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Tila Tequila’s Animals Have Caged Sex (Season 2 Premiere Recap)


Tila, we had hoped that the producers of A Shot at Love would have improved their casting process for season 2. It is clear that they have not. With this new batch of contestants, A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila 2 will be nearly indistinguishable from a Cops episode filmed during spring break in Florida — except it might be more dangerous. Frankly, we’re worried for your safety. Please reconsider moving your show from MTV to VH1. We can do better.

You started the premiere by asking the supposedly straight men and supposedly gay women vying for your heart to step into cages. This was a wise decision. But you should have kept them there. Allow us to remind you how your suitors behaved while caged (one exposed her breasts and another let his penis swing freely through the air as he danced):

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Nas Controversy Fizzes Up

nas-n-word.jpgThe controversy over Nas‘ forthcoming ablum, Nigger, is growing more intense with news that one of its songs subverts the old Dr. Pepper jingle by replacing the word “Pepper” with the N-word:

“I’m a nigger, he’s a nigger,
she’s a nigger, we’re a nigger
Wouldn’t you like to be a nigger too?”
– From Nas’ “Be A Nigger Too” (Listen here)

Before this latest shocker, a lot had been written about who is in support of Nas’ album title (Jay-Z, Common, Alicia Keys, Don Imus) and who isn’t (NAACP, Jesse Jackson, 50 Cent). 50 Cent, among others, says Nas is going for “shock value.” The fact that rappers have embraced the word and rendered it less hurtful and more banal through overuse for at least two decades may lend some credence to his claim. Maybe this is why Nas’ earlier statement seemed kind of weak:

“I wanna make the word easy on muthaf***ers’ ears. You see how white boys ain’t mad at ‘cracker’ ’cause it don’t have the same [sting] as ‘nigger’? I want ‘nigger’ to have less meaning [than] ‘cracker.'”

But Nas’ new song could pull more people into his corner and back up Jay-Z’s earlier statement: “I know he’s very intelligent and there’s a reason behind what he’s doing.” Pairing a once-omnipresent commercial song that is childlike in its simplicity with one of the most incendiary words in the English language raises so many questions that it could make heads explode. Could Nas be commenting on how big business packages and sells just about anything to kids — from soft drinks to gangsta rap? Could he be attempting to hit back at the very commercialization that has damaged hip-hop as an art form? Could he be doing all of the above and stirring up controversy to sell albums, too?

Nas’ intentions may not yet be totally clear, but we’re all waiting to hear more. — Matt Muro

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It’s Funny When Google Breaks

Stop the presses algorithms. Google News, which compiles the nation’s biggest entertainment stories and lists them in order of importance, was topped this morning by a total shocker. Ready? Brace yourself: It will be seasonably warm today in a Sheboygan, a small Midwestern town. Wait! There’s more!

Sheboyganites can look forward to a week of near-60-degree temperatures, but rain is expected to spoil the fun beginning Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service.

As you can see by the screenshot below, the Sheboygan Press piece beat out the weekend’s box office results and news that Viacom is launching a premium TV channel for the No. 1 entertainment spot. Rain in Sheboygan has never been this amusing.



Bret, May We Tempt You to Rock of Love 3?

Dear Bret,

As you know, the VH1 Blog staff has no idea if there will ever be another season of Rock of Love and it certainly has nothing to do with the casting process. Regardless, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to cull through endless pages of our Rock of Love fan site to find potential hotties that could rock your world — judging, superficially, by looks alone. This isn’t to say that we’re not pulling for a lasting relationship between you and Ambre. We like Ambre a lot! But if things don’t work out, then bookmark this page and click on the thumbnail images below of each girl. How bad could it be to do a Rock of Love 3 when you have fans like these?

Yours Truly,
The VH1 Blog


- Interview: Daisy’s Fighting Words
Interview: Heather’s Fighting Words
Photos: Heather, Heather, Heather
Photos: Daisy, Daisy, Daisy
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Photos: Heather, Heather, Heather

Our massive photo retrospective tracks Heather’s every move on both season’s of Rock of Love — from her sexy photo shoot to mud football to her battle with Daisy. Retrace Heather’s steps with the pics below and let us know if her reunion brawl will hinder her future in television.


- BRET, May We Tempt You to Rock of Love 3?
Interview: Daisy’s Fighting Words
Interview: Heather’s Fighting Words
Photos: Daisy, Daisy, Daisy
Rock of Love: R-Rated Blog Pics
Rock of Love Show Page


Tila Tequila’s New Contestants Are Butt-Ugly Bimbos and Sacks of Testosterone

Dear Tila,
We begged and pleaded you to leave MTV last season and join us here at VH1. You declined. Not to be petty, but our reality star, New York, found true love on our dating show while you found nothing. This is not your fault. There’s no way you could have found even a friend among the violent drama queens, psychopaths, sex maniacs and potential sex offenders that you were subjected to. Needless to say, we’re disappointed that you’ve renewed your show, which premieres April 22, for a second season with MTV. Tila, baby, you’re making the same mistake twice. Judging by this preview clip, we’re bracing for a total freaking disaster:

First, what’s up with this “challenge?” Were these butt-ugly bimbos and sacks of testosterone contained in a cage because they have chicken brains? Did they start to peck and scratch each other? For your next challenge, why not just take them to a dog park and allow them to roll around in the mud and hump?

