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Allegations Of Threesomes & Elitism: The Gossip Game Tweef Continues


Ring the alarm! We just got word that Ms. Drama wasn’t too pleased to read the Gossip Game post from earlier this morning about her calling Sharon Carpenter a “come up ho.” You’d think it would be the other way around, but after seeing the reactionary tweets from her co-stars, Drama took to Twitter just now to address both Sharon and JasFly directly (but without @ing them?). Read more…

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The Gossip Game: The Curious Case Of The “Come Up Ho”

Last week on The Gossip Game, we started to empathize with Ms. Drama a bit when Sharon and Angela were sharing snide remarks about her at her revealing party. But after last night’s episode hit air, it’s now hard to definitively pinpoint who’s bullying who. Read more…

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POLL: Did Maino Lie About Who He Smashed On The Gossip Game?

After watching tonight’s aptly titled “Who’s Smashing Who” episode of The Gossip Game, it’s clear there is too much to discuss in one sitting, so let’s discuss to the most scandalous topics first, shall we? What really happened between Maino and K. Foxx? Read more…

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JasFly & Ms. Drama Quiz Each Other On All Things Hip Hop

In last week’s episode of The Gossip Game, JasFly and Ms. Drama had a terse conversation that ended with Jas calling Drama an a**hole and Drama walking out, so naturally, we thought it’d be a good idea to put them in a room together to play a little word game. You know, to keep things light. Read more…

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Why Angela Yee’s “Shady Giggle” Is Our New Obsession

If you listen to her on Power 105 or watch her on Monday nights on VH1, you know that Angela Yee has a propensity for making smart ass remarks. Cracking herself up in the process, the Gossip Game star has us hung up and what we’re affectionately calling her “shady giggle.” Read more…