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A Closer Look At The Gossip Game’s OG Den Mother, Kim Osorio


Appointed The Source’s first female Editor-In-Chief in 2003, Bronx-born Kim Osorio has worked in hip hop publishing for 15 years. No stranger to looking down the barrel of drama, the seasoned journalist is now taking her expertise to the world of television in new series The Gossip Game – premiering Monday, April 1st at 9/8c – so she can drop gems and serve as a mentor to the other six competitive cast members. Get Up To Speed…

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WWDBD?: Single Ladies’ DB Woodside On Sex Tapes And KimYe

Let’s say you made a sex tape with your partner, and then you broke up. Would you be paranoid about your ex releasing it?

On this week’s episode of Single Ladies, Lauren London’s character Shelly gets a reality check when some scandalous footage from a past relationship (with Malcolm’s brother Terrence!) is leaked on the net. You’ll have to tune-in tonight to see how it all pans out, but when it comes to recording intimate moments in his real life, it’ll do your heart good to know that DB Woodside doesn’t kiss and tell.
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Single Ladies Stars Reveal Their Most Intimate Experiences On Essence Music Fest Relationship Panels

We’re all familiar with the idiosyncrasies of our beloved Single Ladies characters, but unlike Keisha, Raquel, Malcolm and Sean, the actors who play them are living, breathing humans who navigate real relationships and struggle just like the rest of us. In a special gathering for Essence Music Festival’s Empowerment Panels this past weekend in New Orleans, actors LisaRaye McCoy, Denise Vasi, DB Woodside and Terrell Tilford allowed those present to get a glimpse of their personal lives, most private romantic experiences, and preferences in finding a significant other. Our favorite nuggets of the wisdom that they shared are below!

Panel #1: Finding Love At Any Age: Black Relationships Redefined featuring panelists Beverly Johnson, Shirley Strawberry, Eva Marcille, and Single Ladies stars LisaRaye McCoy and Denise Vasi


Opening with strong questions out of the gate, panel moderator and Essence Relationship Editor Charreah K. Jackson asked LisaRaye how her experiences and expectatations of love changed as she’s gotten older.

Marry For Love
“I’ve learned from such a public divorce that I had from being the first lady of Turks and Caicos, I didn’t really marry for love,” McCoy admitted honestly. “I wasn’t IN love with him. I loved him, there was a fondness and a closeness there, but we were falling in love as we were in our marriage and so I think now, looking back on that, and what vows mean, and what you mean when you say them, you have to be true and honest about that, and I was not when I said them. This time when I do it, I want to do it right, and I do not want to bring any excess baggage from that relationship to the new relationship.” Preach!

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A Single Ladies Photo Diary: The Cast Shares Their Essence Music Festival Experience With Us

In addition to looking fly and talking that talk on Monday nights, the cast-members of Single Ladies also make it their business to give back to the fans who’ve made the show a ratings hit. Taking their talents to New Orleans this past weekend, LisaRaye McCoy, Denise Vasi, Charity Shea, DB Woodside and Terrell Tilford did just that by participating in the many activites within Essence Music Festival. Luckily for you, we teamed up with VH1 News to bring you an inside look at the cast’s experience in NOLA; everything from glam in the morning, the shows and panels at night, and the fan meet-and-greets in between, we’ve got you covered. Watch our VH1 News coverage with some amazing celebrity interviews (Mary J. Blige! Shaunie O’Neal! Kevin Hart!) and then check out the Single Ladies gallery below.

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[Photos: Lacey Seidman/VH1]

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Shaunie O’Neal Tells Us About Evelyn’s Wedding Wardrobe Changes And Reveals Her Role As Future Godmother [UPDATED]

Essence Music Festival is a hotbed for action, so it’s no surprise that we ran into Basketball Wives‘ ringleader Shaunie O’Neal last night backstage at the Superdome in New Orleans, where she arrived mere hours after leaving the wedding of Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Lozada. Taking a moment to chat with VH1 News’ Janell Snowden before D’Angelo hit the stage, Shaunie seemed elated to be at the annual event where she was drama-free and enjoying herself.

[UPDATE] We’ve added the video footage of our complete interview with Shaunie below.

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The Cast of Single Ladies Head Down To Essence Music Fest

Each year around Independence Day, the beautiful city of New Orleans hosts the heralded Essence Music Festival, featuring today’s top R and B, soul and gospel artists. For three days and three nights, NOLA is overrun by music fans and local residents who delight in EMF’s Superlounges, Empowerment panels, block party and evening concert series in the Superdome, and this year, VH1 is packing our bags to join in on the action.
That’s right! Starting tomorrow, we’ll be on the ground of EMF 2012 with the cast of Single LadiesDenise Vasi, LisaRaye McCoy, Charity Shea, DB Woodside, and Terrell Tilford – keeping you up to date as the stars take over the city and make their way through the weekend’s festivities. With artists like Mary J. Blige, Trey Songz, Aretha Franklin and Fantasia performing, you’ll definitely want to keep it locked with us as we keep you informed of the festival’s most juicy updates.
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The Greatest Song Of The 00’s: What Should It Have Been?

If you tuned in to our five-day 100 Greatest Songs of the 00’s countdown last week, you already know that pre-preggers BeyoncĂ© took home the #1 spot with hubby-featured smash, “Crazy In Love.” Good for them, right? The collabo is over eight years old, and still carries with it a sense of sonic recognition that might one day be categorized as “timeless.”

If you ask our countdown’s pundits, however, there is a wide range of respectfully-dissenting opinions on what video should have been #1. Tim and Damian from OK Go suggested that Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” should have earned the coveted slot, our former colleague Rich Juzwiak was vying for Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together,” and a number of other commentators from the show made arguments for OutKast, Kelly Clarkson, and Eminem.

If you could have your way with our list’s top 10 songs, which one would you have crowned The Greatest of the 00’s? Take our poll and leave us your thoughts in the comments section. Don’t worry, we’re thick-skinned!

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Styles Upon Styles Upon Styles: The Top 5 Recycled Lines From A Tribe Called Quest’s The Low End Theory

Last week, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of A Tribe Called Quest’s seminal album, The Low End Theory, and after spending quality time with the LP, it became clear that many artists may have snagged sonic gems from the trendsetting hip-hop quartet over the years. If you’re a fan of rap music, you already know that sampling and re-working existing songs is commonplace in the creative process; similar to contemporary art’s idea of the “readymade,” producers will lift elements from one song and add them to a new canvas to re-envision their use. But what happens when the same thing is done with lyrics?

One little-known fact: Lil’ Wayne’s“A Milli” is a slowed-down sample of one of Phife’s lines from a remix of “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo” off Tribe’s first album, 1990’s Peoples’ Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm. Sometimes referred to as swagger-jacking, a rapper re-purposing the bars of artists before him or her can in other circumstances be seen as a salute-beckoning sign of respect. And in Tribe’s case, it should be! In addition to sitting down with ATCQ for their first joint interview since 1998, we also got to chat individually with in-and-out, behind-the-scenes group member Jarobi White to scoop his brains for memories on the group’s incredible second album. In honor of its Album-Versary, we present you with Jarobi’s exclusive interview clips, and the Top 5 Recycled Lines From The Low End Theory.

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