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From The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Case Files: Are Stevie J + Joseline Married or Not? [Phase Ten]


After 10 episodes, more and more fans are convinced that Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez’s marriage is worth questioning. Did it really happen or was it all a stunt? And now with Althea coming into the mix, it gets even more confusing.

But rest assured, our investigation will continue until we find a definite resolution to the case at hand.

You could help us in finding the truth by using the hashtag #KnotOrNot on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and we will feature your thoughts on our weekly coverage. Let’s get to the bottom of this case! Read more…

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From The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Case Files: Are Stevie J + Joseline Married or Not? [Phase Five]


With five episodes in the bag, we still don’t have a firm grasp on the truth behind the marriage of Stevie J and Joseline. It’s still pretty much up in the air. But on Monday’s episode the dissenters lead by Mimi and Dawn have put forward some crucial evidence to further their cause and call the whole marriage thing a fake. This is the first time in this series that the evidence against the marriage outnumber the ones for it. Are the NOTS gaining advantage over the KNOTS? Do The NOTS have it?

Check out these brand new set of evidence and don’t forget to submit your own evidence or conclusions by using the hashtag #KnotOrNot on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and we will feature your thoughts on our weekly coverage. Let’s get to the bottom of this case!

Case File: Stevie J + Joseline: Married or Not?
Docket #: LHHATL305

Facts of the Case:

Exhibit A: Mimi And Dawn Hit Benzino With The Facts
Armed with evidence directly from Stevie J and Joseline, Mimi and Dawn stormed into the Hip Hop Weekly office and confronted Benzino with the truth. Watch this clip and tell us if you think the evidence is there.

Read more…

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From The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Case Files: Are Stevie J + Joseline Married or Not?


The new season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta kicked off last night and one of the biggest talking points was about Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez‘s marriage. Not since Peter Gunz created a new civil status known as side-wife’ has a marriage sounded so many alarms and cast so much doubt.

Currently, the circumstances of the wedding are sketchy and proof of the marriage sparse. But in an attempt to get to the bottom of this case, we’re launching a weekly investigative series that will present evidence to support both sides of the argument so you can arrive at a plausible conclusion and settle the question once and for all. We have employed our top notch Internet detectives and state-of-the-art forensics lab to scour the web for evidence that will lead us to the light of truth. These investigators have solved many riddles throughout the centuries from The Lost City of Atlanta to K.Michelle‘s ever-changing hair to the missing Kingdom of Momma Dee. We are confident that by the end of the season, we will find the truth.

So come and join us can in this intense journey and submit your own evidence or conclusions by using the hash tag #KnotOrNot on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and we will feature your thoughts on our weekly coverage. Let’s crack this case! Read more…

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Bottomless Brassiere: 16 More Things That Might Be Inside Amina’s Bra

ID Card

If there’s anything we’ve learned this season about Amina Buddafly, aside from being a talented singer-songwriter and a woman entangled in a messy love triangle, it’s that she probably wears the most interesting bra in the history of reality TV.

Early this season, we all remember how she reached deep into her bra and pulled an ID to prove to Tara and the whole Love & Hip Hop universe the identity of the real Mrs. Pankey. We all know what happened next. And then last night, Amina once again produced truth from her bra in the form of a positive pregnancy test to show everyone that she’s carrying baby Gunz. That made Peter cry. Read more…

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Love & Hip Hop Cast Goes Wild After Reaching 2 Million Facebook Fans


We did it! Love & Hip Hop finally reached the amazing milestone of having two million Facebook fans. Sure, it’s a big deal. That’s two million breathing humans. Don’t think it’s worth celebrating? Consider this: two million people. That’s more people than the population of Cyprus. And that’s even a bigger number than the entire population of Macau and Luxembourg combined!

And that’s why Erica Mena, Rich Dollaz , Peter Gunz and Yandy are all going crazy right now. Read more…

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Team Tara Strikes Back: Fans React To Tara’s Rampage

Yesterday, we featured Love & Hip Hop fans who have sided with Team Amina. Today, in the interest of fairness, we give members of Team Tara to speak their minds.

After seeing Tara destroy all of Peter Gunz‘s stuff,Tara fans made sure to express their satisfaction online. Some thought that her scissor-happy rampage was enough let Peter know how she really felt. But others felt she went too soft and should have punished Mr. Gunz even more. Suggestions like “feed him to the lions,” “force him to listen to an audio book version of the bible for a whole week,” “no sex for a decade,” and “go Jimi Hendrix on his musical instruments and torch it” reverberated throughout the Internet. So here are the best fan reactions to Tara going HAM on Peter.

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Siding With The Side Wife: 9 Reasons Why Fans Love Amina

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Common sense dictates that in the twisted love triangle involving Tara, Amina and Peter Gunz, the sympathy goes to the one who was left behind: Tara. But in the Love & Hip Hop universe, common sense, logic and even the laws of geometry and physics don’t apply. And after four episodes, we’ve seen a great number of fans who proudly proclaim their allegiance to Amina. Yes people, the Team Amina movement is real and it growing fast, so you better join now before it takes over the world. In case you haven’t been paying attention to the #LHHNY hashtag on Instagram or Twitter, here are the top reasons why Love & Hip Hop fans rock with Amina Buddafly!

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21 Gunz Salute: Love & Hip Hop Fans React To The Peter Gunz Affair

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Peter Gunz woke up to a very different world last Tuesday, after season four of Love & Hip Hop premiered. Overnight, the Grammy-nominated, former member of the rap duo Peter Gunz & Lord Tariq had metamorphosed from the voice of reason on Love & Hip Hop season three and star of MTV’s Son Of A Gun to an Internet punching bag. In one short episode, we learned that Gunz was cheating on his baby mama of thirteen years, Tara, with his artist, Amina. Then we found out Gunz and Amina were secretly married. That completely turned the world upside down and legally made the side chick the main chick and the main chick the side chick. In other words, Gunz is currently having an affair with his baby mama and is married to his mistress. (And here we thought the Rich Dollaz-Erica Mena-Tiffany “Circular Love Triangle” and the Stevie J-Mimi-Joseline drama were the benchmark of dysfunctional relationships.)

While we were scratching our heads trying to figure out the affair, fans were so quick to go online to share their reactions, which ranged from funny, creative to downright angry and destructive. Since we loved them all so much, we picked 21 of the best responses to this Peter Gunz mess and bring them to you now. Salute!

– Co-Authored By Katie Meena

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10 Reasons Why Stevie J Should Marry Joseline


After Stevie Js mind-boggling and reality-altering double proposal on last Monday’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta season finale, all of us are left with huge questions marks over our heads. Questions like: “Who does that kind of sh**?” and “Who does he really wanna marry: Mimi or Joseline?” linger in our brains and keep us awake like a bad game of Candy Crush.

Well, now we know the answer to the first question is “Stevie J.” He’s the only man who does that kind of sh**. And as for who he really wants to marry, we have a great suggestion for the Lord of The Rings: Marry the Baddest B•tch in the A-T-L.

Here are 10 glorious reasons why:

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