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Summer Movie Preview: Watch the Videos

If you’re weary of the modern world, with its economic failures and high-tech delirium, a chunk of movies premiering this summer can take you all the way back to the beginning. It’s a time of “monkey people, lizard people, and mysterious creatures,” according to Will Ferrell in Land of the Lost. Ferrell’s a ditzy adventurer who finds a way to break that oft discussed “time-space continuum,” and make some big discoveries. You’ll see some Jurassic turns in the return of Ice Age, too. The animated film’s second edition is called Dawn of the Dinosaurs. But perhaps the most captivating Cro-Magnon tale comes in Year One. Without question, there are lots of Jack Black fans who can’t wait to see he and Michael Cera get their caveman on. Can you say loincloth?

Of course, there’ll plenty of action in blockbusterland. Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen will kick the hell out of the big screens, and John Travolta‘s maniacal kidnapper in The Taking of Pelham 123 has a very convincing cackle going for him. And then there’s a little flick called Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. There’s a slim chance that one might be larger than life, too. Here’s a look at the season’s best titles.

Check the playlist of trailers for a look at 15 movies that will define the summer of 2009.


Are You a Guy? Then Spike Wants Your Vote


Our pals at Spike live on the testosterone side of life. Fist-bumping, oogling ladies, arguing over the play of the game and the most unstoppable jock – you know, guy stuff. To make sure we understand where they’re coming from, on June 21 at 10 pm, they’re presenting a show called Guys Choice Awards. A number of debates are raging right now on the channel’s Web site regarding this show, and you’re invited to weigh in with your vote. A couple of representative queries:

Which MC has the sickest rhymes, T.I. or Lil Wayne?

Which band is the ballsiest, Metallica or Green Day?

There are lots of other categories to choose from as well. GO VOTE! You’ll see the fruit of your labor on June 21. And make sure you check the “Best Unsupported Role,” if indeed you are a guy.

Watch Lil Wayne videos

Watch T.I. videos

Watch Green Day videos

Watch Metallica videos


Taylor Swift Video Exclusive: Mother’s Day

Everyone gets a bit sentimental on Mother’s Day. Memories flood in, appreciation is in the air. There’s no getting around mom. Taylor Swift dug up some great home movies for her video smooch to her mother. The country music superstar has incorporated them into the new clip for her song, “The Best Day.”

CMT has the exclusive premiere of the video. You only catch it there through this Sunday, March 10. Watch Taylor frolic on horses and tractors – rare footage for sure. And make sure you call your mother this weekend.


The Fray Helps Save The Music: Text To Give

If you’ve been watching VH1 for awhile, you’re likely aware of the profound efforts of VH1 Save The Music. The nonprofit organization is dedicated to restoring music education programs in public schools, which as we all know, are taking hit after hit in the funding department these days.

Save the Music hooked up with a number of artists, including The Fray, for an initiative that will put a chunk of cash back into the coffers. What’s the easiest way to send a message these days? Texting. What’s a simple amount of to share, even in these economically challenging times? $5. Their Text To Give campaign asks that you donate a fiver via phone by texting SAVE to 84465.

Save the Music will match the first $30,000 in donations. The money will go to the Denver Public School system. Yep, the Fray got their start in the Rocky Mountain state. It all comes back. C’mon everyone, especially our Colorado peeps, grab your wallet and use your thumbs.




Green Day: Hear The Entire New CD This Friday, A Week Early

There’s already a consensus around Green Day‘s new disc, 21st Century Breakdown. Critics and journalists who have a spent time with it say it’s the band’s most ambitious album yet – and better still, they say the guys completely pull off all their experiments.

The punk trio has come a long way since the days of Dookie. The new record has massive guitar flourishes and elements of classic rock guiding its action.

“I think the music is very linear and it takes you on a ride … but it all connects,” Billie Jo Armstrong told MTV news, “I’ve always said if you’re going to write a political song, it’s gotta come from the same places that you’d write a love song,” Armstrong said. “But I think the record has these ebbs and flows and it has these dynamics to it. You go from a song like ‘Christian’s Inferno,’ which is the most hateful song I’ve ever written — the most diabolic. And then there’s a song like ‘Last Night on Earth,’ which is like that soul-crushing sort of love moment and, you know, one right after the other, so I think that kind of represents what the record is about in a lot of ways.”

If you want to hear their wildly anticipated disc a full week before it hits the stores on May 15, make sure to be here this Friday: We’re streaming the entire CD.

Get a taste by blasting the “Know Your Enemy” video, above. Check all the band’s music videos right here.




VH1 Tough Love: Learn About the Casting Call For Season Two!

Yep, tonight’s the last go-round for VH1 Tough Love. Steven Ward and his matchmaking skills took the girls through a rather remarkable journey. From Jacklyn to Jody, each participant learned quite a bit about herself. Even with all the bumps, you could watch the ladies grow more confident throughout the series.

The good news? VH1 Tough Love is returning for a second season, and it’s offering viewers a chance to be part of it. Head to our casting site to answer a few questions about yourself. The show will review your information. Who knows, in a little while you could be toe to toe with Steve, participating in a great show.



Daisy of Love: Join the Live Blog Tonight at 9 pm PST.

Daisy has been part of VH1’s celebreality family for awhile – everyone’s got an opinion about her. So now that she’s at the center of her own show, we’re giving fans a chance to comment as each episode takes place on Sunday nights. This time around we’ve got Daisy pal and celebreality zealot Chantal Claret helming the live chats. She’s the singer of the band Morningwood; their “Best Of Me” kicks off Daisy of Love each week. Check Ms Claret’s report from the show’s premiere party last week.

Chantal’s an L.A. girl, so the live blog will take place as the show airs on the West Coast: 9 pm PST. (That’s midnight for you East Coast folks).

Want to connect with other Daisy fans? Watch the show with Chantal and lots of others – jump in and voice your opinion.

Check our interview with Daisy

Check Daisy’s favorite music videos

Watch the “Best Of Me” video after the jump.

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Katy Perry Sneak: Her New Video Premieres Next Tuesday

Katy Perry has made a big splash in a short time. From calling us gay to kissing girls to feeling hot ‘n’ cold she’s swooped into the lives of her fans and stormed around a bit. The next video from her One of the Boys CD is “Waking Up In Vegas,” and we just thought you’d like to know that we’ll be offering it as a VH1 Top 20 Premiere next Tuesday morning. Get a feel for what you’re going to see by checking the sneak above. See you Tuesday.