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Larissa Gets Schooled in Karma

In Charm School’s Episode 7, the lesson wasn’t the point. Instead, the house witnessed Karma in action as Larissa was rightfully expelled for stealing, conniving and lying. But did judge Keith go overboard when he called Larissa a "psychopath"? Is it possible that she was just using tough tactics to win 50,000 bucks?

Weigh in now, and check back soon for our official recap.

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Photos: Charm School Girls

Show Page: Charm School


Friday: Linds Takes Up Stripping & Britney Has Bathroom Romance


Video: Lindsay Lohan Strips for New Flick
Egotastic airs an "almost naked [Lindsay] with a stripper pole between her breasts." After watching the footage, we now know why she topped Maxim’s Hot 100. [Egotastic!]

Brit & Ryan: Men’s Room Make-Out Session
Bodyguards supposedly "busted in the door and found Britney and Ryan groping and kissing" in a bathroom stall. Smooching amidst a fragrance stench of au toillette? How romantic. [Superficial]

Source: Timberlake Is ‘In Love’ With Jessica Biel
"He’s ready to be serious," says a source. Is she ready to be Ms. Sexyback? [Superficial]

Rosie’s Writer Defaces Hasselbeck Pic
It’s alleged that Rosie’s minion was escorted from the building after drawing moustaches on photos of Elisabeth Hasselbeck. This came after O’Donnell called her View cohost "cowardly." What’s next? A mud wrestling match? [NY Post]

Is Jessica Simpson Obsessed With DiCaprio?
She supposedly followed Leonardo around like "a lost puppy." Did he throw her a bone? [NY Post]

[Photo: Egotastic]


Monday: Mayer Wants a Model, Stapp Busted in Boca

Avril_150x Avril Feuds With Duff Sisters
Avril Lavigne huffs at the Duff sisters at Maxim’s Hot 100 Party. This is, like, sooo whatever! [MSNBC]

Brit Eyes Reese’s Ex?
Reese Witherspoon’s ex Ryan Phillippe was spied exiting a Los Angeles hotspot within a couple of minutes of Spears. Maybe he has a thing for legally fake blondes. [MSN]

After Jessica Split, Mayer Goes Girl Crazy
The artist was at a club full of models — "hitting on every super-skinny girl there." Apparently, neither bust nor brains is his cup of tea. [NY Daily News]

Creed Singer Jailed for Assault
The band’s former lead singer, Scott Stapp, was arrested in Boca Raton, Fla. last night on suspicion of domestic assault. [TMZ]

Evanescence Hires New Bandmates
Dark New Day drummer Will Hunt and guitarist Troy McLawhorn join Amy Lee and crew. [Yahoo!]


Charm School Expels Schatar and Darra


Larissa masterminded an cruel (and successful) plot to frame Schatar for stealing — and both Schatar and Darra got the boot. "If I have falsely accused someone," warned headmistress Mo’Nique. "I have to deal with that." Will karma catch up with Larissa? Or will she get away with her shenanigans? Weigh in now, and check back soon for our official recap.


Friday: Brit’s Junk Food Pics and the Olsen Twins 007 Shot

Pics: Brit’s a Junk Food AddictBrit_150x
See pics of the singer binging at Fast Food Nation. She’s definitely one to say "Super Size Me!"  [TMZ]

No Threesome for Brad & Angie
Star mag’s report that Victoria’s Secret model Karolina Kurkova "was the filling in a Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie cannoli" is absolutely bogus. Why does the media have such a dirty mind? We think the Hollywood duo was just adopting her. [Gawker]

Mary-Kate + Ashley = Bond Girls?
Producers of Bond 22 are reportedly courting the nubile twins. Maybe Daniel Craig will be the lucky filling in an all-Olsen cannoli. [dlisted]

No Appeal: Paris Cool With Jail
The valiant "Free Paris" campaign has officially been crushed and the socialite will report to jail by June 5. Note to clubs: Prepare for a month in the red. [Yahoo!]

Rosie Wants to be Bob Barker
Or does she just want Barker’s Beauties! Either way, the talking head is making a serious campaign to take over The Price Is Right. This deal may hinge on whether CBS thinks her desired $10 million-a-year salary is right.   [MSN]


Should Cristal Have Been Expelled?


After the Charm School ladies got a tough lesson in debate, Cristal was sent packing — but not without a protest. "If I argue with ya’ll, I’m being selfish Cristal," she said. "If I fall back, then I’m being the steppin’-down-again Cristal." Does the girl have a point? Or was Mo’Nique correct in banishing Cristal from class? Weigh in now, and check back soon for our official recap.


HPC Returns With New Gags

Home Purchasing Club, the place where "smiles, products and you intersect each and every day," returns to sell more hilarious wares of questionable taste. First up in season two of the weekly online show: A series of collector plates commemorating life’s precious moments — from "Billy’s First Grunt" (i.e., toilet poopy) to "Daddy’s First Hooker" to "procreating" dogs.

Last season, HPC products included "The Fanny Cleaner" (watch for a demonstration on how to use the product) and made-to-order, grass-fed human livers that "have never had to process red meat or alcohol." If the clip below is any indication, expect this season to be even more raucous than the first.

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