Tila, we’re sorry to be so negative. You know that we will always adore you. We will never tire of your dimples, your laugh, your contagious energy. You’re like a girlfriend that gets away with way too much because you’re irresistibly cute and hot. We hope that MTV treats you better this season. If not, our offer still stands for A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila 3. Because, as we all know, there’s no way in hell you’re finding love with these freaks.

P.S. Here’s an homage to your hotness:


Win Speed Racer’s Car


The execs at Warner Bros. Pictures are kicking their Speed Racer promotions into high gear by giving away a $100,000 car inspired by the movie. Entering to win is simple (and free): Just text FAST to 90736. On Friday, April 18, you’ll receive a text message with a Speed Racer trivia question. Answer it correctly, and you could be one of 10 people flying to Los Angeles for the movie’s April 26 premiere. Once in L.A., the 10 winners will compete for the car. It may be a long shot, but imagine driving home in this:


Evan and Dita Are Marilyn’s Vampires!


Gossip blogs have had a field day with Evan Rachel Wood (pictured at right). First it was the scandalous age difference between Evan (who’s now 20) and boyfriend Marilyn Manson (age 39). Then attention turned to the odd fact that she appeared to be morphing into Manson’s ex-wife Dita Von Teese (pictured at left). Yesterday the actress showed up at the “The Life Before Her Eyes” premiere looking pale and more like Dita than ever. As Dlisted points out, the transformation is complete. But I’m starting to believe that Marilyn Manson is a real life vampire. It’s not that Evan has transformed into Dita. It’s that Marilyn has turned them both into vampires! How many more young women will fall? How many will he consume?

Check out more images of Evan Rachel Wood at “The Life Before Her Eyes” premiere:

Click the jump to see Evan Rachel Wood’s full transformation.

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Heidi Montag: Denzel’s Leading Lady?


Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt went on a dinner date last night at NYC’s Kobe Club. Not only does this ruin the The Hills‘ only semi-dramatic hook, which is that the two are now on “relationship vacation” and seem to be headed towards a complete breakup, but Heidi allegedly said the following gem to the press in regards to a possible Hills movie:

I’ve never discussed a movie possibility for The Hills … and I’m not sure if for my first movie I’d let Lauren Conrad narrate me, so I don’t think that would be something I would do. If I was doing movies, I’d want it to be with Denzel Washington or something like that. If they were to make a Hills movie, I wouldn’t be in it. No, thank you. The perfect movie I want to do is like Sydney Bristow [Jennifer Garner] on Alias I want to be, like, an action star. I want a big gun. Like Angelina Jolie roles. I want to be the badass.

Heidi, you star in a reality television show about spoiled twenty somethings that obsess over petty details in their self-important lives. This doesn’t mean that you have the talent to be a pop star, a fashion designer and a leading actress of Hollywood movies. It’s true that you have beautiful legs, but I wouldn’t sit by the phone waiting for Denzel’s people to call. [Photo: James Devaney/WireImage]


Bret: Ambre, Love and Future TV Shows


The Associated Press scored an interview with Bret Michaels after Rock of Love 2 wrapped up. Asked if he thought he was going to find true love, Bret responded:

I said this from day one: I went into this to have fun and maybe find someone to like. True love is not going to be found instantly on a TV show. That is only for scripted shows. Scripted reality, they give someone a show. It is the reason “Rock of Love” has been the No. 1 show. It has been kept as real as possible. Anyone thinking they are going into a TV show finding love, they might find someone that they like and eventually learn to like them more. I think finding true love, I never went in with that intent.

Hmmmm. Did he see I Love New York 2? She set out looking for love, and may have found it. At least he still has a relationship with Ambre (unlike his immediate fallout with the first Rock of Love winner): “I found someone who is really nice and cool and gets rock ‘n’ roll,” said Bret. “We can see where it goes from here.”

The AP also asked about his future in television.

AP: Will there be a “Rock of Love 3″?

Michaels: I don’t know … We are looking to do a show called “Bret Michaels Big Rock Road Show” which is just rockers gone wild on the road. I never say never. Right now I am not mentally there. I am having fun doing it and I am thankful to the fans that made the show number one. The girls made the show great.

Sneak peek the Rock of Love 2 reunion now and tune in this Sunday at 9PM EST.

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