A.

The folks hurling the insults are pros. Patton Oswalt, Lisa Lampanelli, Jimmy Kimmel, Carrot Top, Jeffrey Ross, and Ron Jeremy are all sharpening their tongues as you read this. They’ll be scrutinizing everything from Flav’s taste in watches to his taste in women. Speaking of which, old flame Brigitte Nielsen is also on board. And hip-hop pals Snoop Dogg and Ice T will drop some science, too. Keep an eye out for a string of Charm School girls that includes Bootz, Buckeey, Like Dat, Hottie, Toastee, and Smiley.

So if you’re a Flav fan, come back Sunday night at 9:45 pm EST and get a sneak peek. We also want you to make some comments on our comments.

And by the way, what kind of a zinger would you rock about Flav if you were on the show? Throw some snaps and disses in the comments.


Black & White & Rock & Roll


Stephen Stills told us that black culture defined American culture, Grandmaster Flash told us that hip-hop was rock ‘n’ roll, and Patti Smith told us that her late mom liked to vacuum the house to "Rock ‘n’ Roll N*gger." It was a beautiful one-world fest at the Hall of Fame ceremonies last night. The Ronettes, R.E.M, Van Halen, Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five, and Patti Smith were all inducted. Most poignant performance: R.E.M.’s "Gardening at Night" or Smith’s spin on the Stones’ "Gimme Shelter." Idolator sniped at it in real time. The Times reported on it this morning. Catch the show hightlights this Saturday on VH1.

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Mensa Tunes


It’s always great javascriptwhen artists are blown away by their latest work. Bruce Springsteen was knocked-out when he finished cutting the track for “Born To Run,” and you recall how Brandon Flowers crowed about the Killers music on Sam’s Town last year. Well, after writing some songs for the new Coldplay disc (which is said to sound different than old Coldplay discs), Chris Martin proclaims the guys have concocted a tune that’s “basically genius.” Someone call the MacArthur Foundation, and let’s get Apple’s dad some of that smart-guy grant money.

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